How to Use Mango Color to Liven Up Your Home

If you need to brighten your home and you're just not sure which direction to take, we're here to tell you that mango is the color of the year. Not only will it give your home some color, but it will also give it a warm, summery atmosphere. Both your family and your house guests will absolutely love it.


You might be thinking that mango is "too much." Yes, some colors can be overwhelming, which is why moderation is key. The idea isn't to drown the walls of your home with the color mango, but instead to sprinkle just the right amount of color in the areas that need it.


For example: an accent wall or walls (see below). Mango is the perfect color to use for an accent wall, incorporating freshness while also establishing a focal point in a room. A living room or dining room would be the ideal room to use for this idea, but depending on the space, a splash of color is a great way to enhance uniquely constructed or laid out rooms.


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You're probably wondering what colors pair best with mango, and while we offer a general guide for working with orange, mango is a special, more refined version of the color. Mango generally looks good with just about anything, adding a vibrant yet reserved touch. For an accent wall, it would go best with white or an off-white. When it comes to accessorizing, it looks great with neutrals and with colors that don't clash or compete with it--mango is the star after all. It also looks beautiful with teal, fuchsia, yellow (dependent on shade), or even green. It all depends on your style, and how much color you want your home to have.  


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If you do decide to pair mango with more colors, you can easily give your home a tropical vibe. Pair all these colors with some bamboo or wood accessories and some beachy decorations, and boom, you've got summer in a room. This idea would work well in a sunroom, or even a colorful bedroom, and it doesn't necessarily need to be the paint, but instead accenting pieces like curtains or trim. The below photo illustrates how an infusion of mango color, even a small touch, complements dark wood and earth tones in a way that generates a comfortable aesthetic warmth.


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Having few windows and a darker home may seem like a disadvantage, but not when you can use so many great colors to brighten things up. Mango is a fantastic color to use if you're not sure how to liven up a certain room. While yellow might seem too bright, and orange may seem a little too dark, mango is right in the middle, and will give that perfect touch of color you've been looking for. If you're feeling bold, you can absolutely use mango to color more than just one wall of a room. If you paint the whole room mango, and accessorize with some neutrals, it will look classy with a hint of eccentricity. Again, it's all about your personal style and what you think looks good in your home.


And if you do have a lot of windows in your home, that's great too. The color mango will take on a different tone when it's in a brighter or darker room, which is why it's such a great color. Versatility is a big deal, especially when you're choosing a loud color.


If you're thinking that the color mango might be too much to paint a room with, you can definitely use it to accessorize. It can brighten up a room whether you use it as paint or if you find yourself a mango sofa.


Bright furniture is in style these days, and having a mango colored table and chairs or a couch will give a room bold and inviting energy. You can also opt for throw pillows, blankets, or lamps. Even small things like candles, picture frames, or coasters will help tie the colors to the room and make them stand out. And if it's a bedroom that you're trying to decorate, a mango bedspread or lamp shades on the nightstand make excellent accent pieces, particularly if you want to take a minimalistic approach to adding unique colorways to your home. 


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There are endless ways to use the color mango to spice up a room. We've covered bedrooms and living rooms, but it's important not to neglect the kitchen when considering mango as a design choice for your home.


In this case, painting all the walls with this color would look wonderful, if paired with the right cabinets and accessories. White cabinets will give that crisp, polished look to the room, but stained wood will give the room a warm and sunny laid-back feel. Either way, the color mango is versatile enough to make it work.


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You might also consider the idea of reversing the walls and the cabinets of the kitchen, by making the walls a neutral color, and the cabinets mango. Colored cabinets and molding are in style right now, and would be a genuinely unique twist on how to redesign a kitchen.


With all this color in the kitchen, stainless steel appliances would be your best bet, or just plain white. With the colors in the wall and the cabinets, the appliances allow for some neutral color, which will make the mango color stand out even more.


We hope we have given you some good ideas about how to use the color mango in your home. You will enjoy having such a cozy and laid back yet lively home, and you will definitely get some compliments on your choice to infuse your house with the color of mango.

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