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How Much Does Wallpaper Installation Cost?

Instead of painting a mural inside your room or home, you can still make the interior look spectacular with a unique wallpaper. Keeping the appearance of your walls is crucial to maintain the interior. Although wallpaper may seem like a common household application, there are qualities to each roll that is available for homeowners. 


The average range that a homeowner will spend on wallpaper installation is from $300 to $1200. Homeowners that wish to spend a low-end range should expect an estimate of $100 to $250, while the high-end range would probably be an estimate of about $1200 to $2000.


Average Range $300-$1200
Low-End Range $100-$250
High-End Range $1300-$2000


Depending on the location, the style, and the material, the homeowner will be spending about that lump sum cost. In summation, you have to consider all the options that are laid out before you. Homeowners also need to think about what goes into the wallpaper installation process. Without considering these possibilities, you may miss the opportunity of providing new in-depth dimensions throughout the spaces of your home.



How Much Is Wallpaper

There are many different varieties of wallpaper to choose from. Homeowners have the choice of purchasing and installing something basic, spending a small amount to apply very simplistic designs. Or they could spend a higher-end of products to make their rooms look mesmerizing. Homeowners should also decide whether they want a simple wallpaper or a whole selection of different wallpapers to be installed throughout the spaces of their homes.

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Wallpaper Installation Cost

Doing the project correctly will recreate a whole new decor according to the preferences and guidelines that you provide to the professional. Typically, homeowners will hire a team of specialists to make sure that everything is installed properly. The reason why these services are arranged is due to the mistakes and errors that occur when the wallpaper is incorrectly installed.


Depending on the kind of wall your home is constructed with, there are instances where the homeowners might have to spend additional time and money fixing or patching holes and blemishes. This also applies with the look and feel of your room as well. All of the different wallpaper types will have different materials involved, along with the selection of textures. 


Wallpaper Cost Per Square Feet

Typically, wallpaper will cost between $3.22 to $8.20 per square foot for a vinyl-coated wallpaper to be installed throughout your home. Labor costs for hanging wallpaper will either cost about $1 to $7 per square foot, however, if you’re installing the wallpaper by yards for the measurement, you’ll be spending about $3 to $9. Keep in mind that these estimates are adjusted if there are repairs that need to be made throughout the process.


The wallpaper installation is most commonly performed through a square feet basis. You can choose a wallpaper roll to be covered throughout each room, wall, or area and the ability to customize your preferred amount will be important. An advantage for basic vinyl is how it is often a non-woven material. This means that basic vinyl will likely be manufactured as a pre-pasted, paper-backed, washable, and paintable material.


A wallpaper installation per roll will depend on the material, quality, and design of each wallpaper. Costing between $90 and $150 each, wallpaper rolls are sized accordingly. A two single or a double roll will probably cost you about $180 to $300. According to how many double rolls you’re looking to purchase, you’ll find that the cost will be estimated by the mentioned range.  


How Much Does It Cost To Wallpaper a Room

Homeowners should keep in mind that wallpaper installation jobs are typically based around the square footage of their homes. However, since each room will have its own arrangement of windows and doors, your professional will have to come into your home and measure up the ceiling height and number of windows. Each opening in your spaces, like doors and closets, will be drawn up and recorded.


Wallpaper Materials & Costs

Materials and different variations of wallpapers will be composed of different designs, styles, and appearances. Each of these wallpaper rolls will have their own uses, benefits, and disadvantages to them. From non-woven to bamboo, homeowners should know the applications each of these wallpaper types will be applicable for different rooms.



The range to install a non-woven wallpaper roll into a room is going to cost about $0.50 to $1.15 per square foot. It will cost you about $18 to $40 for each roll. Originally, the non-woven roll was meant to be easily removed. However, the non-woven roll does not utilize vinyl to make the roll an eco-friendly option for homeowners. One advantage of using non-woven is the durability it has with washing and cleaning. 



Installing vinyl-coated wallpaper will cost you about $1.67 to $2.23 per square foot or $58 to $78 for each roll to be installed. Vinyl-coated wallpaper is simple and resistant against any inconsistency you may face in the future. Since this is a type that uses a layer of vinyl on top of the actual wallpaper, it provides a proper level of maintenance and durability. Its best feature is how little dirt or damage you will encounter.



The difference between vinyl and vinyl-coated wallpaper is the material. Instead of coating the vinyl on top of the wallpaper, the wallpaper itself is made entirely of vinyl. Installing this type will cost either $1.76 to $2.33 per square foot. Homeowners should expect to spend about $60 to $80 per individual vinyl wallpaper roll. Most commonly installed in bathrooms or kitchens, the vinyl wallpaper is recommended for waterproofing purposes. This is especially the case for homes and surrounding areas that have an excess profile of moisture or water potential. In some cases, homeowners may want to install vinyl wallpaper into high-traffic locations such as the living room, or entryways.



A woven wallpaper will range between $1.76 to $2.33 per square foot. For another cost basis of woven wallpaper, you’ll likely have to spend $60 to $80 per individual roll. Although they cost the same, the applications for woven wallpaper are parallel to that of vinyl wallpaper uses. Homeowners should note that woven wallpaper is designed with its own textures. If you’re planning to install woven wallpaper into your home, make sure that the roll is installed on former textured or painted surfaces.


Solid-sheet Vinyl

Homeowners that wish to install and apply solid-sheet vinyl wallpaper will likely have to spend about $1.85 to $2.40 per square foot or about $65 to $84 for each roll. Once referred to as the paper-backed vinyl, the solid-sheet vinyl was best known for its paper backing and the solid ornamental surfacing. It is another option that is available for homeowners that want to avoid moisture. However, if you’re considering a solid-sheet vinyl option, keep in mind that it is not the most favorable choice for areas that are susceptible to damage.



Homeowners will spend about $75 to $95 for each roll of foil wallpaper. Metallic foil is versatile in usage, there are multitudes of patterns, textures, and colors for homeowners to choose from and can become the bold approach to enhancing your room. It is a hurdle and a challenge to install foil wallpaper. Since they’re a very thin material, and often easily torn, homeowners are swayed to install the other materials. The main benefit to foil is that it has so many different profiles to make it an eye-catching wallpaper type.



A grasscloth wallpaper installation will probably cost homeowners about $2.47 to $3.97 per square foot. It will cost about $90 to $140 per individual roll. This option has a variety of naturally fibered materials, including hemp, seagrass, bamboo, joot, rafia, and arrowroot grass. Since it is a handwoven wallpaper, the cost will match its design and properties. Backing in this wallpaper type is unpasted rice paper, making the whole wallpaper a naturally-manufactured product.


Keep in mind that grasscloth is not water resistant, which means that it should not be utilized in areas with moisture. Homeowners should think of this wallpaper as more of a decorative addition to their homes. Also remember that grasscloth will retain particular scents within the fibers.


Vinyl-coated Fabric

Ranging between $2.50 to $3 per square foot, or $90 to $105 per roll, the vinyl-coated fabric wallpaper will be somewhat similar to solid-sheet vinyl. The backing of the roll will be made from fabric, rather than paper. Since it is a fabric, homeowners should remind themselves that this is a home addition that is purely decorative. The vinyl-coated fabric will not have any other functional purposes to them. In this case, homeowners should reflect how this will apply to the different spaces that they’re meaning to install the wallpaper.



A textile wallpaper will probably cost you about $2.50 to $4.50 per square foot and $90 to $160 per individual roll. There are two variations that you can choose from, but you should think carefully about the composition of each. Installers will provide you with natural or synthetic textile wallpaper. Textile wallpaper backing is made of acrylic composition, and while synthetic composition is similarly made, the difference is in the fibers. Homeowners should know that textile wallpaper cannot be cleaned, since water will negatively affect the material. There is a wide array of colors, textures, and patterns for homeowners to choose from. 



A wallpaper also known as the glasscloth, fiberglass is a style of wallpaper that was inherently made of woven glass fibers. The glass yarns can be made within different thickness levels. According to your preferences, you can have them with unique looks or high-grade in strength. With a lifespan of about 30 years, fiberglass wallpaper can be utilized as a fire-resistant material and installed throughout the home. 



Infamously known as the softer alternative to fiberglass, the velvet wallpaper can provide resistance against fire and insulation for extreme temperatures. Ranging between $175 to $245 for an individual roll and $5 to $7 per square foot, the velvet wallpaper will be an easily maintained material to clean.



The bamboo wallpaper will cost you about $6 to $8 per square foot, while the material will cost around $210 to $280 per roll. Composed of natural bamboo, the wallpaper will have a paper backed mounting. Physically, the bamboo wallpaper will have great durability but will warp from the transitions of moisture. Due to this fact, homeowners should avoid being cleaned. This is a socially-conscientious material that retains its color while offering a spectrum of pigments and colors. Homeowners should note that bamboo wallpaper is made naturally, so each roll will look different next to the other. 


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Wallpaper Types & Costs

These different wallpaper types will have their own cost ranges and types of installations according to the material. Based on the type of wallpaper you decide to install, your professional will evaluate what kind of job needs to be done for the project to be accomplished properly. Some of these types are actually quite convenient since they are easier to install.


Peel And Stick

Costing about $20 to $45, the peel and stick wallpaper rolls will be the easiest out of this section to install and remove. Due to its versatility, the peel-and-stick wallpaper will certainly be the best choice for homeowners that do not have the technical knowledge of wallpaper installations. Homeowners will often opt into the peel-and-stick wallpaper to install easy to install choices throughout their walls and bookshelves.



Homeowners will need to spend about $20 to $80 per wallpaper roll, if they want to install prepasted wallpaper throughout their homes. With the inactivated adhesive on its backing, the wallpaper makes the duration to install that much quicker. Simply spray some water on the backing and the adhesive will activate. 



Although liquid wallpaper will cost about $25 to $50 for each pack, it is the distinction it offers that make it such a costly product. The difference between this resource and the other resources that are listed above is that the composition of the material is entirely liquid. The liquid is blended with natural materials, including cellulose and cotton fiber. The best application that it provides is the installation of areas where you couldn’t normally install wallpaper. If you want to redecorate your hallway arches, the liquid wallpaper can help with such an occasion.



Depending on the 3D imagery you want installed into your wallpaper, the options for the designs will seem endless. This is because the wallpaper is digitally printed and thus, each roll will only cost about $30 to $50. Disadvantages to a printed wallpaper is the durability of the wallpaper. The reason why the wallpaper is so cheap is because it can be easily torn. Homeowners favor the printed wallpaper due to its inexpensive qualities and versatile design capabilities.  



The best feature for the water resistant wallpaper is how effective it is for rooms with moisture capacity. You’ll have to spend at least $45 to $75 per roll, but the advantages are well-worth the cost. Since the materials listed above won’t be effective for bathrooms or kitchens, the water-resistant wallpaper would be the best alternative to install throughout these spaces. Protection for these high-traffic areas is crucial for spaces you want redesigned.



Being able to utilize the touch of your wallpaper is a unique utility that will probably cost you about $50 to $125 per roll. The textured wallpaper will also provide you with your choice in the level of thickness and a three-dimensional appearance. The textured wallpaper option offers a collection of decoratively raised components to your room’s details. One of the many benefits that textured wallpaper has to offer is how much depth it can bring to your spaces.



Costing a range between $70 to $105 per roll, the embossed wallpaper is unique since homeowners can paint over this wallpaper type. The best thing about this is the fact that embossed wallpaper can gloss over any light damage that your home is sustaining. Embossed wallpaper is also most preferential if you’re looking to add a classic aesthetic to your spaces by giving the room a Victorian appeal.



The estimate that homeowners should expect to spend for a roll of Mylar wallpaper is about $80 to $230. Since the material is coated with a polyester film on top of the print, homeowners can have the wallpaper cleaned. It is regularly installed for wallpapers with high volumes of foot traffic. 


Wallpaper Designs & Costs

There are many ways for a homeowner to completely renovate their conventional spaces with minimal effort. Wallpaper installation is useful because it isn’t as labor-intensive as painting the walls of your home. There are so many different options for you to choose from and the potential of multi-dimensional designs are quite fortuitous.


Due to the many 3D models that can be created through the use of wallpaper design, you can choose one of the designs throughout this extensive inventory. Manufacturing these designs can be determined by your preferences and tastes. Consider what kind of needs you have to integrate these settings throughout your room. You have to think about what kind of designs will match your visualized concept.



Since the whole point of creating a 3D wallpaper design is to enhance the visual aesthetics of the room, homeowners will often create an intrinsic 3D addition. It will cost about $25 to $70 per roll. Three-dimensional wallpaper displays illusionary effects to give your room more depth and space. Homeowners will typically install 3D wallpaper around their walls and ceilings to add a contemporary look to their interior design. The magic behind 3D wallpaper is the influx of options that the homeowner can choose from.



The Toile wallpaper will cost you about $30 to $90 per roll. Typically, the patterns available for Toile wallpaper will repeat and extend throughout the space that the wallpaper covers. The repeated patterns and complexities exuding from the Toile wallpaper can essentially become the accent piece throughout the room you decide to install the wallpaper in. Whether you’re looking to give your room a more vintage look or a more formal appeal, you can establish yourself as a well-decorated homeowner by arranging the right colors, designs and patterns, according to the interior style you’re looking to integrate into your rooms.


Half Wall

Ranging between $50 to $70 per roll, this wallpaper will cover half the room. Although the other half may seem bare, it is up to the homeowner to decide whether they have other options in either wallpaper installation or painting. The reason why homeowners choose to install half wall wallpaper is because of how customizable the interiors could be in the future. Depending on the type and material of the wallpaper, the removal job can be quite simple or complicated. The job that most homeowners will reluctantly use is applying a coat of paint over the half wall wallpaper. 


One Wall

A one wall will cost you around $50 to $70 per individual roll. Unlike the half wall, you can have a whole wallpaper that uses simplistic designs and patterns extended completely. Homeowners that have completely solidified their choice of wallpaper should consider the one wall wallpaper. Even if it becomes something that you want to change for a later renovation or redesign, you will have the choice available. 



A flock wallpaper will have an estimated cost of $70 to $175 per roll. The flock wallpaper is often the textured choice that simulates the features of a 3D print. The difference, however, are the shapes. Flock and 3D may seem similar but the dimensions in a flock wallpaper are less in-depth. Another alternative to painting the walls, the flock wallpaper is generally known as the velvet wallpaper. 


Accent Wall

The accent wallpaper will probably cost you about $90 to $125 per individual roll. An accent wall is something homeowners want to convey their boldness. Accent wallpapers will naturally catch the eyes of anyone that glimpses the decorative piece. The colors and designs of the wallpaper will help you create a new level of focus throughout your accented wall. Before such a job can be done, one must think about where the center of focus should go with the location of the surface or wall.



Instead of painting a mural, you can install a mural wallpaper. The installation of a mural wallpaper will likely cost you about $100 to $300 per roll. Instead of having to create intricately detailed murals throughout the rooms, homeowners can easily install a wallpaper that perfectly replicates the appearance of a mural. The advantage of using a mural wallpaper option is that there are different distinctions amongst the contrasts and colors that this option can provide.


Another benefit that the mural wallpaper offers is the made to order aspect. Since mural wallpaper options have specific sizes to them, homeowners can order a specific size for the wallpaper  


Cost To Install Wallpaper By Area

Besides the walls, homeowners should plan as to whether they’re going to have the wallpapers installed in any other part of the room or space. Homeowners can have the opportunity to install wallpaper on the floor, the ceiling, or just about any location they can think of. The rooms that you’re trying to decorate. 


Powder Room $325-$600
Floor $370-$700
Ceiling $370-$800
Bathroom $650-$1200
Outdoor $1000-$1400
Bedroom $1100-$2100
Kitchen $1500-$2700
Living Room $1600-$3250
Garage $1900-$3600


Powder Room

The average range to install a wallpaper in a powder room that you can expect to pay is about $325 to $600. Typically, the powder room is approximately 20 square feet. Since wallpaper installation is purely ornamental, homeowners need to think about what kind of material they need to use for a space next to the bathroom. To execute this project, you need to make sure that the place is moisture-proof. 



Installing wallpaper onto the floor may seem redundant, but having this job done is required to make your flooring look both aesthetically pleasing and pragmatic. Essentially, the 3D imagery that you’d use for your floors are almost endless. Whether you currently have stone, marble, or hardwood floors in your home or apartment, you can install wallpaper to give the floor a whole new appearance.



Although it costs about $370 to $800 to install 100 square feet of coverage with a vinyl-coated wallpaper, homeowners find the charm in such designs above them. Using the many designs that are available with today’s technology, you can recreate your living space by applying something wholly new and decorative. The best advantage that a ceiling wallpaper installation provides is the interchangeable aspects that it can bring to a stale surrounding.



Ranging from $650 to $1200, the bathroom could be a great place for a homeowner to draft a whole new look for the space. Although, this could pose a risk to the setting if there is an excess of moisture in your washroom. Since this is a headache that you’d want to soothe, you should consider solid-sheet vinyl as your wallpaper of choice. Homeowners already have to deal with high-traffic in bathrooms and the constant back-and-forth with the humidity. 



If you’re looking to add wallpaper throughout the outdoor spaces of your home, you might have to spend about $1000 to $1400. You can use an assortment of wallpaper options for outdoor spaces. There are certain ways for homeowners to maintain the dignity and grace of their natural environment whilst enhancing their outdoor spaces with the right kind of wallpaper. 



Typically, the bedroom is about 300 square feet. Having wallpaper installed will likely cost about $1100 to $2100. This is a great option for homeowners that want to enhance the appeal of their personal bedrooms. Painting the bedroom can be quite the effective way to redo and completely change the appearance of where you sleep.  



The convenience of the kitchen is the size. A kitchenette is, on average, about 160 to 175 square feet, while a standard kitchen is about 385 square feet. To finish installing wallpaper into a kitchen, homeowners will likely need to spend about $1500 to $2700. You need to remember that the cooking space is potentially the grimiest setting in your home. It is another surrounding that needs to be installed with either solid-sheet vinyl or woven options.


Living Room

The living room is going to cost about $1600 to $3250 for a customary 450 square foot space. Although they’re not necessary, the options for moisture or grimy settings can still be applicable for the living room. The ornamental parts of this central recreational space can become the conversational piece for your closest friends and family. Where else would you and your visitors go to spend time and socialize?



The price range to install wallpaper into a garage is about $1900 to $3600, this will include both the labor and material costs. It is yet another unexpected space for homeowners to install wallpaper, however, the wallpaper will help you with the insulation. Depending on the material you’re choosing to install, the insulation should prove to be both moisture-proof and temperature controlled.


Photo By Collov Home Design From Unsplash


Room Measurements

Wallpaper installers will give you their estimates according to either a basis of square foot, yard, or roll, as previously mentioned above. The job will consist of measurements for the size of your room. This will probably also include the ceiling height. Your installer will assess the amount of windows, doors and closets and their respective sizes. By accounting for these measurements, the installer will be able to consider what kind of estimates are available for the homeowner. Before you can even consult with a professional about your prices, you should check and confirm the measurements of your wall width and ceiling height.


Process Of Wallpaper Installation

Now that you know about what kind of wallpaper is available in the market, it’s time to choose what type of wallpaper you’re going to choose to install. Think about the area you’re going to install the wallpaper. Ask yourself, will it need to either be a removable, peel-and-stick or a paste-on? 


Conventional wallpaper will be available in a variety of different types and textures. Vinyl wallpaper is waterproof so most homeowners will choose to install it in areas like the bathroom or kitchen. Printed wallpaper is one of the most common throughout the majority of the home. It is the perfect alternative for areas like the living room, bedroom, and any other rooms that won't have excessive moisture.


Residential vs. Commercial

If you are thinking of redecorating your office or commercial area of business, the costs could be more than expected. A project of such a scale might be more costly than a wallpapering job for a bathroom or hanging paper on a feature wall in your living room in your home.


You also have to consider the supply or source you’re purchasing your wallpaper from, whether you want the wallpaper to be supplied from the installer or whether you want to purchase it on your own. 


Vinyl is the most common material, but there is also surface printed, peel and stick or removable wallpaper, screen-printed, vinyl-coated, custom colored options, foil, fabric and flock. Special luxe wallpaper options include faux leather wallpaper, grasscloth and silk wallpaper.


How much would it cost to remove unwanted wallpaper?

Keep in mind that removal will also adjust the estimates. If you have older wallpaper or you just want to get rid of the wallpaper you currently have installed, a professional wallpaper removal service will cost you about $250 to $1500, on average.


Do you need to repair your walls?

There is a considerable amount of preparations to be made for a wallpaper installation. If you’re worried about the condition of your walls, you should think about contacting and hiring a professional for a repair job. This is even more crucial if the condition of your walls is poor. On average, drywall repairs cost $0.75 to $1.40 per square foot, while plaster damage repair will cost about $75 per hour.


How can you save on wallpaper installation costs?

It doesn't have to be expensive to hire someone to hang wallpaper in your home. Here are some tips to consider to save money on installation.


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