How Much Does Deep Cleaning Cost?

Rather than just the simple and regular cleaning done in your home, depending on the condition you’re left with, you may want to consider a deep clean instead. Deep cleans are a pretty rare service that isn’t done on a regular basis. But it’s something that makes your home look finer than it would compared to how it would look normally.



How To Price Cleaning A House

The average cost that you should expect with a deep cleaning for your home will probably be about $145 to $650. A range of this proportion will only be designated by the kind of services that need to be provided for and the size of your home. Depending on the size, you’ll have a better idea of what to expect. 


How Much Does A Deep Cleaning Cost Per Square Foot?

Similarly to many other contracting or cleaning services, a proper deep cleaning will either be charged by an hourly rate, or by the total square foot. If the budget is calculated on the hourly basis, then the cleaning company will charge you for each cleaner that needs to be sent for the work. The average estimated range of costs for a deep cleaning will be between $0.10 to $0.30 per square foot.


According to some accounts, there are homeowners with larger homes that will be offered discounted rates, depending on how many additional tasks are requested. Depending on the size of your living space, you’re effectively paying to thoroughly clean the hard-to-reach areas of your home. There are some standard measurements that can give a more transparent estimated range.


Standard sizes for homes will vary from a range of about $100 to $750:

Per Sq Ft Overall Estimated Cost
1000 $100-$300
1200 $120-$360
1500 $150-$450
1700 $170-$510
2000 $200-$600
2500 $250-$750


Below are the ample-sized homes and the overall estimate costs applied to them:

Per Sq Ft Overall Estimated Cost
3000 $300-$900
3500 $350-$1050
4000 $400-$1200
5000 $500-$1500
6000 $600-$1800


Depending on the amount of cleaners required for the job, the spending expectation will increase. However, in most cases, homeowners with larger houses will probably be charged by the hour, since there may be a requirement of extra people for the service.


How Much Does A Deep Cleaning Cost Per Hour?

While you may find some cleaning companies that will charge you at the square footage rate, you should expect about $30 to $60 per hour, per cleaner. This will be based upon the preferences of how you wish to be ultimately charged. In these certain cases, your home will probably have a group of deep cleaning specialists rather than just one.


This is because a single cleaner won’t have the capability of finishing the job alone. This will also mean that a general assessment will be made before the professionals can actually begin. It’s redundant to state, but if your home is in a condition where a deep cleaning needs to be done with more tenacity, then the time will definitely add up. That is to say, a deep cleaning service relies solely on how you treat your home’s hygiene. 


If your home is in a severe condition filled with grime and dust everywhere, you’ll be expecting a higher-end cost. If your rooms are barely in a state of regular cleanliness, the jobs that are performed may be done quicker, so you’ll be paying the lower end of the cost spectrum.


Per Sq Ft Overall Estimate Per Cleaner
1000 $45-$180
1200 $60-$195
1500 $67.50-$210
1700 $75-$240
2000 $90-$270


Per Sq Ft Overall Estimate Per Cleaner
2500 $120-$300
3000 $135-$330
3500 $150-$360
4000 $195-$450
5000 $225-$510
6000 $255-$570


The overall estimated range above calculates how much you might have to spend on the average duration of hours it would take to finish cleaning your living space. This is according to the application of the estimated hours it would take for the size that it relates to.


How Much Does A Deep Cleaning Cost According To The Amount of Rooms?

One other determining factor that can be applied to the spending budget is how many rooms a home currently occupies. So rather than basing your quota off an hourly and size-measured basis, the cleaning company can charge you off a rate according to how many rooms the professionals would have to deep clean.


Performing a deep cleaning on each room will probably range about $25 to $120. As an example, if you needed about four rooms deep cleaned, you’ll probably be expecting around $100 to $480. For an in-depth look, you can see the chart below:


Laundry Room $25-$40
Bedroom $35-$60
Living Room $40-$70
Basement $45-$100
Bathroom $55-$75
Kitchen $65-$105
Garage $70-$120


A deep clean is also available for apartments and the rates will probably seem a bit different than the standard rates for homes. 


Studio $90
1 bed 1 bath $90-$135
2 bed 1 bath $125-$195
2 bed 2 bath $160-$255
3 bed 1 bath $180-$270
3 bed 2 bath $215-$330
4 bed 3 bath $305-$465


This is generally the price and costs that you’ll see when you wish for a deep cleaning to be done in the apartment. Additional rooms are what drives the costs at the higher end of the range, however, since the deep cleaning service performs all the necessary jobs for your apartment to shine.


What Goes Into The Deep Cleaning Of Each Room?

A deep cleaning service will go into any and every space in your home. One of the most understated rooms but probably the most disorganized is the laundry room. The range for performing a deep cleaning service will range from $25 to $40, however, there will be a larger charge depending on how dirty the room actually is.


It is quite plausible that your laundry room will have an exceeding amount of dust and grime, this is due to the dryer accumulating all that debris from your clothes. The corners and baseboards are the most undetected areas that homeowners most likely neglect the most. It is where the collection of dirt is widely located.


Every homeowner will look at how disheveled their bedrooms are and clean to the best of their abilities and resources. But to really make the best out of your bedroom’s sanitation, you should consider having a cleaner to exterminate all those little dust bunnies hopping around the impossibly tapered areas. Although homeowners will regularly clean their homes, a meticulous clean can only really be done with the right supplies and equipment on hand. 


The furniture should be moved around, so that mopping and vacuuming can be detail-oriented. The expected range of costs for the servicing of your bedroom or bedrooms will be about $35 to $60. If you have carpets, deep cleaning services will often rely on steam to respond against dirt and stains. This way, a more comprehensive cleansing of your bedroom will be accomplished, as a result.


Now, the most general areas in your home will be the living rooms and the basements. Your living room will cost between $40 to $70. While your living room will range that amount, your basement will cost around $45 to $100. Since these are the areas that your guests will often socialize in the most, you’ll probably want to keep them nice and clean.


The living room is the central hub for your friends and family to relax while they visit, but a standard clean won’t ensure the dust that may just be swelling your television or vents. A deep clean will conclusively give you the right kind of improvement you’ve been searching after all this time. And meanwhile, the deep cleaning done for your basement will require polishing tasks to be completed around the furnishings.


Needless to say, the kitchen and the bathroom are two of the most susceptible areas in your home against grime, dirt, germs, and all kinds of messes that you’re likely to encounter. While the deep clean for your bathroom will probably range about $55 to $75, the kitchen will most likely range about $65 to $105. 


Delving further into the necessities of why you’d want a deep clean is pretty redundant. This is because the kitchen is where you cook all your meals, yet it’s the area that is most likely going to have the most potential of spreading bacteria and viruses. This sophistry can somewhat apply to the bathroom as well. It’s where you function all your utilities, yet if you ignore all of the muck and filth, it will probably be the origin of how your illness came to be.


The garage is the extra storage space that you use to hoard all your knick-knacks and the horde of equipment you don’t use daily, but will eventually need. A deep cleaning of your garage will range in the costs between $70 to $120. All that litter, all that jumble laying around that you’d been meaning to throw out can be seen by the cleaning crew you inevitably will wish to recruit.


The professionals you decide to hire will work with you to decide what goes out and what stays in. They will help you reorganize the things you wish to keep and eject all the unmentionable junk you’d been considering getting rid of.      


What Goes Into Deep Cleaning My Home?

Professionals will assess the estimate before they send any cleaners to your home or apartment. Once an estimate is finalized, and you’ve made up your mind on which company to hire, the cleaners will then begin their process of deep cleaning. The general basics and the end goal of deep cleaning is to remove all unnecessary grime, dirt, and even soap scum that might be interfering with your life.


The service goes into a rigorous routine by first throwing away all the clutter around your home and wiping down the surfaces. This includes the complex corners that you couldn’t reach before. Then, they’ll begin sanitizing the whole area, disinfecting all of the locations they’ve been requested to deep clean. Essentially, your home will have been completely revitalized from nonsensical substances that will make your living space ground zero for germs and bacteria that bring any diseases or illnesses.


A standard cleaning service will probably begin with your bathrooms. Since a majority of the germs in your home will probably overtake your bathrooms, the cleaners will want to eradicate the microbes in that space before any other areas. 


If your bathroom is tiled, the cleaners will scrub out the grout. Disinfecting your bathrooms will make that much more of a significance and prevent any possible viruses that may be lurking in your home. Surprisingly, the toilet is not where the most germs and viruses reside. In fact, it is your toothbrush holder that probably holds the larger percentage, and after that, it is actually your sink faucet that holds the placard of second-most.


Once the bathroom is deep cleaned, the kitchen is most likely the room that your cleaners will go to. As the cleaners finish cleaning your bathroom, they’ll go to the spaces where the most splatters will occur. The kitchen is a battlefield where the incursion of grease, oil, fat, and grime will attack your home. 


The targets that the deep cleaners will probably go after most would be the appliances and cabinets. It’s usually the surfaces with a lot of foot traffic and the spots where a lot of people touch that have the most germs. Once the appliances and cabinets are diligently cleaned, the cleaners will most likely begin cleaning the more narrow spaces, backsplashes, and the tiles.


Afterwards, the cleaners will start to clean out your bedrooms and general spaces in your home. This process of deep cleaning will help get rid of all of the buildup of disease-ridden sections. At the minimum, your home will require a deep cleaning every once or twice a year. If you want a serious renewal of your property, you’ll want to consider a proper deep clean rather than the standard clean. 


How Much Does It Cost to Hire Multiple Deep Cleaners?

There are many cost factors to think about when finding out about an estimate. Besides all of the insight into the cost of cleaning your home, you’ll also want to know about the volume of cleaners it will take to finish cleaning your home. Due to the aspect of filling in a contract or the aspect of a one-time visit being applied, you’ll want to constitute this component into your estimates as well.


You can actually cut costs and save money by determining the volume of habitual you wish the deep cleaning to take place. If you’re only interested in hiring a cleaning crew once, you’ll probably be expecting about $300. Keep in mind that estimate only accounts for one cleaner visiting your home.


Amount of Cleaners Average Hourly Range Average Per Square Feet Range Average Cost
1 $30-$60 $200-$225 $300
2 $60-$120 $300-$350 $425
3 $90-$180 $400-$475 $550


With these estimates, you can find cleaning companies that can offer discounted prices, depending on how often you want a deep cleaning done in your home. In this portion of the process, negotiations can be made according to the adjustments made by the fluctuation of cleaners.


When Would You Want A House Cleaning Service

Whether you’re looking to clean your seasonal vacation home or whether you’re simply looking for assistance in spring cleaning, these are the reasons you’ll be considering a cleaner for your property. There are varying standards and levels of cleaning that you can apply to your space. There is the basic cleaning service that will account for the most rudimentary tasks.


We’ve discussed the possibilities of deep cleaning, but if we were to probe the situation, then you’ll know that this service is superlative to your standards.   


What Entails A Standard Cleaning?

If a deep cleaning isn’t what you’re looking for, then you may be opting for a standard cleaning service instead. The range of the estimate you’ll look at will vary between $60 to $200. Suffice to say, the standard cleaning service will commonly provide a standard assortment of cleaning to be done.


The regular cleaning that is done in your home with a standard cleaning will progress with scrubbing down your surfaces and mopping down your floors. It isn’t too different than an efficient deep cleaning, however, there is less punctiliousness involved. You can somewhat equate a standard cleaning with a light maintenance of the hygiene in your home.


What Entails a Move-Out Cleaning?

A cleaning service will assist you with moving out of your home, but that depends on the size of your property. It is not only a customary tradition to keep your space the way it was for the next homeowners who may purchase your home, but a mandatory and legal requirement that should be completed before you exit.


The range of the cost will be about $125 to $180 for this kind of job being done. Although this doesn’t include helping you pack up your belongings, the cleaners will help you clean your home with the vigor it needs. As a result, you’ll have exactly what you were expecting, a completely renewed space around you.    


Costs of Services Not Included

Not every cleaning company will give you these services, however, if you’re looking for these supplementary assignments to be requested, you should always see if they are available. Primarily, the deep cleaning will be done for corners and hard-to-reach areas, however, there are some jobs you wouldn’t be expecting.


Inside Window Cleans $2-$7
Outside Window Cleans $4-$8
Laundry Loads $5-$25
Linen Changes $12-$15
Fridge Washing $15-$30
Oven Washing $20-$40
Wood Polishes $25-$75


Cleaning the interior of the windows in your home will range about $2 to $7 each, while the exterior of the windows will probably range anywhere from $4 to $8 each. If what you’re seeking is a luminescent atmosphere to shine and glow within your home, this is the deep cleaning task one would most likely request.


If you’re especially likened to keeping a few plants or succulents in your home, then the thoroughly cleaned sets of windows will circumvent sunlight to your indoor greenery. Although it isn’t what you would expect, cleaning services also offer to do laundry loads for you. You can also have linens and bed sheets to be changed out as well. The range of laundry loads will cost between $5 to $25 per load. Changing out the linens will cost about $12 to $15. 


Fridge washing and oven washing are the two appliances that are most occasionally cleaned. With this process in mind, the services will probably range about $15 to $30 for fridge cleanings, while the range will probably be about $20 to $40.


Other tasks that can also be sorted out include:


Cabinet Reorganizing $50-$60
Dusting Blinds $20-$100
Cleaning Out Gutters $70-$190
Cleaning Baseboards $25-$125
Sweeping Out Chimneys $80-$200
Cleaning Out Carpets $100-$500
Pet Odor Removal $100-$550
Cleaning Out Air Ducts $450-$750


Options In Cleaning Services

Although you can probably ask for multiple estimates from various cleaning companies near you, there is the option of hiring a housekeeper. Nowadays, it’s a difficult task to juggle and compose the cycle of coming home from a long day’s work and having to clean your home. This is the case for homeowners who wish to maintain the upkeep. You should expect an average range of $20 to $25 an hour.


Other than the costs involving the employment of a cleaning company to do multiple jobs for your home, you can employ independent cleaners. You’ll probably be expected to pay about $20 to $50 per hour per worker, depending on the kind home you own. The big difference between the two services is that the company will most likely be licensed, insured, and offer contracts. This will not be the case for the independent cleaners.


House Tipster can help you with this process of finding and hiring a cleaner but if you want a more thorough proceeding, then you should follow this guideline. As if you were hiring someone competent for a job in your own business, you need to understand the qualifications that you’re seeking in a cleaner. Essentially, that person is directly under your supervision.


Once you find out more about how the candidate works, and how you two would get along, discuss the estimates and find out the costs. Then, you can begin arranging a schedule for flexibility, and availability. After you get the particulars and specifications out of the way, you can start asking specific questions about allergies, discounts, preferences, etc. 


Preparations That Should Be Made Before The Deep Cleaning

Begin preparing for your cleaner by finding the objects that are obstructing the path for the cleaner to do his or her job. Once you follow through on that, you basically have to manage where your private and important belongings will need to go. Then, do your laundry and your dishes, but most importantly, leave your pets either in the backyard or take your pets on a walk. This is to prevent any frustrations from happening for your cleaner while he or she cleans.


To feel more secure while you’re out on a walk, you should consider a camera system so that you can feel more at ease leaving someone inside your home. Although this is optional, creating less supervision and micromanagement will provide a more suitable environment for the cleaner you decide to hire.


Deep Cleaning Services For Your Office Space

Whether it’s your home or your office, you’ll more or less expect the same rates you see above. Most office managers or building supervisors will oversee this experience, but if you’re running a business by yourself, you may have to consider finding the right estimates.  


Finding Multiple Estimates Through House Tipster

The cleaning services done for your home or property will most likely include your preferences and your affordability, keeping all your favorable specifications in mind. House Tipster will actually make that transition easier for you. By browsing through the professionals that use our web tool, you'll find the right cleaning companies that will fit your wants and needs with a simple click of your mouse. Now that you know more about the cost ranges applied to the cleaner's rates, you can evaluate the kinds of cleaners you're looking for. Find the cleaners near you in a manner of minutes, and stop wasting your time, researching and second-guessing on who to hire for the task. 


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