How to Take Your Computer Setup from Messy to Motivational

When your computer is the center of your world, make it the center of your home through innovative planning.


As someone who has worked in IT for four years, I know how easy it is for my desk to quickly become overrun by a multitude of computer parts or a tangle of wires. Not only can this small space become disorganized and unfavorable for work or personal use, but it can also get poor marks from a designer for its unsightly appearance.


The computer area has the potential to be a home attraction yet family members may shy away from the uninviting clutter.


Yet there is no reason that your office or workspace needs to sacrifice style in the name of efficiency. Follow these tips to transform your office or desk from a disorganized mess to a tasteful, modern design.



Hide Those Wires

Desktop setups are particularly prone to being swarmed by loose and jumbled wires. This snare of cords is certainly not an attractive sight but can also act as a hazard. One false step can send your computer tumbling down. Thankfully, it is simple to tuck these wires away and keep your setup looking sleek and minimalistic.



One method is to purchase specially-made boxes that attach to your desk and hold wires. These boxes can be easily installed to your desk to keep necessary, but pesky wires out of sight.


An even cheaper option that acts in a similar way involves spilt-flex tubing. Flexible and temperature resistant, these tubes are available in a selection of colors to suit the style of your room. Eager to clean up these wires immediately? Twist-ties are your solution. The same ties that seal a bag of bread for freshness can also work to keep your wires together.



More Tiers, Fewer Problems

Any interior designer will tell you, multi-tiered desks are an optimal way to declutter your desk. Large monitors can be kept on an elevated shelf to keep your workspace minimal, which invites more room for personal touches like photos or décor. Bulky printers too can be kept on a separate space or table to prevent your setup from looking like a mash of Staples products. Breaking up the space where you keep your electronics creates an overall sense of organization to improve the look of the entire room.



Make Your Monitor a Focal Point

With computers shrinking in size, monitors are taking on a new life by growing larger and larger. It is not abnormal to have a computer monitor that mirrors the size of your television set. With a simple connector, you can add dual monitors to your desk to improve online worktime and efficiency. However, in the ultimate overview of your room, there is no reason that your monitor or monitors have to act as blank space in your design.



Emphasize your high-definition monitors with stunning visual displays. With a simple change of your computer’s background or screensaver, you can tie in your tech to your room’s theme. Your computer’s display can project a vast galaxy or a nestle of trees to bring the outdoors in. Allow even your workspace to feel like home with heartwarming slideshows of your family photos. With two monitors, utilize backgrounds that are optimized for larger screens to create dynamic visuals that are always available on your desk.



When Accessories Aren’t Pretty

Perhaps you have downsized your desktop computer and a compact Chromebook or MacBook now sits on your desk instead. Although the computer is small, there is still great clutter to be had. Detached computer components and accessories can quickly add up. External hard drives, wireless mouse devices, spare USBs, ink cartridges, mousepads, headphones, and speakers can take up space on your desk until there is next to no space left.



When computer accessories become overwhelming, storage solutions are easy to find. Stackable boxes can store your computer’s parts and can be kept toward the corner of your desk for easy access.


Want them out of the way? Put a lid on them and store them under your desk to eliminate clutter. Storage boxes come in a variety of patterns and can be customized to add a design element to your space.


Want your accessories visible? Choose accessories that double as décor. Novelty USBs and mouse devices can sit atop your desk for added decoration to improve style and mood.



Whether your computer serves as a tool for work or as the gateway to online leisure and entertainment, there is no reason why it must be left out of your home-designing strategies.


By following these simple, affordable, and time-efficient steps, you can take your technology from tangled and disordered to a smart and sleek component of your office or workspace.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Przemysław Kozieł and

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