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How to Work with Red Walls

Red is a color that represents power and vitality. It’s a bold and timeless classic on the color wheel. However, even though red is extremely popular, it can be seen as imposing and intimidating to work with, especially decorate around. It’s a serious question: how to work well with red walls?

Don’t fret if you’re already committed to painting your walls red and don’t know how to decorate around it – find some inspiration below!


Red with Beige

Red is clearly a hue that brings a lot of emotion to the surface. So, why not downplay it or pair it down with a more neutral color like a crisp beige? This works wonderfully in a living room or other high traffic area, and it makes the space feel both warm and modern.


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Red with Natural Wood Accents

Red mixed with natural wood accents like a dining room table or wall trimmings is one of the most impactful ways to work with red walls. Whether it’s with beams or even just wooden furniture pieces, the look is both rustic and elegant. The wood trim works especially well here near the windows.


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Red and Cream

Red and cream (or a deep white) can make for a surprisingly beautiful color combination. This can work really well in a bedroom, as the boldness of the red is cut with the neutral nature of cream, delivering a satisfying look. Try adding some Carrara marble floor for some added pop and luxury.


Photo by Artazum on Shutterstock


Red with Black and White

Whether it’s a red wall or simply some accents, red goes quite well with black and white in almost any instance. Try a few black chairs with a red table, or vice versa. There are truly an infinite number of ways to play with these colors. Tie it all together with a red rug and a white fireplace mantel and surround. This style can fit into almost any type of home décor.


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Red Gallery Wall

It doesn’t have to be an actual art gallery in a real museum, but it will help give you the idea you should be shooting for. Take a bunch of your portraits, paintings, and other works of art and align them together on a stunning red wall. It will give your home an eclectic feel, as though some eccentric art collector lives there (or at least someone with similar tastes). All the pictures and frames will take up a good deal of space on the wall, subduing the overpowering nature of red just a tad.


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Red Accent Wall

If you aren’t up for painting an entire room red, or aren’t sure if you’ll like the way it looks in your home, you might be wise to go with an accent wall. This will help you get the feel of it, and if, worst case scenario, you hate it, it isn’t all that difficult a cover up. However, I think you’ll find it breathes new life into what otherwise might be considered a stale room.


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Red Walls with Rug

A great accessory for your red walls is a nice centering rug. The lighter colors of the rug will play well with the boldness of your red walls, giving the whole room a sense of balance. It works great with an oriental rug, but really it can be any rug that you feel fits your own personal sense of style and taste.


Photo by Artazum on Shutterstock


Red Kitchen Backsplash

Using red in the kitchen is unexpected – but it has some seriously stylish potential. It can give your modern kitchen an extra punch, and be the subject of discussion for diners when you have a party or a bunch of friends over. It’s a quick and easy way to experiment with red on your walls.


Photo by Africa Studio on Shutterstock


Red with Tile Floors

Red walls look extremely classy when paired with ceramic tiles, the look almost resembles a library or some important study full of leather-bound books. You immediately create an appealing visual when you implement this into your home décor, and it’s one of the best ways to work with red walls.


Photo by Illustratorstock on Shutterstock


Red with Blueish Green

Red and blue are among the most popular colors on the entire color wheel, so it makes sense that they’d go nicely together in, say, a modern master bedroom? Dark red walls are a great backdrop for this blueish green, almost turquoise bed to call home. This is just a jumping off point, as there are a number of different ways you can go with this winning color combination.


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Don’t be afraid, go boldly in your home color schemes and choose red. At first glance it may seem difficult to work with, but once you see some winning examples of how to work with red walls, you should have no doubt about your ability to pull it off in your interior design.


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