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Types of Shower Door Glass to Consider

If you are remodeling the bathroom and are implementing new shower doors, one of the most important elements you will have to consider is the type of glass you plan to use. While this might seem relatively insignificant, it can play a huge role in your overall look and deserves some extra thought. Let’s look at some of the glass options that you may want to consider for your shower remodel.


Clear Glass

This is what most people think of when they think about a glass enclosure for a shower. As the name implies, it is clear and it is the most commonly manufactured type of glass on the market. This type of glass tends to be cheaper than others, and like most other glass you have in your home, it is easy to clean and care for.


Modern bathroom with shower

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Frosted Glass

This is an attractive option that works well in many different bathroom settings. To make this type of glass, manufacturers use acid etching on one side which provides a smooth look and feel to the glass. It also gives the glass a blurry appearance and only lets in soft light. It provides more privacy in the shower than both clear and high definition glass.


Open bathroom with shower

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High Definition Glass

Some glass manufacturers are making HD glass. While it sounds like it might be some new type of electronic gadget, it actually refers to the clarity of the glass. With this type of glass, the manufacturers add less iron, which reduces the natural tint that you see in a lot of glass. This means that the glass is much clearer and will allow more light into the shower. The main benefit of this is that if you have striking tile patterns or stone in your shower, it will be clearly visible.  The drawback is that it doesn't allow privacy.


Shower with hd glass

Phtoo by Grigor Atanasov on Dreamstime

Rain Glass

This is a nice option for those who want to have shower glass with a truly unique look. The etchings in the glass are designed to mimic the appearance of rain, giving it an interesting look when there is water running in the shower. As with the frosted glass, this provides added privacy to the shower. Only one side of the glass has a pattern, while the other side is smooth which makes it easy to clean.  The glass’s design also makes it harder to see fingerprints.


Photo by Alex Gorins on Shutterstock

Grey Glass and Bronze Glass

Some people prefer the privacy of tinted glass.  Grey glass has a dark tint to it so that less light will pass through the door. Another option is bronze which works similarly. Just be sure that whatever you choose coordinates with the rest of your bathroom.


Brown stained glass with light and dark reflections

Photo by Dariusz Kuzminski on Alamy

Which Glass Is Right for You?

These are some of the best options to consider when you are remodeling your shower, and one of these options might be just what your bathroom needs. Of course, how do you know which one is right for your space? When you are remodeling, you have a couple of ways of choosing the glass. You could decorate and choose materials for the rest of the bathroom first and then choose the glass that you feel best fits the décor. Alternatively, and a little more difficult, you could choose the shower material and glass first, and then you can decorate the rest of the bathroom to make sure it matches.


Clear glass might be the right choice for your bathroom. However, don’t go with clear just because that’s what you’re most familiar with. Take the time to research these other types of glass for your shower and find one that will work well for both the look of the bathroom and your needs.


Photo by JR-stock on Shutterstock


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