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How to Add Craftsman Charm to Any Home

The craftsman style is a distinctive look in architectural and interior designs. One of the homiest and most comfortable designs, the craftsman style has been popular since it hit the home décor scene at the turn of the 20th century.


Craftsman homes are popular, but finding a craftsman gem in good condition can be a challenge. If you love the look of this style but haven’t found a craftsman home of your own, you’re not out of luck. You can still get the craftsman look you love no matter what type of home you have.


Easily recognizable by a strong molded wood presence, a true craftsman home announces itself the minute you walk in the door. But the good news is that its distinguishing interior design elements can be achieved with post-construction architectural details and with craftsman-inspired home décor.


Here are seven interior design ideas you can use to create the craftsman atmosphere you want.


1. Molding and Wainscoting

Molding and wainscoting are the wood mascots of a craftsman home. Luckily, these details can be added to any home. Wrapping the windows in wood trim and adding wainscoting can transform a dull room into one with a craftsman feel.


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2. Beams

Dark-stained wood beams are another robust craftsman architectural detail. A natural extension of wood-wrapped windows and natural wood trim, substantial beams give your ceiling a craftsman look.


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3. Fireplace with a Heavy Mantel

Craftsman homes are famous for cozy fireplaces. But not just any fireplace will make a craftsman impression. A craftsman fireplace must have a heavy mantel with strong wood detailing. Because handcrafted wood is a hallmark of the craftsman style, having a mantel designed and built by a woodcrafter is a craftsman coup.


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4. Built-in Shelves or Cabinets

Merging built-in shelves into a room to which you’ve given craftsman-style molding will solidify a craftsman flavor. Whether they have the kind of wood-detailing that says craftsman or not, built-in cabinets will whisper, “craftsman,” in any room.


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5. Contrasting Color

Craftsman colors can vary from the light and bright to the warm and earthy. As long as you stay away from ultra-modern bold tones or neon shades, you can choose the colors you like. What sets this style apart is the pairing of light and darker together.


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6. Craftsman Furniture

Craftsman furniture is a weighty style that has a potent impact in any room. Craftsman wood furniture tones are generally dark, but it can tip toward rich blondes. Primarily oak, cherry, or walnut, the wood used in craftsman interior design elements can have reddish hues as well. For plush furniture, leather is a good choice.


Mission furniture is a craftsman mainstay. This furniture design, which actively emphasizes vertical and horizontal lines, is so marked that its presence can craftsman-up even more modern architecture.


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7. Vintage Accents

When you think of craftsman room styling, you think of heirlooms and antiques. If your grandparents had it in their home, it just might add some craftsman flair to your home. Items like wrought iron or pewter candle holders, baskets, old books, ornately framed family photos, and handmade throws have a place in a craftsman style room.


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Craftsman style is so versatile you don’t actually need the architectural design itself to create a space that can easily be called a “craftsman home.” Using these tips, you can give your home the craftsman look no matter what it calls itself now.


To familiarize yourself with craftsman design elements and how they work together, try them out in House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms.

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