The Best Easy-to-Manage Plants for a Beginner’s Garden

There’s something indisputably beautiful about a healthy, vibrant flower garden beside a lovely home on a bright, cheerful day. The colors and varieties of flowering plants that you can embrace within your garden can add dots and designs of radiance that spark notions of comfort and happiness from your home’s intended guests. To think that you, reader, would want to add that kind flair to the exterior of your home isn’t a far stretch, but if you’re a beginning gardener, you might not have that whole green thumb thing down just yet! If that’s the case, trying to tend to a plant that’s tedious or fragile could prove a garden disaster since you haven’t gotten the hang of the field enough to handle some of the harder-to-manage plants.


Don’t hang up your gardening belt though! Rather, choose your flowers with your beginner state in mind, and watch as a garden that’s breathtakingly lovely blossoms and grows under your care!


And be aware that sticking to the easy-to-manage flowers doesn’t mean your garden has to be filled with what can be considered flower clichés for an amateur garden, like marigolds and impatiens. Other flowers — more stand-out ones — do exist that can add unique flairs to your garden even if you’re keeping with the basics. For somebody with a green thumb who is a bit more advanced, definitely check out my recent post.


Interested? Here are five not-as-common but easy-to-manage flowers that can flourish in your beginning garden!



These basic flowers are simple in design but no less beautiful than some of the fancier styles of flowers. For the beginning gardener, their abilities to survive and grow in several soils, temperatures, and situations make for an easy choice for early planting experiences. You don’t have to know too much about soil makeup or gardening details to successfully grow these flowers — which can turn out to have a towering height — because they’re not at all fragile. Even if you make a misstep with a simple gardening principle, cosmos can still blossom in spite of your error, which is good incentive to stick with your gardening hobby! Better yet, cosmos can come in multiples colors, so if you only decide to plant them, you could still have a vibrant, colorful garden!




If you’re looking for a flower that stands out a bit more in its appearance, try for nigellas whose design is royal-looking! With a series of petals that cocoon at its top and a lovely blue and white combination of coloring, these flowers can easily steal the focus in your garden. Like the cosmos, they can flourish in a variety of conditions, so you have space to make a mistake or two without losing the ability to watch your flowers prosper (Leonard, 2016). That simplicity combined with the nigellas’ stand-out appearance make it a flower any beginner should consider adding to their garden to create the most beautiful flower collection possible!




Speaking of flowers that are too beautiful to only require limited effort, aquilegia fit the bill perfectly! As is the case with the other flowers on this list, aquilegia are fairly agreeable to a number of planting conditions, leaving room for errors as you grow as a gardener. However, their appearance can provide a sophisticated quality that their easy-to-handle gardening requirements might not showcase — meaning your garden can look like a professional’s even in your amateur days! Talk about a great setup! Their drastic colors of petals are varied for different flowers, so you could again have a series of colors within your garden by only focusing on this flower type of noteworthy shape and design. This is one to consider for your first garden!




So very durable against weather, these flowers are fierce enough to have a name like “snapdragons!” They can bloom in a variety of light scenarios, though after time, you might find that they do eventually succumb to elements. Since they’re easy-to-manage though, replacing them even year to year in your flower garden isn’t too much work, and you can sit back and watch these horizontally growing flower arrangements blossom to add various colors and zest to your garden. You could have a garden that includes only snapdragons with vibrant hues, or you could organize these so that they give a different punch in the midst of your other flowers. Be aware though that these can grow tall! Don’t hide your other flowers with them!



Sweet Peas

While the previous flower comes with a fierce name, sweet peas have a title that’s so cute that you might get queasy from the sugary-sweetness of it. But the name fits! These flowers are radiant and beautiful in their own horizon blossoming trail, and the cluster of the simple designs is as basic as it’s lovely — as basic and lovely as the simple name of “sweet pea!” Be careful though when you’re choosing your sweet pea plants because some of them can get very tall, and you might want to begin with an already-planted version of this flower since the process of planting them can be fairly technical. Caring for them after they’re in the ground is when things become easier. Bear in mind as well that this possibility is a bit more complex than some of the previously mentioned options since temperature can be a bigger factor. But if you hold to the very basics of its needs, you could have a series of colored, beautiful sweet peas in your flower garden!



With these flower types in your knowledge arsenal, you’re on your way to being able to create a beautiful, stand-out garden that surpasses expectations while embracing less typical flower types. Just think! This could be your first step into a successful gardening journey!


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