How to Choose the Right Doors for your Home Décor

Can you mix interior door styles? Yes! Stylish interior doors open the way to an interior design with character.

By Ande Waggener


If you’ve been wondering, can you mix interior door styles? Wonder no more. Not only can you mix interior door styles, you’ll want to mix them when you discover how much more sophisticated your interior design will be when you do.


Just as important as choosing the right front door for your home, picking your interior doors and your interior doorway designs is imperative to developing a cohesive interior design style. Just remember: cohesive doesn’t mean “same.”


Given that doors capture a hefty portion of the visible surface area in your home, they can and should be used as a design element instead of just a utilitarian necessity. Don’t limit yourself to one door type to match your overall design style. Pick each door to go with the look and feel of the specific room into which the doorway leads.


Here are five interior door ideas to help you choose the right interior doors for all your rooms.


Traditional Doors

Traditional doors are doors that have historically common styling that’s been around for decades, if not centuries. Use traditional doors, such as a six-panel door, for rooms that have a strong design appeal like a Colonial, a Victorian, or a Craftsman style. Traditional doors generally should lead into spaces with an emphasis on strong wood trim and detail.




However, this isn’t always the case. Some traditional doors are specific to a cultural design style. Sliding shoji-style doors, for example, are a type of frosted door ideal for openings into rooms that reflect a Japanese home decor aesthetic.


Rustic Doors 

Rustic doors are usually stained clear, to let the natural woodgrain show. They’re often roughly hewn or constructed from reclaimed wood, and they’re sometimes framed in course textures like reclaimed wood, brick, or stone. These doors are a fine choice for doorways that lead to Belgian style or hygge style spaces.




The natural wood rule can be broken in rustic doors when the door style itself is rustic. An example of this type of door is the rolling barn door. Because of their suggestion of old-style barns and the usual matte finish metal hardware used with them, these doors can be painted and still have a rustic personality. Painted rustic doors, however, should lead into rooms with more upscale natural materials, such as rooms with marble or granite floors.


Elegant Doors

Often tall and regal, elegant doors have a grace that demands they lead into refined areas. Glass finds its way into elegant doors such as interior French doors. Because of the light and reflection clear glass provides to a space, these doors are made for rooms that have chic styling and rich details like crown molding.




Modern Doors

Metal combined with wood or glass creates a more up-to-date door. Glass and metal pair together especially well in interior sliding or pocket doors. Use these doors to marry two spaces together for an open, expansive look.




Artistic Doors

Artistic doors are just as their name suggests: they’re so unique and eye-catching they’re like a piece of art. These doors should lead into rooms with dramatic styling and prominent architectural features. Stained glass, for example, turns a simple glass interior door into something very much like a painting. Doors like these can be the focal point of the room into which they lead.




The key to using door styles like the ones above is in combining the styles into a collected grouping that makes design sense. This means that all the doors you choose should fit within your overall design scheme, be it modern, traditional, or something in between. You wouldn’t want to stick one paneled door in the middle of an industrial loft filled with glass or metal doors, but you could include one shoji door because the glass would link up with the other door types.


Getting the right mix of interior doors requires a bit of instinct and creativity, but investing the time and effort into the project is well worth it. The right variety of interior doors can be the crowning design feature of your beautiful home.


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