How Much Do Carpet Repairs Cost?

One of the biggest frustrations about the carpeting in one’s home comes from the various occasions that involve repairing these affected areas. Although carpets can be affected by stains, mold, or just age, homeowners have many repair services available to make the carpets look and feel renewed. The average range of professionally repairing and restoring your carpets will probably cost around $150 to $300. All the while, the low-end of the estimate will probably be about $25. The high-end of a professional carpet cleaning service will likely be about $2000.


Average Range $150-$300
Low-End $25
High-End $2000


Depending on the size of the mess or damage, the cost of cleaning and repairing the carpet will be affected for a number of different reasons. Homeowners will have to spend various cost ranges according to the services required. Your professional will probably have to inspect the location and consult you about the estimates and what kind of services should be done.   



Carpet Repair Cost

Typically, there are two separate types of cost ranges that will be calculated and assessed by your professional. Your repair professional will probably charge you for either the material or for the problem that is affecting your carpeted area. Depending on the business sense of your professional, these estimates will be evaluated accordingly. 


Carpet Repair Cost By Material

The average cost of repairing one’s carpeting, according to the material, will range from $1 to $3 per square foot. There are about six common types of carpet materials: polyester, olefin, nylon, acrylic, triexta, and wool. Typically, the repair specialist will have to figure out the repair method according to the prior installation of each material. 


Cost Per Square Foot


Polyester Repair Costs

One of the easier carpet materials to keep and maintain, polyester carpeting is renowned for its reputation for stain resistance. Making the proper professional services arranged will probably cost homeowners an average of $1 to $1.10 per square foot. However, the feature that makes polyester carpets so useful for homeowners is the resistance it has against abrasions and fading. 


Olefin Repair Costs

Olefin is a synthetic material that is also referred to as polypropylene. It is a great material that is resistant to moisture and cleaning services for olefin will likely range about $1 to $1.20 per square foot in costs. Some of its major disadvantages is how easily it mats and how little durability it has under certain conditions.


Nylon Repair Costs

One of the more popular household carpet materials, nylon costs about $1.25 to $2 per square foot to clean and repair. The benefit of owning nylon carpeting is the ease of reviving the fibers. Simply by using a standard steam cleaner, homeowners can rehabilitate the hydrogen inside the material’s structure and make it look as vibrant as before.


Acrylic Repair Costs

Arranging the proper repairs and planning a cleaning service for acrylic carpeting will likely range between $1.25 to $2 per square foot in costs. Some of the advantages with acrylic fibers is its hypoallergenic features. Most homeowners will opt for different flooring installations to avoid dealing with any allergens, however, with acrylic carpeting, allergies will not be a concern. However, homeowners should still think about its low span and should make plans for repairs if the circumstance should arise.


Triexta Repair Costs

Although triexta is an engineered material, it is manufactured to resist staining. The cost range associated with repairing triexta carpeting will probably be about $2 to $3 per square foot. There are various features that come along with triexta carpets, which includes its affordability, its mold resistance, its soft feel, and its eco-friendly qualities. However, they are quite difficult to vacuum due to the hardness of the fibers. Homeowners should keep this in mind when dealing with repairing and cleaning triexta. 


Wool Repair Costs

One of the more costly alternatives in the carpeting options on this list, wool will cost about $2 to $3 per square foot to repair and clean. Typically, this is a natural material that comes from sheep. And as a higher-end product, wool is typically great in terms of its quality. It is highly resistant to discoloration and many of the other beneficial properties mentioned in the other materials above.


Carpet Repair Cost By Issue Type

Depending on what the issue is and what the level of complication the service might be, the overall range of costs involving the associated repairs will probably be about $100 to $2000. Typically, the repair professionals will charge homeowners a minimum of $100 for the travel expense involved. 


Tears and rips
Loose carpet
Carpet dents
Carpet snags
Carpet burns
Bleach damage
Water damage
Pet damage


Tears And Rips Repair Cost

To plan a repair service for any torn or ripped areas throughout your home’s carpeting, homeowners will have to spend an average of $100 to $250. However, this range could be differently calculated if the size of the tear or rip is rather large. Homeowners need to remember that the size of the damage is what affects the overall cost estimate. 


Loose or Buckling Repair Cost

If your carpet feels loose, you might want to think about retaining a carpet repair service to come and properly fit it back into place. For the service, homeowners will typically spend an average of $100 to $300 to have the proper repairs arranged. Keep in mind that loose carpets could lead to tripping hazards around your home. With the case of loose carpeting, homeowners need to think about how this kind of damage could affect the rest of the aesthetics in their spaces. Without the right repairs, a loose carpet could also result in worse conditions if it is left unattended.


Dent Repair Cost

It costs about $100 to $300 to make the proper repairs for any dents in the carpeting. Typically, dents are considered pockets of space atop the carpeted area that should be corrected. In certain cases, dents can actually be repaired with a simple steaming, however, the dent needs to be shallow enough to perform this small task. But homeowners should note that larger dents require more complex tasks and methods according to the size of the issue. The reason as to why homeowners will want to get rid of these dents is because of the furniture arrangement. If your furniture is left in one position for too long a period of time, the dents become more and more apparent.


Snagging Repair Cost

Carpet snags occur when the fibers from the carpet are pushed back. The repair costs for this service will range between $100 to $400. This service is required for situations where the homeowner has to deal with a pocket of space underneath the carpet and connected to the subfloors. One of the solutions to this kind of problem is pushing the fibers back into place, however, this is only done in less disconcerting cases. The more severe the snag is, the longer the repair might take and the more effort is required.


Burn Repair Cost

When it comes to carpet burns, homeowners will be expected to spend an average of $125 to $250 to arrange the necessary repairs. One of, if not the only, way to make this repair is to remove the burnt section and retain the service of patching that part up. However, the estimate reflects a number of different sizes related to the burn. If it is a simple cigarette burn, rather than having to pay for a burn caused by a steaming iron, so depending on the size, you may end up spending the higher end of that range.


Bleach Repair Cost

Homeowners will deal with bleached spots from time to time when it involves carpet damage. The cost for repairing this type of damage will range from $125 to $600. And depending on the size of the area that needs to be replaced or fixed, the discoloration might affect the overall condition of the carpeted areas. Whether it is a spill from bleach or from a sun spot that has 


Water Repair Cost

Water damage can come from any situation, it is an unexpected factor that is often overlooked. The repair services for these occasions will range between $450 to $2000, depending on whether the homeowner or affected party is dealing with a flood or a minor leak. 


Pet Damage Carpet Repair Cost

Homeowners with pets need to think about the possible damages that can occur within their living spaces. In any case, repairs and maintenance according to any of these related damages can range anywhere from $500 to $2000. 


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Methods Of Restoring Carpet

Like any repair made throughout your home, there are costs associated with the method that you decide is necessary to restore the condition of your carpet. You should expect an estimated range of about $75 to $600 to have one of these methods done. Each of the different methods will have to be performed for different reasons. Although your carpet restoration professionals will notify you which issues you’re looking to resolve, you should also think about which restorations are used for the situations that are mentioned.


Cost To Clean Carpet

A carpet cleaning service is typically done to remove stains and odors. The severity of such issues can be alleviated by the cleaning method applied. Typically, the cost of this service will range from $75 to $180. According to the size, the estimate is generally calculated by $0.15 to $0.53 per square foot. 


Bonnet Cleaning & Costs

The price range for bonnet cleaning is probably going to cost around $25 to $85. Professional carpet cleaners will have this method available for homeowners as an easy, quick fix to cleaning your carpets. It involves the polishing of your surface with a spinning pad, utilizing the cleaning and drying techniques of the equipment your professional will inevitably use. The drawback to this method is the effectiveness of this choice. Accumulation of dirt in the lowest layers will, in due course, result in elevating to the higher layers. Remind yourself that this method requires at least 30 minutes of drying before stepping foot on your carpets again.


Typically, the bonnet cleaning method is used for commercial purposes. It essentially cleans out the surface, improving the quality of the appearance. However, it doesn’t execute a proper deep clean, so you shouldn’t expect it to properly get rid of your dirt or grime. 


Dry Cleaning & Costs

By using this method, the specialist is essentially breaking apart the dirt and debris in the crevices of your carpeting. The professional will use an absorbent to deconstruct the detritus inside the narrow spaces. Completely impeding the detrimental dirt apart from the fibers, dry cleaning will effectively get rid of your dirt after a 20 minute session. Expect that your estimates will range between $60 and $350.


Using a low-moisture system, this method will most likely help avoid any other complications involving dirt. One thing to keep in mind is to check how these chemicals may affect you or your loved one’s allergies. You should expect about $0.20 to $0.50 per square foot, when you have a dry cleaning request.


Encapsulation & Costs

You can expect to spend about $80 to $200 with this method. Although it is similar to the shampoo cleaning method, only by the materials that are used, encapsulation essentially cleans through foam and vacuum. Primarily, encapsulation as a method is spraying and brushing an encapsulated chemical around your affected area. Surrounding the molecular level of soil particles, the crystallized chemical releases all the dirt out of your carpeting, wherein the professional will vacuum the applied locations. Performed and accomplished in around a half-hour, encapsulation is only a suggestible option when your carpet is mildly dirtied.


Keep in mind that this is only an interim carpet maintenance method. This means that it’ll mainly be used for maintenance reasons, applying to solely commercial purposes. The encapsulation cleaning method is most typical for your place of business. With its low price, most companies will opt into scheduling an encapsulation service for several intervals and sessions. This will especially be the case if the commercial area has high levels of foot traffic. 


Shampoo Cleaning & Costs

On average, a shampoo cleaning will be estimated around $80 to $400 in costs. After the application of the foam or chemical, your cleaner will use a brushing device to remove everything out. It will probably be a 20 minute process. Fortunately, there is less moisture involved with this method, however, you need to keep in mind that extraction of the soil will not be rigorously executed. If you’re worried about the costs, and this task needs to be performed residentially, the range will be through the lower end. However, the volume of water that is used to perform this method is quite inextricable compared to the other methods involved.


It is one of the oldest methods into cleaning your home’s carpeting. And it works very well against heavier stains. Disintegrating the bonds between the layers of soil and fibers, the foam is quite a useful utility to clean the carpets. However the chemicals can, at times, be stuck in a sort of residue. As a result, the surface can be discolored and will inevitably attract more dirt. 


Steam Cleaning & Costs

With this method, you’ll most likely end up with the result you’re hoping for most. Dispensing about 90 percent of this desirable cleansing, you can expect to spend about $100 to $500. Expending the most bang for your buck, this method will probably act as the prime choice for cleaning your carpets. This technique will assist in removing all your bacteria, dirt, and grime but will probably require the most time since your carpets will need time to dry out.


Another way to estimate the costs can be from the per-square-footage method. A proper hot water extraction will most likely range between $0.20 to $1 per square foot. Homeowners should keep in mind that each cleaning service will vary with the different rates and amounts to spend. 


Carbonation Cleaning & Costs

The cost of using the carbonation method will range between $130 and $600. By applying warm water for the soil extraction, carbonation will utilize lower moisture blending microscopic bubbles to explode the dirt particles from the deeper layers of your carpet’s fibers. An additional benefit to this service is how minimal the water is used. Practically, the most viable solution in decreasing the usage of your water, it’ll eliminate at least 4/5ths of water consumption out of the equation. This is compared to the other services that are mentioned above.


It’s quite the beneficial convenience since it creates a lasting effect in both stability and cleanliness. Your carpeting fibers will be penetrated by the carbonation bubbles, lifting out the soil and dirt that’s deeply rooted beneath. This is also the method that encourages and emphasizes the use of green cleaning. Since it’s an eco-friendly resource, most homeowners feel more enthusiastic about utilizing this prospect. 


Cost To Stretch Carpet

The service of stretching your carpet costs about $100 to $300 with the minimum of the range being about $100. Depending on the amount of rooms you’re performing this task, you’ll have to spend an additional range of $45 to $65 for each of those spaces. The problem that the stretching service solves is the limpness of the surface. If the carpet is loose or buckling, the carpet needs to be stretched, cut, and tacked back down to give a renewed appearance for your area. 


Cost To Patch Carpet

There are several options for patching the carpet. Typically, homeowners will spend an average between $125 to $250 to have your carpeting patched up from any empty spaces that might be causing the homeowner any grief. In certain cases, a stretching service might actually be a great asset for your carpets. Otherwise, the carpet repair specialists will remove a section from another area within the home that generally isn’t visible and use this part to complete a proper patching job. 


Carpet Bleach Repair Cost

Dyeing the carpet usually occurs if the carpet is either discolored or bleached. The cost for this restoration task will probably range between $125 to $600 and depending on the color of the carpet, the process might either be significantly simple or terribly complicated. Since there are so many different colors, it might be challenging to find a color that seamlessly matches with the rest of the carpeting.


Essentially, the dye job will depend on how severe the discoloration is and there are many other methods that might substitute the dyeing job. The professional will have to execute a little experiment to see whether the dye matches the color and by testing the smaller, less visible areas, the repairs can be properly handled. 


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