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How to Use Orange in Your Home

Orange can often be a difficult color to work with, and one that can be intimidating to work into your home décor. However, when incorporated correctly, orange can really have an impact in your home, and make any room pop.


You might not think it at first, but orange actually goes quite well with a whole bunch of colors. Orange comes in different shades, from the nearly red to the brightness of its namesake tropical fruit. When used in vibrant, bold shades, orange can be one of the most polarizing colors on the spectrum – you either love it or hate it. Most people have strong feelings about orange, and very few tend to be neutral on this bold color. If you happen to fall into the love category and want to know how to use orange in your home, look no further, you’ve come to the right place.



Deciding to paint your walls orange might seem like a risky choice, but when the right shade is combined with the right room, it can work out incredibly well. Orange could work well in a living room or other high-traffic space, making it instantly seem more inviting.


Burnt orange is often used to bring warmth. And, if used in a lighter shade, orange can even bring a bit of coziness to a room.


Photo by virtua73m1 on Shutterstock

A lighter, more citrusy shade of orange can also work quite well as a wall, and even better when mixed in with some gray or more neutral colored chairs and assorted furniture.


Photo by virtua73 on Shutterstock


Orange with White

Using orange and white together can really help create a contemporary, clean look. An orange sofa mixed in with a white or beige wall can really modernize most homes, as the orange adds just enough spice to make sure the room avoids becoming drab.


When paired up this way it also helps the orange from becoming too aggressive or loud, as it’s eased by the calmness of the neutral tones. This can help spark creativity in your living room or wherever else you choose to use the combination, and it’s always a lively pairing. The hue of orange you choose can range from burnt to citrus, and everything in between.


Photo by virtua73 on Shutterstock

Orange Accents

Accents are a great way to add a splash of orange into a room without having to commit fully to the brightness of the color. The orange will help bring a bit of style and warmth to otherwise plain areas of your home, like a living room couch or bedroom.


For example, some orange accents like a few throw pillows, or even a comforter, work wonderfully with a lighter colored bedspread. Wherever you decide that there is need for color, orange accents will fit , bringing color and warmth.


Photo by WorldWide on Shutterstock

Orange and brown might seem like an unlikely pair, but when used sparingly, like an accent pillow on a brown sofa, the results can be soothing. The brown sofa on its own might seem a little stale and muted, but just a dash of brightness helps it realize its full potential.


Photo by Nadir Keklik on Shutterstock

Same goes for orange and grey, a combination that works well in almost any home. If you are unsure about how to use orange in your home, this is one of the safest and most stylish ways.


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In the Kitchen

Some orange can really help modernize the aesthetic of a kitchen, especially when used sparingly, like to color the island or spruce up a cabinet. Although the orange is generally not meant to dominate the kitchen space, it can become a focal point in the room.


Photo by virtua73 on Shutterstock

Orange and Blue/Gray

Orange and blue are a classic paring, just think of all the sports teams that have made these their primary colors – the New York Mets and the Florida Gators, for example. They complement each other perfectly in a variety of ways, and there are a plethora of ways to employ them in your home. For example, a modern couch looks quite stylish with a blueish gray backdrop.


Photo by virtua73 on Shutterstock

And, if you are a fan of the color combination, it can really have an impact when used as the theme in the bedroom. A modern orange chair and comforter, mixed and matched with gray walls might be just the detail your room was missing, as it’s one of the best ways to use orange in your home.


Photo by on Shutterstock

In recent years, orange has become a rather popular color for doors, whether it be the front or a back door, as shown below. Most houses are painted a more muted color, so a little bit of pop and energy at the front door will encourage guests to come on in. This will help boost curb appeal, and it works especially well on modern houses, but it can also blend right in on a cottage or cabin.


Photo by Boling on Shutterstock

Remember, while you might not think it at first, orange actually goes quite well with a whole bunch of different colors and design schemes. Orange comes in many different hues, from the border line red to a crisp and bright citrus. While most either love the color or hate it, there are many ways to use orange in your home, from the bold to the subtle.


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