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How Much Does Garage Door Opener Installation Cost?

For the quality of convenience, homeowners should consider the option of installing a garage door opener. Contrary to popular belief, garage door openers are not initially added into your garage. So if you’re hoping to include or remove this favorable feature into your car storage space, then you should remember all the estimates that go into this project.


The average range of costs to install a garage door opener will be between $240 to $600. The low-end estimate for this kind of installation will amount to about $150, while the high-end estimate will probably amount to around $1100. Factors that will ultimately determine your overall cost range include the motor and the horsepower it offers, the opener type, and the features that you want included with the opener.


Average Range $240-$600
Low-End $150
High-End $1100


Consider all the amenities that a garage door opener offers. Since the space is meant not only to store your car, but also your additional items, you’re going to also want to consider the security measures that garage door openers will provide you.

Garage Door Opener Installation Price

There are four types of openers that you’ll have to consider, and about six options for the horsepower for your motors to choose from. Depending on the choices you make, the overall estimated ranges will differ upon your preferences. Homeowners also have the decision of whether they wish to include other varieties of accessories and selections for their garage door openers.








Wall Mount Driven



Garage Door Opener Labor Costs

There are costs associated with professionals to help you install the garage door opener. Professional services are probably going to cost you about $65 to $85 per hour. Typically, the installation, depending on what type of opener, which motor you’re thinking about, and whether it’s a new or recurrent system, will average a total of about $130 to $600. This is the cost range that you’re going to have to spend for a technician.


If this is a new project that you’re working on, then you might also need a professional electrician. This is especially the case if the garage door opener is powered by electricity. The time for the labor and the installation will likely last about two to six hours. Homeowners will receive the proper estimate according to the amount of work that needs to be accomplished for any additional parts, outlets or wiring that may need to be implemented into your garage space. The average that you will probably have to spend for a professional electrician will be about $40 to $120. 


Your specialists will also have to ensure that the installation is safe to use and have it properly installed. The openers could possibly include a carriage that runs along the rail of your motor. Homeowners that have to install different types of components, including a carriage, might have to spend additional costs. This varies with the amount of installations that might need to be completed.


If the process includes a carriage tube assembly, having to mount your power unit, or adjusting the carriage over the tube, the estimated cost might increase. You should also consider the labor costs associated with any accessories or smart appliances that you’re thinking of installing along with the rest of these items. Make sure that the header bracket is positioned near your door before any opener is installed.


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Chain-Driven Garage Door Opener Price

The chain-driven single garage door opener utilizes a chain-operated unit. The professional you decide to hire will assemble the unit with a system of tension springs to raise or lower the door. It is the most common garage door opener that homeowners will purchase and install. You should expect the average cost of installing a chain-driven garage door opener to range between $150 to $275. There are instances where you may have to spend up to $600. However, if you desire more affordable options in installing a chain-driven garage door opener, the low cost will probably be estimated to $130. 


There are many advantages that apply to chain-driven garage openers. Installing a chain-driven garage door opener is affordable, simple to install, and a reliable resource. However, it creates a lot of noise to open and close, isn’t provided with a backup battery, and must be lubricated regularly so you can avoid any issues in the future.


Belt-Driven Garage Door Opener Price

Motors that are driven by belts will operate similarly to ones that are driven by chains, however, there is less noise attributed to the belt-driven garage door openers. Like the chain-driven motor, the belt-driven motor will last years, highly durable, and won’t require replacements for a long period of time. Another advantage to belt-driven garage door openers is how rapidly they respond. The belt-driven garage door opener will probably cost you between $200 and $275. If you want something with a little more sturdiness, homeowners will spend an upwards amount to $725. The low-end belt-driven garage door opener will probably only cost about $70.


There are certain benefits as to why you’d opt for a belt-driven garage door opener rather than a chain-driven garage door opener. The noise is minimal, you don’t have to worry about the upkeep, it is smart-accessible, and it will have a backup for battery. Unfortunately, the installation can be quite complex, and it will end up costing more than the chain-driven opener. You also may have to replace the belt on a fluctuating basis, and you may have to worry about extreme temperatures which might cause the belt to be displaced.


Screw-Driven Garage Door Opener Price

Screw-driven motors operate with a threaded metal rod that rotates just like how a screw does. It is composed of fewer parts and actually operates without the concern of seizing up. Homeowners should also keep in mind that the screw threads should be lubricated often. The screw-driven garage door opener will probably range from $200 to $350. The high-end cost of this sort of installation will cost  you around $650, while the low-end cost will probably be about $130.


Homeowners will want to install the screw-driven garage door opener because it works quietly and will operate smoothly. The simplicity it provides will translate into how little maintenance is required with a screw-driven motor. Issues that you’ll have with this type of opener is the expenses that follow and the sensitivity that you may have to consider with any situations involving the elements. 


AC Driven Garage Door Opener Price

One of the more commonly known operators for opening your garage doors is the motor that is operated through alternating current. The alternative current motors will cost about $150 to $270 and consist of several mechanical elements. Since the AC motor does not use a circuit board, the AC motor will be powered straight from a wall outlet. The AC motor might be the best option for homeowners that prefer simplicity with usage.   


DC Driven Garage Door Opener Price

The counterpart of the AC motor is the DC motor which is operated by an electronic circuit board. Typically, there is one battery to directly flow the voltage to the opener. Although the AC operator is the most popular, the DC operator has many advantages to it. It is easier to run the motor with the batteries, it is simpler to control, and homeowners will be able to control the speed and force of the motor. However, the cost to a DC unit will range between $300 to $350 and can only last about four years.


Jackshaft Driven Garage Door Opener Price

The garage door opener will probably cost about $550 to $640. You’ll typically see a jackshaft motor attached to the side of the door. This was originally conceived to keep the overhead of your garage from being occupied. Typically, you’ll see this kind of garage door opener with an assembly of pulleys and cables turning a torsion bar connected to your garage door. This allows your garage door to open and close. Although it may not be as noiseless as a belt-driven garage door opener, the jackshaft makes minimal sounds as it opens and closes. Homeowners should know that the jackshaft driven garage door opener can only be installed on sectional doors.


Wall Mount Drive Garage Door Opener Price

A silent alternative, the direct-drive motor will open the door using only the motor itself. It is quite beneficial to install this sort of garage door opener due to its reliability and how little maintenance is needed. The wall mount drive or the direct driven garage door opener will cost about $450 to $800. You will be expected to spend about $1500 for a high-end installation. The lower end cost to installing a wall mount garage door opener is about $400. This is one of the costly alternatives out of the rest so you’re going to want to consider how much you’re willing to spend on your budget. 


The direct-drive opener will be quiet, and it might actually be the most silent system out of the other options. The biggest advantages to installing the wall mount driven garage door opener are the additional systems it provides. Along with the motor, the homeowner will receive both an automatic reverse system and a sensor safety system. And with its durability, you’ll have even less to worry about. However, it is probably the most expensive system. It is so costly, in fact, that the lowest end makes only a $50 difference with the average range.


Garage Door Opener System Type Price

There are two ways to power your garage door opener. And depending on which source you’re using for your garage doors to open and close, the installation cost will vary. You have the option of utilizing either a hardwired system or a solar system to keep your opener in effect. Keep in mind that solar power is most frequently the expensive option.


Although a solar system is quite costly, homeowners should remember that solar systems keep your garage door opener working even if your home is dealt with any catastrophes. Hardwired systems will not give you that flexibility, however, they are sturdier against emergencies if you remember to maintain a battery backup system. A backup battery will probably cost you about $20 to $100 and will require a replacement at an eventual point. 


Hardwired System Costs

Using a hardwired system and installing any of the electrical work involved will probably range between $150 to $600. This will be the most common option and will require a lot of different kinds of installations involved. Your remote will have to work in unison with your hardwired system. Depending on whether your garage already has wiring or whether it doesn’t, you may need the services of an electrician to assist you.


Solar System Costs

It will probably cost you about $300 to $500 for you to install a solar system throughout your garage and power your garage door opener. The advantages to a solar system are self-explanatory. Homeowners won’t need to worry about an increase in electricity bills, there is an unlimited supply of energy for your garage door opener to work, and there are no complications with how the garage door opener will ultimately operate.


Garage Door Opener Horsepower Price 

There are options for you to select in regards to the horsepower you want applied to your motor. Homeowners might be wondering what the point in choosing the horsepower is. Depending on your partiality when it comes to the speed and rate of how quickly your garage door opens and closes, there are different estimated ranges applied according to the horsepower you ultimately choose. You’re going to want to know the horsepower your motor will provide since this will also affect your motor’s durability, and the amount of maintenance you might need.


There are different factors that you should consider when it comes to your horsepower. Ultimately, what affects your motor most is the weight and size of your garage door, the lifespan of the opener, and the other parts that your opener might be made of. The more horsepower you choose to apply to your motor, the more damage it’s going to have to endure. All of the estimates that you see below are going to be calculated by the cost of labor and the overall installation price.




Each of the horsepower ratings will affect your garage doors differently. This also will be determined by the weight of your door, the size of your door, and the type of garage door you have installed. For a ½ horsepower garage motor, you’re expected to spend about $120 to $220. This type of horsepower will be able to handle about 300 pounds, which will probably be eight to 12 feet wide. Keep in mind that this amount of horsepower will affect the amount of times you may need to replace the motor.


Although the ½ horsepower motor is one of the more popular types, you have to remember that it is specifically designed for lightweight garage doors. You should really only apply the ½ horsepower motors with aluminum or steel doors, whether they’re single or double types. A ¾ horsepower motor will be suited for slightly larger garage doors made of heavier materials. The advantageous aspect of this unit is that it can handle larger sizes and still retains affordability for homeowners that need it. It can open and close a garage door that might be about 500 pounds or 14 feet wide. 


The most fortunate aspect of the ¾ horsepower garage door opener is that it meets the best of both worlds. It has enough horsepower to handle heavier objects while also functioning with a long duration. The 1 horsepower rating is meant for garage doors that may weigh more than 500 pounds.


With garage door openers that gauges 1 ¼ horsepower, homeowners should expect to spend about $200 to $450. Typically, this type of motor will be well-suited for two-car garages, but more importantly, this unit is best used for carriage doors. A 1 ½ or 2 horsepower motor will cost you about $250 to $550. Most homeowners opt into purchasing and installing these two kinds of units because of how quickly they open and close. Although these aren’t the most popular options, you’ll see them being used for residential doors. 


8 ft 150 lbs
½ 10 ft 300 lbs
¾ 16 ft 500 lbs
1 or 2 16 ft+ 500 lbs


Garage Door Opener Attachments Prices

Aside from the actual installation costs, homeowners will have to consider the cost of all the other add-ons they may want to include into the garage door opener. You’ll have to make the choice of whether you want a remote, a clicker or a keypad to open and close your garage door. There are times when you may want the option of having all three choices available for your opener.


Typically, homeowners will receive up to two remotes and one clicker included with their garage door opener. However, if the remote or clicker is broken or lost and you need it replaced, the cost range for the replacement will probably be about $24 to $39. To install a keypad for your opener, you’ll have to spend about $26 to $60. You also have the option of choosing the form of remote control, depending on the manufacturing of your garage door opener.


Universal Garage Door Remote Controls

With the company or brand you decide to choose for the installation of your garage door opener, you’ll have the option to program the 



Homeowners can purchase a keychain type of remote control and spend about $15 to $35 to have it connected to their garage door opener. A keychain remote will fit into your palms and it is a universal and probably one of the most common appliances to open and close your garage door opener. Depending on what your preference is, you can use as many buttons as the manufacturer allows and have it programmed with different features.


Visor Clip

You should expect about $25 to $35 for a visor clip remote. Although you may think that the visor clip is similar to your keychain remote, you’ll notice that the radio frequency that the visor clip uses can be disrupted with different circumstances. It doesn’t happen too often, however, depending on the area you live, a visor clip may not seem to be the best option for your garage door opener. 


The benefit to visor clips is that you’re able to easily clip them into your vehicle’s visor so that when you want to park your vehicle into the garage, you just have to reach and touch the visor to open and close your garage doors. 



The range that homeowners spend to install a keypad on the side of their garage entrance is typically between $40 to $55. Essentially the company you receive your keypad from will either give you instructions on how to set up your own PIN. When the technician comes to install the keypad, the specialist will have temporary access into your garage. 


Something homeowners need to think about is how a keypad can only be installed into the standard door opener. The disadvantage is that you need to have a specific door instead of your optional array of different openers. In the case of whether you want a keypad for your garage, then you may want to install a security camera due to the possibility of any damages. 


Smart Remote

Homeowners that prefer a smart device for their garage door opener have the option of installing a smart app, depending on the brand and manufacturing. This will range between $50 to $90. A versatile option that allows homeowners to use their garage door opener from anywhere by using your smartphone. There are many applications that this option provides. It is somewhat universal so you won’t require additional remotes. 


Your phone needs to be connected to the internet for this option to be operable. However, with today’s technology, circumstances that are related to this kind of complication are no longer that big of a concern as it once was. Homeowners will consider this option because of how many applications that the smart remote has to offer, but will be hesitant from the costliness of having the smart controls installed.


How To Choose Which Remote To Purchase And Install

There are several options for you to choose when it comes to installing remote control functions to your garage door opener. Although it may seem confusing, knowing which one is best-suited for the situations that homeowners often face can dwindle down the choices. If all you need is to find a replacement for one of the controls that you may have lost or broken, you can easily do so by reading the manufacturer information from your opener. You can easily just ship out a new control, and have it delivered to you.


Keep in mind that reading the information to find the remote will be the best solution if you have an older opening unit. Universal remotes probably won’t work on older garage door openers, so it’s best to update your opener if you’re looking to install this route for your storage space.


If you’re indecisive about which options to choose to install the remote access to your opener, you should ask yourself whether you need the remote for multiple functions, for accessibility, or for convenience. Most of the remote control options will offer you all three of these attributes, but it is how you prioritize these aspects that you’ll be able to narrow down which device you’ll ultimately want most. 



Homeowners should keep in mind that sensors are actually mandatorily supplied along with garage door openers. A Federal law has been in effect since 1993, to provide sensors with your openers. Typically, you’ll see two kinds of sensors being distributed along with the openers of your choice.


  • Automatic reverse - This sensor halts motor functions if anything comes into contact within the vicinity of your garage door and will quickly go back in the opposite direction.


  • Laser - This sensor essentially beams a laser across the garage door. Anything that might block the light will halt the motor functions


Maintenance checks should be performed regularly for both sensors, ensuring that the sensors are working properly. If your sensor isn’t operating the way it should, a replacement will cost you about $50 to $100 per sensor. 


Lock Automation

The provision of security is essential when it comes to installing a new garage door opener. A great advantage to installing lock automation is having that very aspect fulfilled. Homeowners, on average, will spend about $85 to have this attachment installed into their garage space. The main goal with automatic locks is to prevent any danger or penetration against your storage area.


Homeowners that use their garage for parking their vehicles have the option to enter their homes through the entryway of an attached garage. Making sure that this path is secure is something that a homeowner should carefully consider. With automated locks, they’ll have total transparency and protection against potential intruders.  


Battery Backup

No matter which motor or garage door opener system you decide to install, having a backup battery is the best way to make sure you have some kind of contingency. The whole point to having a garage is to store your vehicle and your emergency items that you may need in case something bad happens. Keeping a backup battery helps you even after such an occurrence has risen. A backup battery can cost up to about $250.


Security Camera

You may find it excessive to include and install a security camera with the installation of your garage door opener, but when the situation arises, you’ll regret not adding a camera when something unforeseen happens. Low-end cameras that still retain some quality will only cost you about $10. And higher-end cameras will cost you about $100. 



Features like Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connectivity can actually be prefixed with your opener. You’ll end up spending about $150 to $400, however, you’ll have access to monitoring your garage quickly and efficiently. As mentioned briefly above, your garage door opener can be connected with your phone through smart remote access. Depending on the company and brand of your garage door opener, there might be an extension of this service.


The Wi-Fi access can extend to particular application features. Depending on which kind of phones you might have, and whether they’re connected to your garage door opener, you’ll probably be able to open and close your opener with voice commands. 



Although the lighting is usually arranged with how the homeowner will either build or renovate their garages, homeowners will almost always be imparted along with the opener. Generally, you’ll want the light to remain luminescent in case the garage is dark to traverse around. You’ll be able to see through the darkness for at least a minimum of 30 seconds so that you don’t hurt yourself in the pitch black. If there are no lights in your opener, you can have this installation done separately and the range will cost between $50 and $150. 


An electrician can work on the wiring for the lights and will probably charge you about $40 to $120 on an hourly basis. Depending on the system you have, the light system might have to be installed in a particular way. The fortunate aspect of modern systems is that homeowners will likely be given lights with their opener.


Spring Replacement

If any of your garage door openers have springs in the system, you will likely have to deal with replacing these smaller parts at a later date. Homeowners will have to spend an average of about $15 to $150. This will depend on what kind of springs your system is using. In any case, homeowners should remember that torsion springs will cost more than extension springs. Remind yourself that without the springs, you increase the danger and the likelihood of harming yourself and your loved one.


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Types Of Garage Doors

When homeowners start building a garage, they need to know a couple of things before they can begin the project. Besides knowing whether you want an attached or detached garage, homeowners should know what kind of door they’re going to want included with the construction arrangements. 


Homeowners will either have a sectional, a roll-up, or a slide to the side garage door. Depending on which of these garage doors you might have, there are components and parts that will make the final determination. These are the most common kinds of garage doors the average homeowner will probably have in their storage space.


Sectional Doors

Probably the most common and popular garage door, the sectional garage door is connected from the hinges to the panel sections. The sectional garage door rolls from the attachment of the vertical tracks on each end of the opening. 


There is a pair of high-tension springs attached from above the opening. By operating the door, the cables that are attached to the springs will be capable of opening and closing your garage. Consider the materials for your doors and you can then consider the custom qualities you can include. Whether you want different textures, windows, hardware or colors is entirely up to you. There are insulated and uninsulated models available for your options.


Roll-Up Doors

Roll-up doors are mostly seen in movies but they’ll almost always involve high-performance cars. You’ve seen them being used for mechanic shops or garages that were solely designed for fixing cars. The name is all you need to read and you’ll be able to picture the doors I’m describing.


Roll-up garage doors will typically be designed for residential areas. If you’re a homeowner with roll-up garage doors, you’ll notice that in these residential locations, there is not much overhead and will have a limited space for the ceilings. Remember that these garage doors are built for commercial usage. To withstand such heavy usage, the roll-up doors will typically be built with high-performance units.  


Slide to the Side Doors

These doors are not conventional nor are they traditional but it is typically built when homeowners want a unique style for their garage doors. The slide to the side garage doors may be what you’re seeking. By installing low trolleys on the walls, the doors literally slide to the side. 


Garage Door Opener Maintenance Price

Like all home improvement projects, garage door openers will have a maintenance process that is meant to keep it in working condition. Before any work can begin, an inspection should be done on the rollers, cables, springs, and the hardware. After inspecting the parts, you can check if there are any missing or broken areas that need fixing. Homeowners should do this if their garage door isn’t opening or closing as quickly or efficiently as it should be.


Some things to make sure that your opener is well-maintained is lubricating the moving mechanisms, whether that be a chain or a belt. You can tighten any loose hardware or keep the rails greased. If there are adjustments that need to be made, you should hire a professional to have this job done. Without proper adjustments, there will be many other complications that you may face in the future.


Finding Multiple Estimates From House Tipster

As you can see, besides the actual installation of your garage door opener, there are other considerations that you may want to make before getting started on this process. Finding the correct people for these jobs can be quite difficult, in and of itself. However, by using House Tipster, the search can be much easier.


Our web tool offers two main functions that will help you find the professional of your dreams, someone that fits your every need. The first function to mention is the reviews function. With this feature, users can find different reviews of interested professionals but more importantly, allow users to leave their own reviews of previous business professionals they once hired.


There is also the second function which allows users and business professionals to message each other. By using this feature, you’ll be able to virtually contact your interested specialist through our listings. If you have any questions or inquiries about the estimates, or the business, or what kind of scheduling you might want to plan, House Tipster can help you get all the answers.


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