How to Display Summer Flowers Without a Traditional Vase

Have beautiful flowers but the same old boring vase? These four ideas will have your flowers blooming in impressive, unique, and practical vases.


Summer’s here, and so are the flowers to prove it. Since the season is so short, why not make your flowers shine the most in your home while they are still around? One way to do so is by upgrading your traditional vase. Vases and flowers are the classic go-to centerpiece and room accent, but old outdated vases can also be an eyesore. Admittedly, gardening takes effort. But finding a new vase shouldn’t. With these four vase ideas, you’ll be admiring your flowers in no time. The best part? These four creative items are probably already in your house!


Vintage Glass Bottles

Grab your grandma’s old milk bottles the next time you visit- this fun way to display summer flowers is both simple and chic. The best part about this creative vase is that it works with every sort of home design style! The clear signature glass brings that timeless classic element to any room, and it can hold even your tallest garden flowers! If you do have trouble finding glass bottles, use mason jars. Although smaller, they are wider and can have the same effect as a vase. If you have the room for it, also consider mixing mason jars with the vintage glass bottles as vases. You’ll have a quaint shabby chic corner of your room full of flowers. What’s not to love?




Want to display your summer potted plants or herbs in your home without them looking messy and average? This untraditional vase method is for you. The best part about baskets is that there are all sorts of basket weave designs and sizes. Pick the best size for your potted plant and simply pack the soil in! Basket weaves are tight and should hold in the soil mess-free. The result is a cozy cottage-like decor accent with your favorite potted flower or herbs in the center.



Like the vintage glass bottles, don’t be afraid to mix and match baskets as vases, and the flowers in the baskets. If you do want to display to different sorts of summer plants, use the same vase method. That way, the plants will still contribute to an overall unified design look.



I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t bring out the fancy water and lemonade pitcher unless there’s company in the house. Using this method has put my fancier pitchers to good use all summer long, holding my biggest and brightest hydrangeas. The handle on pitchers is also super practical when watering the flowers, making it a creative and practical vase fit for any flower arrangement, large and small.




So you have tiny garden flowers, but you can’t find a cute and convenient way to display them in your home. One simple fix? A teacup! Teacups are tiny, making them perfect homes for smaller summer plants that you want to show off in your space. Display them with, or even without a matching saucer. They're also pretty and delicate décor accents that should not go unnoticed, and they won’t be with flowers in them.



With these four methods on using creative vases for summer flowers, you’ll be bringing the outdoors in successfully. Let me know what idea you’ll be bringing to life in the comment section below! And for more tips on dealing with summer houseplants, check out 5 Beautiful Houseplants that Thrive in the Heat.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Angelica Delucca

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