Coverlets: The Versatile Piece Your Bedding Set is Missing

Ever wonder what the difference between a coverlet and quilts or any other piece of bedding is? Or what is a coverlet anyway and why should you care? Or maybe you’re just looking to jazz up your bedding game with some new pieces that’ll transform your bedscape into something off of the cover of Pottery Barn. After all, the showpiece of your bedroom is the bed, so you want it to make a statement without breaking the bank.


You’ve come to the right place because a coverlet is a versatile piece your bedroom set is missing, and here’s why.


1. Coverlets Are the Modern Quilt

Let’s talk coverlets vs. quilts. While quilts are beautiful additions to your bedscape, often steeped in family tradition and history, they often convey a more traditional, sometimes dated look. To take a more modern approach to your bedroom, opt for a coverlet. A coverlet is a kind of bedspread similar to a quilt but without all that decorative stitching holding the layers together. It falls a few inches below the mattress or boxspring, and can be made of all sorts of different textiles. While a coverlet is generally a lightweight piece of bedding designed to be layered, it can also be a stand-alone for your bedscape, especially if you opt for one with batting inside (much like a quilt). Either way, a coverlet will give you a sleeker, more updated looker than the traditional quilt.



2. Coverlets Come in Several Styles

A coverlet also comes in several styles, including loose, fitted, and semi-fitted, depending on the look you’d like for your bedroom.


  • Loose: A loose coverlet is the most similar to other types of bedspreads—it will simply lie across the bed, hanging down a few inches below the bottom of the mattress.
  • Fitted: On the other side of the spectrum, a fitted coverlet is like a hat for your bed, getting pulled taut across the corners, much like your fitted sheet. It’s a stylish option if you need some ideas to update your guest bedroom
  • Semi-Fitted: For the best of both worlds, go somewhere in between with a semi-fitted coverlet that fits tightly across the bed but has split corners, giving you a clean, modern look without having to fit it back onto your bed every time you make it.



3. Coverlets are Versatile

Let’s be real. A bedding set — sheets, blankets, bedspread, pillows, pillow shams, maybe more — can be expensive. Throw in different kinds of bedding based on the season, and it starts to get out of control, fast. That’s why you need a bedspread that’s multi-seasonal like the coverlet, which can be used for easy layering, just like the favorite piece of your fall wardrobe. Simply use a coverlet over the comforter, blankets, and sheets you already have to create an updated bedscape that’s not too matchy-matchy and instead is full of texture and variety.



When spring rolls around and you don’t need this extra layer, use your new coverlet throw-style across the base of your bed, or even as a throw on your couch. After all, why spring for a separate throw blanket or bed scarf when you can just repurpose your coverlet?


4. Coverlets Can Be Pint-Sized

Coverlets are also a popular option when it comes to baby bedding, especially if you’re looking for something warm for your baby without the bulk of a comforter. Look for a pretty coverlet for the crib in your chosen nursery colors, and there will be no need to invest in an entire baby comforter set. When your child outgrows the crib, the coverlet can easily be moved to the bed and used again as a throw.



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Images used with permission, courtesy of Kate De Palma

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