How to Best Use Beige in Your Interior Decor

When it comes to house designs, don’t get me wrong. I love a good splash of color around my home. An accent wall in apple green here, an orange throw pillow there... These colors help a house feel lively and energetic. But sometimes, there’s nothing better than a simple neutral shade like beige to help balance out your virtual rainbow of home decor.


I never truly understood the true beauty of beige until it was literally forced upon me. After prepping our old home to sell, which included weeks and weeks of refreshing old paint, I decided to retire my handy paintbrush for a while. You can imagine the horror I felt when I moved into my new home and every single wall was beige. “Ugh. No orange? You’ve got to be kidding me with this dull home décor!” I thought.


Fortunately, the color grew on me quickly, and I began thinking of new interior design ideas that would have never occurred to me had I not been exposed to all the beige in my new home. In no time at all, I realized how versatile and calming beige was. And I’m not alone. Interior designers are turning to all the beige hues out there to create a modern monotone look.


Call it camel, fawn, biscuit or coffee, no matter what, beige is usually the way to go.



Busy curtains tend to draw attention away from a room’s features such as a grand fireplace or beautiful buffet. The minute you add plaids, florals, or abstract designs on the windows, that’s where your eyes go.


Invest in a set (or more) or solid or lightly patterned beige curtains. Look for a double lining to help keep airflow in and out of the windows at a minimum.



Now, when someone walks into your living room, the curtains will brighten up the space without overwhelming it.


Rugs and Carpets

Carpets and area rugs help to tie a room together. But when you have multiple patterns competing against one another in high-traffic rooms such as living areas, the rug becomes the common denominator, of sorts.



No matter what shade of beige you choose to use, consider the pile height. Shorter strands are easier to maintain and sturdier than longer ones. Plus, the pile can dramatically alter the feel of a room, from modern to luxurious,  without making it look too busy.



I’m a big fan of geometric patterns on accent pieces such as chairs and pillow, but a hectic, bold couch or sectional can overcrowd your sitting areas. When you’re looking for an upholstery color for a larger piece of furniture, there’s no better way to go than with beige.



Once you select a shade, browse the selection of finishes. Whether you prefer the softness of leather or the structure of twill, you can usually find what you’re looking for in your preferred color.



Beige paint always seemed so boring, but it’s the ideal backdrop for any room. When you add a bright color or wallpaper to your walls, many homeowners tend to look for decor, art, photographs, frames, and more to match it. In some cases, your current collection of wall decorations may not be the best fit for a striped or orange wall.


Cue beige.



With a beige wall, you can basically add anything you want to your wall because it matches with everything.



There’s a chance your home has ample beige accents, from lampshades to outdoor furniture, countertops, backsplashes and more.


With all this beige, you can go one of two ways. You may decide to keep everything light and neutral by using beiges throughout your entire color palette, which is what many homeowners who want to achieve a modern look do.



Or, you can use the beige as a base and add your own colorful flare from there.



Beige is definitely making a comeback so don’t get upset if you move into a home with beige walls and a plain countertop. Think of it as a canvas that you can build from! 


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