Yellow Front Door Ideas: What You Need to Know


Are you searching for a new front door that will bring attention to your house by making a bold statement? Are you seeking to give your visitors or just people passing by on the street something special to look at? All this can be accomplished by installing a yellow front door. While the color, which is often associated with warmth and happiness, may seem too bold for the taste of some, having a yellow front door can give your house an elegant look if done properly. In addition, it will give your house curb appeal. When selecting front door colors, you want to find a color that suits your house. Here’s what you should know about a having a yellow front door before purchasing. 


Simple look 


Looking to utilize a yellow front door without making your house an eyesore? Using a muted yellow colored door can give an older house with gray siding a distinguished and classy look. While you would not want to use a bright yellow door on a house such as this, using a toned down yellow works well – especially with a gray or blue-gray siding. 



Brick house with yellow door 


If you are looking to spruce up a Georgian style home with a touch of color, this can be accomplished by choosing a yellow front door. The yellow color works well with the white columns beside the door, and does not compromise the classic look of the home. The warm color also brings an element of light and a feeling of joy to a house that features darker gray or dark colored brick. 



Modern natural wood 


When looking for front door colors, a yellow door is a natural fit for a modern house that uses natural wood siding. When used with a white or light gray trim, a yellow door can create a simple yet elegant look for your home that is sure to impress your neighbors, guests and passersby on the street. 



White siding 


If you have a house with white siding, installing a yellow door could be just the thing you need to bring a pop of color to the entrance of your home without going for something too extreme. Having dark colored stone steps can also bring attention to the warmth of the yellow door because of the contrast. In addition, choosing a door with classic metal fixtures can create an inviting look for the front of your house, not something that will turn visitors away. 



Gray/light brown siding 


Using a yellow door against gray or light brown siding can create a rustic, yet inviting look for your home. When used with natural stone steps, a yellow door can help your home stand out in a positive way by drawing just enough attention to the door without drawing too much. Having plants and greenery surrounding the entrance only enhances the warm and inviting nature of the yellow door. 



Muted blue siding 


Looking for a door that will complement a house with muted blue siding? A yellow door does exactly that. Used on a house with blue siding, a yellow door can provide a burst of color that can brighten even the cloudiest of days. Accompanied with a white frame, this simple design can put a smile on the faces of you and your guests. 



Green-yellow door with neutral exterior 


If you are looking for a yellow door but do not quite want something that is a traditional yellow, consider a green-yellow colored door. When paired with neutral exterior elements, using a green-yellow door can give your home a natural and inviting feel. The green-yellow color will give your entrance some life, while working well with the neutral exterior colors, whether those are any of the numerous variations of gray or white. 



Harvest gold or mustard with dark brown siding 


Upon looking at the dark brown siding of your house, you may feel that a yellow door would not be a suitable option. However, using the right shade of yellow can create a vibrant feel to the front of your home. While a bright shade of yellow or a green-yellow would not be the best option in this scenario, installing a door that is a darker shade of yellow, such as a harvest gold or mustard color, will create a look that will leave you satisfied. The darker shade of yellow creates an entrance that looks distinguished yet welcoming. 



Modern home 


Looking for something that will bring a bold look to your modern style home? A yellow door can be just what does the trick. Using a simple style bright yellow door can help accentuate the modernity of the house, while providing you with an entrance that will be sure to catch the attention of your neighbors, your guests and even people just walking by. This style of door will work particularly well in a home that features natural wood or stone. 



Mid-century modern home 


Used along with various shades of gray, having a yellow door can spruce up your mid-century modern home. A darker yellow color is ideal to stand out against a gray exterior, creating a distinguished and pleasing look for your home. When used along with wood or stone on the exterior, a darker yellow door can add a little drop of color to an otherwise plain entrance to the home. 



It is recommended that you use a satin or semi-gloss paint for the trim. If you are using a shiny or glossy paint for the door, just make note that the door must have a smooth surface. If you use shiny or glossy paint and the surface of the door is not smooth, the end result will be noticeable imperfections. That is exactly what you do not want when trying to improve the aesthetic qualities of your home.  


When buying a yellow door, keep in mind that the color is best suited to be used with white, gray, muted blue, tan or dark brown. When used in combination with these colors, you will have a front door that is sure to impress and make a statement – whether you are looking for something subtle or bold. This simple improvement to your home can draw attention and create curb appeal. 






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