Covering Naked Space: Eye-Pleasing Ways to Utilize Small Wall Spaces

There’s no official name for that pesky, hard-to-work-with wall space that lives between windows, on the end of jutting walls, and between shelving. It’s an in-between space -- not quite big enough to hang a picture but not quite small enough to ignore.



Many older homes fall prey to an uneven version of this space. Interior symmetry was not as highly regarded a practice for 19th-century housebuilders as it’s today, and the effect can be aesthetically frustrating. Why waste this perfectly good wall space when there are plenty of fun ways to utilize it? Here are three eye-pleasing ways to rework your wall space and transform your room!


Installation Sensation

This tip is a great way to handle jutting walls, which tend to find themselves next to shelving. Instead of keeping them bare, install something that can be of use to you in the room the wall resides. Bottle openers are a popular choice for utilitarian reasons and are particularly useful if the wall space is in the kitchen. I like to show off small, unique finds with wall space like this. I find that this space is the perfect canvas for installing something cool and random, like a vintage pencil sharpener. This is a great way to add personality to a room without cluttering it up.    



Shape it Up

An important thing to remember when dealing with this type of wall space is balance, particularly when working within the strict parameters of windows or shelving. You don’t want to upset the flow of your room. You want to improve it. An easy way to achieve this is to think “shapes” when decorating. Harsh geometric patterns work wonders to distract from the inconsistent wall space and give a cool art deco effect. Be sure to center the item you’re using carefully, so you maintain the balance of that particular space. Using this space to hang small geometric items like clocks or thermostats is a creative way to add function to fabulous!   



Get Cheeky

If you want to keep your wall space informal, but still jazz it up, hang a cheeky postcard! I like to hang vintage looking cards to give the whole room a fun, vintage vibe! Remember, the smaller the card, the better. You don’t want the card edges going past the wall space. If the space falls under 6 inches, I would also recommend using this as your “key wall” by simply placing a nail or thumbtack on which to hang your house keys. I like using jutting walls for this technique because the visibility of the keys ensures I never lock myself out! 



In-between wall spaces can be frustrating, but quite inspirational! The odd length and strict parameters force you to think outside the box when it comes to decorating. These are just a few ideas for utilizing that small space in a way that’s pleasant to view while remaining helpful!  What are some of your space-utilizing ideas?



Images used with permission, courtesy of Kathleen Wolak

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