Why The Foot of Your Bed is an Important Part of Your Bedroom’s Interior Design

The foot of the bed is often overlooked and underutilized. This space partners with the focal point of the bedroom (the bed), but deserves its own attention.

By Lisa Marie Conklin


The foot of the bed is an extension of the main focal point: the bed itself. A blanket draped on the corner hardly commands much attention to this prime area of real estate. But well-chosen pieces become an extension of the bed and be stylish and functional.


Treasure Chest

A traditional piece for the foot of the bed, a flat-surface trunk permits you to pull on some wool socks for cozy bedtime reading or store extra blankets, linens or whatever you desire.




No Slumber Seating

If you have trouble sleeping, most experts will advise you to use your bed only sleeping. This helps you associate your bed with sleep - not with Netflix binge time or working on your laptop. A small sofa at the foot of the bed is the perfect remedy. You can still watch TV on the sofa and crawl into bed when House of Cards is over.




Natural Elements

A rattan wicker bench probably won’t be a cozy sitting place, but it will do if you’re in a hurry to put on a pair of trainers before yoga class. A sturdy bench like this in a guest bedroom provides a first-class guest amenity by becoming a place to stow a suitcase.




Dear Diary

Journal your private thoughts before hopping into bed by adding a small and narrow desk, like this adorable vintage one at the foot of the bed. Utilize the drawers and shelves for extra storage and adorn the top of the desk with a pretty tray for loose change or knick-knacks. Placed in a guest room, a desk at the foot of the bed is a space-saving way to give guests extra storage.





What can’t you do with a wood crate? Small wooden crates tipped on their side or placed as a box furnishes a handy place to stash books, toys, linens, slippers, and more. Keep the natural finish on the crates,  or paint using a color that already exists in the space to coordinate with the rest of the room. Or if you want to draw the eyes to the structured design you created, paint them in a bold color to make the area pop.




Short Storage

If you’re short on storage, consider placing a low-profile dresser at the foot of the bed. It won’t interfere with foot traffic and blends in with the height of a bed, creating an even flow from the head of the bed to the foot of the bed.




Purposely Placed

A thoughtfully chosen upholstered bench becomes more than just an afterthought when it conforms to the overall design of the room. When placed off-center, a collection of pretty boxes stacked with private treasures is an extra design element that is both beautiful and practical.




Narrow Feet

The width of a bedroom may not allow for much furniture besides a bed and nightstands, but when you utilize the length of the space, a seating area at the foot of the bed is doable by placing a small table and occasional chair that matches up with the width of the bed. Or set two small occasional chairs on an angle with a small table to share for lazy weekends of reading the paper and sipping coffee.




Styling the foot of the bed doesn’t necessarily involve a shopping trip. Think of the furniture in your home that is unused or in a lonely corner. Place it in front of your bed and see how it looks. This once forgotten area can be transformed in an instant!


Images used with permission, courtesy of www.shutterstock.com and www.dreamstime.com

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