How Much Does Floor Cleaning Cost?

A professional floor cleaning will rejuvenate your home with that vibrant atmosphere you’d been wishing to replicate since your home’s development and its initial conception. The lower range that you’d expect will be about $100 to $150, while the higher range will be around $1000 to $1500. The cost range will differentiate according to the kinds of services you want done in either your home or the commercial area you want revitalized. 


In all likelihood, you’ll be expected to pay around $300 to $400. The services will be calculated and assessed through a scope of different factors. Certain categories like material, sizing, and how many cleaners will provide a better insight into the overall costs involved. Whether your cleaner is encountering the polishing of your floor tiles or power washing your hard floors, you should expect different cost ranges depending on those variables. There is quite a number of different tasks to complete if you want your floors to look as gleaming as they once were. A professional floor cleaning company can help you with many of the ordeals you're facing but as a reminder, these cost factors will be the clarity you'll need for the estimates you'll be receiving.



Floor Cleaning Prices Per Square Foot

If you’re asking yourself how much the costs will be when cleaning your floors according to the size, you should expect an average between $0.20 to $6 per square foot. It’s surprising to see the range with that much of a difference, but the reason is because of how many tasks cost so variously.


Tile And Grout Cleaning $0.20-$0.50
Linoleum/VCT Floors Cleaning $0.60-$0.75
Natural Stone Cleaning $1.50-$2
Diamond Involved Cleaning $2-$6


One of the gargantuan reasons as to why you’d want to clean your floors could be the accruement of dirt, soil, or grime. But what the majority of homeowners despise are the stains that your floors are most vulnerable to. And this solely depends on the fact that stains can either be dried out or wet and unctuous, due to outdoor conditions. 


Linoleum or VCT 

Linoleum or what can be considered VCT, Vinyl Composite Tiles, are the most practical material that assists homeowners with affordability. Most of all, this is the kind of flooring that helps homeowners with durability and longer lasting appeal. The average kitchen will measure about 238 square feet. This means that the cost range that you will most likely expect rounds to about $142.80 to $178.50. If the majority of your home consists of these tiles and the size of your spaces to clean ranges about 1000 square feet, your total cost range will total between $295 and $495.


Cleaning the VCT floors will include removing the initial finish, detail cleaning, waxing, and then sealing. The process can vary depending on the kind of area you want the service to be held. If you’re cleaning a residential area, you’ll most likely see the minimum charge of the cost range but cleaning a commercial area will show you the maximum range.


Natural Stone 

Natural stone can be quite the adversarial material, in relation to cleaning. There are two methods in particular. But the best cost effective proponent to cleaning natural stone would probably involve polishing. A more effective alternative to cleaning up your natural stone material can be diamond cutting, however, this is a more solitary approach in cleaning your floors. 

The method in padding involves dust mopping and sweeping prior to the process. It isn’t common knowledge but most homeowners lack the information that natural stone is a sensitive material against all-purpose cleaning agents. These kinds of solvents can actually wear away your surface, inevitably diminishing the shine that you’d want.


Diamond Involved Polishing

It’s highly advised to avoid chemicals or acidic cleaners when cleaning natural stone. This is due to the fact that these cleaning products eventually damage the stone over time. Polishing your natural stone floors with a diamond padded buffing machine. This is a process which involves polishing powder, supplemented by either aluminum oxide or tin oxide to slowly buff out the floors.


Diamond Involving Honing

As the most practical and applicable material on the planet, diamond is capable of restoring your floors with the utmost respect it deserves. The method involves using plain water and the device to finely polish off the rougher, smaller indiscrepancies. Floor pads will be composed of microscopic diamonds which will reverberate against the natural stone to make everything leveled.


Tile & Grout Costs

If you’re looking for a cleaner to help you with the job of cleaning your tiles in either your kitchen or your bathroom, the costs can go anywhere from $0.50 to $3 per square foot. In total, you’ll probably expect about $225 to $700. Depending on the job that needs to be fulfilled, alterations will seem exorbitant compared to the previously mentioned range. Sealing in your grout will cost about $0.34 to $0.38 per square foot, while removing your grout will cost about $5 to $25 per square foot. Keep in mind that not every tile and grout installation will be the same. Some might appear one way and need to be handled with a little more care, while others may only require a miniscule amount of handling.  


Hardwood Floor Cleaning Service Cost Per Square Foot

Cleaning your hardwood floors will cost about $0.50 to $0.75 per square foot. Commonly, the hardwood floors will be arranged either from hickory, oak, cherry, bamboo, maple, or walnut. In previous articles, we’ve discussed how different each of these woods are and how many finishes are available for them. The task of cleaning hardwood floors relies on a number of jobs being done.


They’re a simple outlet to vacuum and even sweeping and wiping up spills is easy, but it’s once the wood’s finish degrades that you’ll want to hire a professional company. It’s an unfortunate occurrence but as you sweep or mop or even just simply wipe, sometimes debris gets caught. If unforeseen, the traps of dirt become more and more of a challenge to remove.


After all the simple stuff is out of the way, i.e. the tasks mentioned above, the floor cleaners will help buff out your hardwood floors and coat the wood. This makes sure that the lighter scratches, etches and somewhat uneven areas will appear natural, all of it should be accomplished  by using a new finish. 


Floor Buffing Price Per Square Foot

Buffing your hardwood floors will probably cost about $1.25 to $1.75 per square foot. Most occasionally, the dry buffing method is the one that professionals will use. Using a high-speed buffer, they’ll quickly smooth out your hardwood finish, essentially removing any unwanted marks and spots you want removed.


While buffing your hardwood floors involves removing the damaged appearance, coating your hardwood floors involves removing the susceptible appearance. Homeowners will be expected to pay about $0.65 to $1.25 per square foot to coat their hardwood flooring. It is an alternative to buffing, it adds some quality back into your hardwood floors and this is done when the flooring is in worse condition than usual.


Normally, the coating is done after all the other tasks are completed. But what’s most important about coating is that it requires a phase and expected waiting time to dry off your hardwood. Normally since this is essentially coating a new finish atop the finish you already have, the duration of the process will probably be longer.


Commercial Floor Cleaning Prices

With a per-square-footage payment method, you’ll be expected to pay about $0.11 per square foot. But on an hourly basis, each cleaner will probably cost you around $75 per hour. If you own a business or if you’re in charge of finding a professional cleaning company, the rate that you see above is adjusted according to the cost factors involved.


Remember, this service is usually provided for an array of property types. Whether you own a restaurant or a medical office, the commercial cleaning service will assist you in cleaning your floors, depending on the kind of jobs you need performed.


Cost of Stripping & Waxing $0.30-$0.50 per sq. ft.
Cost of Buffing & Burnishing $0.04-$0.12 per sq. ft.
Cost of Ceramic Tile Cleaning $0.12-$0.21 per sq. ft.
Cost of Carpet Cleaning $0.08-$0.25 per sq. ft.
Cost of Stain & Spot Removal $25-$40 per hour


The cost range also spans from how much floor there is to cover when cleaning. Professionals will most likely charge you about $0.25 to $0.50 per square foot, depending on the layout and size of your business. It is entirely up to you whether you want a one-time contract or a contract that involves a daily, weekly, monthly, or even annual basis. Most professional companies will give you a discounted rate, depending on how often you use their services.


Small Spaces $200-$400
Larger Spaces $2000+


The two kinds of costs that you see above will be differentiated by the kinds of upkeep you want maintained and the size of your commercial space. The amount of time that is estimated to clean the varied spaces that are most commonly seen for commercial cleaning services can take up to about nine hours, depending on the size.


0-1000 $200-$400 1 hour
1000-5000 $400-$550 1-2 hours
5000-10000 $575-$675 2-3 hours
10000-20000 $700-$1150 3-5 hours
20000-40000 $1250-$1650 5-9 hours


Depending on the amount of hours it takes to complete cleaning your commercial flooring, the cost ranges from whether you’re being charged hourly or within the per-square-footage method.

Other than this fact, the majority of floor cleaning companies will expect a minimum of about $150. 


Cost Of Professionally Cleaning Your Stairs

Most often, if you want your staircase to be cleaned as well, the charge will be included with the overall cost range. In all likelihood, you’ll probably see your stairs being hand-cleaned, while expecting the cost range of $10 per step. Depending on how many floors your home has, the flights of stairs will be accounted for upon request. Some homeowners have asked the company to clean two stories, which would probably range about $200.


Find Your Estimates Online Through House Tipster

Whether you’re opting a cleaning company for your own floors or the floors of your business, you’ll have to find the right professional or professionals according to your inclinations. House Tipster is very simple to access and browse. It’s a wide-ranging tool to check out the affordability and favorability that the professionals have to offer. Whatever service you wish provided, you’ll have everything you need within your reach.


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