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How to Display Photos Without Frames

The most basic way to hang and display your precious personal photos? In a frame. But sometimes, the bulky, old-fashioned way of photo keeping can add unnecessary clutter to your home and a lack of interest. These five alternative ways of displaying photos will make any house or apartment more creative and artistic. The best part? If you rent a space, all of these photo display options are completely nail and hammer free.


With minimalism and clean, crisp design on the rise, the best way to hang up pictures or display them on furniture is by aiming for clean lines and simple, streamlined patterns. Erasing the frame brings a whole new element of contemporary into any home. Here’s how to do it.


On A Wall

Yes, photos can be displayed on walls without being hung or nailed to them. This simple and bold statement look can be achieved using photos of various, or the same sizes. Use this method above beds as an illusion headboard, or above nightstands and dressers for an eye-catching accent. If you have a lot of photos for this method, then you could achieve extra decorative interest by arranging your photos in a pattern on the wall. The key is to not overdue it. This frameless look is all about simplicity and clean lines.

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With Another Object

The most fool-proof way of displaying photos without using a wall? Use another decor piece to support those photos. One key thing to remember when doing this is that the higher an accent is against a furniture piece, the more attention it will bring. So instead of laying a simple photo against a wall, spice up your decor by using objects that have the height to support frameless pictures. This method of photo display is great to use in small spaces without a lot of wall space. The photo will still get the attention it deserves, without taking up room on your dresser or nightstand.


On a Cord

Wire, twine, and string are one of the simplest items out there, but they can also be used to support your photos in a unique and quirky way. Try connecting your string of choice to other objects, or a wall itself (using decorative washi tape, or push pins). Use clothespins as a fun touch to hold the photos. If you’re a fan of the shabby-chic look, this method will take that quirky and rustic flair up a notch. If you want to use this method with more contemporary style, then switch up wooden clothespins for plastic ones in bold colors.


In A Photo Book

Gone are the days of oversized and disorganized photo albums taking up precious space in your home. Instead of a photo album, consider putting together and buying a photo book. These sleek and simple modern books are available online through various companies. The best part? First-time buyers usually get a great deal! It’s also a great way to transform digital photos into a more tangible design element. The result is a clean and professional photo book that your guests and family will enjoy flipping through. Plus, you will never have to worry about your original photos fading or discoloring.


In A Book

Have a really pretty hardcover lying around? Display that book and your best photos by taping or gluing your photos in the book, and display the book opened to that page. The result is a unique, timeless piece utilizing two of your prized possessions.


Bulky frames don’t have to take up precious space in your home. With these five tips on how to display photos without a frame, you won’t have to worry about dated frames that take away from the timelessness of your photos.


Tell me which way of displaying photos you plan on using in the comment section below!


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