How Much Do Concrete Step Repairs Cost?

Concrete steps are probably some of the most common types of staircases that you’ll see before you enter someone's home. This isn't a coincidence, since it's such an inexpensive yet practical building material. Besides being one of the most versatile building materials in the modern world, concrete is probably also what any homeowner should expect to have as their steps to the front door. Unfortunately, like all good things, concrete will not last.


The expected range to this will probably cost between $900 to $3000. Making the proper repairs will probably cost a contractor or related professional between $100 and $300 at the hourly rate. At the lower end of the costs, however, homeowners will probably only have to spend about $500, however, at the higher end of these costs, they should expect to spend up to $5000.  



Installing Concrete Steps Cost

You can expect different kinds of costs involved with the installation of concrete steps. This is due to the fact that homeowners have the option of either having the concrete poured in and paved or installing the steps with a precast alternative. Ranging from $1000 to $5000, concrete staircases will require many different components with its initial installation.


Prefabricated concrete steps are much simpler. This is why the range of costs to have the staircase precast is probably going to range between $800 and $3500. Rather than having to pour and install the concrete on your own, you’re going to want to have an experienced professional to get it done correctly. Homeowners should keep in mind that costs will be affected by the quality of the concrete or cement and by the size of the steps.


How The Quality Of Concrete Matters

Depending on the grade of the cement, you should expect the cost of the lower grade concrete to be about $200. This is while the higher grade concrete will be about $400, sometimes this number can be an even larger sum. If what you’re most concerned about is the duration and durability of your concrete staircase, then it’s best to consider the higher-grade. In any case, you’ll be spending more money if you need to repetitively fix the staircase. 


The quality of your concrete will depend on the shape, durability, grading, particular gravity, water absorption and more. Before the production of the concrete, you can inquire about the certain properties of the material and see which one fits your disposition. From your standard strength concrete to dry mix, you should know the difference in each of their aspects.


How The Size Of The Steps Matters

Whether you’re expecting to have the staircase prefabricated or whether you’re expecting to have it poured in, the cost range will average between $70 to $150 per individual step. Overall, the size of the steps will ultimately determine the amount of steps that are required of your staircase. If measurements are done incorrectly, you’ll have a mismatched number, which you will need to correct in the near future.


Typically, one step will measure to be about two feet in width, however, depending on the height of your home or which floor you need to ascend to, this size may have to be adjusted. Unfortunately, the wider or more curved your selection becomes, the higher the cost range will turn out to be. Essentially, the concrete contractor will use a formula with a ratio of the angle of your supposed staircase. Also, keep in mind that the size of your steps may ultimately be left with the guidance of your municipality code or of the state you live in.


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One other aspect for homeowners to consider is the thickness of the concrete step. Although prefab steps will probably range between $70 to $100 per step, you have to think about how much durability that this option has to offer. A paved concrete step will cost about $100 to $130 for each individual step, however, the thickness matches what you’re paying for.


A rule of thumb for concrete steps is that each step should have about four inches of density between the inside of the step and of the ground level. Your mason or stone expert will likely divide the total height of the steps by the preferred total number of risers. They’ll probably also know that no particular riser should exceed the measurement of seven to seven and half inches.


Visual Adjustments

Depending on the additional features that may need to be worked into the cost, the homeowner should expect about $100 to $500. This sum of the price is calculated by any precast staircases that need to be worked in with concurrent concrete treads. Cement coating will probably range from $200 to $400, making your steps more durable and enhancing slip resistance.  


Other options to make certain adjustments can include fixing and blending in the patches of your other steps. On average, it’ll probably cost the homeowner about $250 to $400. The professional you hire will probably sandblast everything, coat it with grout and have the steps painted over with the color of the surface. 


Installation Of Railings

Other than the simple repair or replacement job on your staircase and steps, there is the option in having railings installed as well. If you want wood or metal railings, you’ll encounter a cost estimate of about $300 to $1200. More accurately, the estimated range in adding a railing for your steps would probably cost around $20 to $50 per linear foot. Suffice to say, installing metal railings will probably cost more than installing wood railings. 


Cost To Repair Concrete Steps

Having repairs done for your steps will probably cost, at a minimum, about $500 overall. Out of the two options, this one costs the least. However, homeowners should consider the fact that this alternative will only brush up the surface. Although repair specialists will be able to get rid of any cracks, chipping, crumbling, or blemishes of any kind, if the damage is too severe, you shouldn’t expect your steps to look pristine.


Any expert in masonry or stonework could tell you that extensive damage done to concrete can only be slightly retouched. But the best option would be to have the steps replaced entirely, if the work doesn’t quite look the way you’d want it to. Fortunately, if you only have to deal with superficial snags, then you should opt into having repairs being done instead.


There are circumstances where homeowners should understand the concerns that they may have to correct. If the steps in the staircase remain uneven, homeowners will most likely calculate those repairs into the costs. Like most of the errors mentioned in this section, if the severity is too high, the best solution may be to simply replace the staircase instead. 


Cost To Replace Concrete Steps

Depending on what kind of job you have to finish, there are different cost ranges that you’ll be expected to pay. If your concrete is irreparable and beyond fixing, the replacement cost will probably be estimated at around $300 per step. Keep in mind that it isn’t just the replacement that you would be charged with. You’ll also probably have to spend about $400 to $700 for the removal as well.


Overall, having to replace and re-install your concrete front porch steps will probably range about $1200 to $2500, however, you can always have a prefab job done instead. Typically, a replacement job will require about $1000 to $5000, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Homeowners should always keep in mind that this sort of work will require permits. Since these changes in your property will probably require some form of authorization from the vicinity you live in. 


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Cost Of Mudjacking Your Concrete Floors

In some cases, homeowners may not realize that it isn’t the steps that are unleveled, but rather the floors. With either case, you’re going to want to quickly resolve the issue, unless you want to run into sunken areas or other relative complications that may arise. Mudjacking costs can range from $180 and go all the way up to $2500. Depending on the austerity of the situation, your professional may have a lot of work in front of them.


Homeowners should expect a few different methods that will go into leveling the concrete flooring of the staircase to your home. The mudjacking professional will probably use about four different methods: sandjacking, concrete slab jacking, foundation jacking, and poly leveling.


Method Estimated Cost Range Per Sq Ft
Sandjacking $3-$7
Concrete Slab Jacking $3-$17
Foundation Jacking $5-$8
Poly Leveling $20-$25


Building Permit Costs

Determined by the area you live in, the permits associated with repairing or replacing your concrete steps will probably range between $100 and $1000. As a reminder, always check with your local code and area standards whether the project you have in mind requires a permit. Without the necessary authorization, you may have the misfortune of spending even more money for violating this requirement. 


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

Masonry experts and concrete contractors will most likely be the professionals to look for with these sorts of projects. Whether you need a repair or a replacement to be done for your concrete stairs, you’ll want to find the right kind of professionals for the job to be correctly done. The burden of having to worry about finding these specialists can be eliminated by simply using House Tipster.


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We, at House Tipster, also highly advise you to find multiple estimates. You’ll never know whether one company of specialists might be less costly than the other. There may also be other hurdles you may have to overcome if the professional you initially hired didn’t do an adequate enough job.


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