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How to Use Stained Concrete Floors to Give Your Finished Basement a Designer Look

As you finish your basement and prepare to implement the final touches, have you considered stained concrete floors? No, I’m not talking about the iced tea spill that was left behind by the drywall installer. I’m referring to the beautiful, sleek, designer look of concrete floors that have been dyed in a rich earth tone color to give your basement a polished look. It’s becoming more and more popular, and the best part is that it requires no major equipment since no installation is required, so it’s often cheaper than carpet and tile in terms of labor and materials.

What’s most appealing is that it’s extremely low maintenance, as it only needs the swipe of a damp mop every now and again, and it’s very durable, so it’s perfect for a high-traffic area. If you’re still on the fence about stained concrete floors, allow me to open up a whole new world for you — one where dirty carpets and run-of-the-mill tiles are a thing of the past. Here are three reasons why stained concrete is the way to go when it comes to flooring in your finished basement.


Image by JKeen from Adobe

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1. Say Yes to Cracks!

Have you ever laid down brand new tiles, only to find out that someone (who shall remain nameless) dropped a dish on them, resulting in a major crack in the several of the tiles and the grout? Yes, it’s perfectly OK to cry because cracked tile is never in style and there’s no way to hide it. Those worries are carried away when you have stained concrete, as the natural cracks in your floor actually enhance your floor’s design since it’s supposed to have an industrial feel mixed with a marble-like design when it’s finished.

Whenever you order a marble or granite countertop for your kitchen island, you know that there are “imperfections” that come with it (e.g. dark spots, lines, and veins that look like cracks but aren’t), and asymmetrical patterns. Stained concrete mimics this marbleized look as the pattern is asymmetrical with dark and light areas, but in the case with concrete floors, actual cracks not only enhance these patterns, but also give it a slightly weathered, industrial look while still looking glossy and polished.

It’s the best of both worlds when you have a finished basement that functions as a game room, office space, and movie room since the floors look sleek and polished while still maintaining a warm, inviting, down-to-earth vibe.


2. Stained Concrete Enhances Area Rugs and Furniture

When choosing a dye color for your stained concrete floors, earth tone colors are the way to go, as they can enhance almost any type of décor. Because this basement functions as a game room and a fun place to just hang out, I wanted a bold earth tone color to really make the flooring pop. I chose a beautiful burnt amber color that always becomes a talking point at house parties, as the color is incredibly rich and unique as a flooring choice.

The warm tones and the glossy finish provide a striking contrast against the area rugs, furniture, and cabinetry, and help to accentuate the focal points of the room, such as the interchangeable billiards and ping-pong table. The color and design in the flooring maintains that industrial chic look while complementing the more formal pieces of furniture and allowing them to shine.


3. Hard-to-Clean Food Spills Don’t Exist on Stained Concrete

Whether you’re in your reading nook with a cup of coffee and a good book or you’re playing a riveting game of ping pong with beers in hand, messes happen. When your cat knocks over your coffee mug or your intense enthusiasm over ping-pong causes the beer to fly out of your grip, there’s no need to quickly grab the carpet cleaner and drag out the wet/dry vacuum. Since stained concrete has a glossy sealant, food and drinks are easily cleaned up with a few damp paper towels.

Even foods like spaghetti and balsamic salad dressings won’t put a damper on your party. If guests are eating their meals on the sidelines as they cheer on the billiards champs, an accident from one of the spirited cheerleaders is no big deal. The same can’t be said for carpet and tile grout since tomato-based sauces and oils are their worst enemies. Whether it’s a high traffic area with the potential for lots of dirt or an entertainment space to play, eat, drink, and be merry, stained concrete floors provide protection against time-consuming cleanups.


Image by InCommunicado from Getty Images


If you love an industrial chic look that’s a low-cost option with little maintenance, then stained concrete is the hands-down winner. There are many reasons that your home is the hot spot for all of the family gatherings, and now you can add another one to the list.

What do you love most about stained concrete floors? Do you like a copper or tan color, or would you prefer a sage green or a muted aquamarine? Share your thoughts!


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