Create Visual Interest in Your Bathroom’s Design with Geometric Shapes

Are you looking for bathroom ideas to bring visual interest to the room without crazy wallpaper patterns or busy tile designs? You’re in luck! It is possible to implement various geometric shapes without making your bathroom look like it was decorated by the Queen of Hearts from "Alice in Wonderland." (I promise!)


These bathroom ideas provide a step-by-step guide to creating visual interest with basic shapes.


1. Start with the Shower Curtain

One of the main focal points of the bathroom is the shower curtain, as it not only takes up the most square-footage in regards to the décor (compared to hand towels or small rugs), but it also sets the tone for the design of the entire bathroom. The shape and colors in the rest of the décor will all work to complement the shower curtain.


You can choose a modern design with earth tone colors, such as this gray shower curtain with a white geometric pattern, or if you’re into vivid colors, that works too! Regardless of the color scheme, creating a clean pattern is the perfect foundation for a geometric theme.


2. Implement Artwork that Contains Subtle Shapes

Aside from the shower curtain, the rest of the décor and furnishings should have subtle individual (or small groupings of) geometric shapes so they don't compete with the shower curtain. The last thing you want are bold patterns all over the room, as there’s a fine line between “visual interest” and “sensory overload.”


These paintings have warm, inviting colors with varying shapes, such as rhombuses, quadrilaterals, arcs, and semicircles. From a distance, you may not ordinarily spot all of these geometric shapes unless you’re looking for them, but that’s the beauty. The subtlety is what creates a perfect supporting role for the shower curtain.


(If you look closely, even the tissue box provides a pop of color with a subtle geometric pattern. Bonus points!)


3. Vary the Shapes in and on the Furniture

This beautiful vanity adds to the theme by providing two different rectangular shapes in the drawers, and circular shapes with the knobs. Also, the décor on the shelf below it has, respectively, cylindrical, cubical, and oval shapes. This variety keeps the visual interest going beyond the actual piece of furniture itself.


4. Continue the Theme on the Countertop

When putting functional and decorative items on top of a counter, choose a variety of shapes. The plant holder has a strong square shape, the toothbrush holder has a curved rectangular base, and the soap dish has an elegant oval shape.


Since these aren’t geometric patterns, but rather, isolated geometric shapes, it’s important to keep the variety throughout, as your design will look monotone if each accent has the exact same shape.


5. Never Discount the Value in a ‘Form and Function’ Combo

Geometric shapes can help a functional item double as a decorative accent, just like it does in this towel basket. From a functionality aspect, it’s used to house dirty towels, but from an aesthetic standpoint, it looks like an intricately woven basket accented with subtle geometric patterns.


While you could easily choose a plain, plastic laundry basket, the texture and geometric patterns add a ton of visual interest while still playing a supporting role with the very neutral beige color tone.


When it comes to bathroom ideas, implementing geometric shapes are a great way to bring out your love for art and math. Once you’re finished, step back and watch your artistic vision come to life! Oh, and be sure to send a thank you note to your 10th-grade geometry teacher.

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