How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Dumpster?

Dumpster rentals can cost homeowners the range of about $200 to $700 per week. The factors into the price will ultimately be affected by the size of the dumpster. Factors that will appear into these costs will vary from how many professionals will be required to haul out your belongings. To effectively carry out the process of renting your dumpster, evaluate the amount of things you want thrown out.


Doing so, you’ll have a clearer understanding of what size your dumpster ought to be. In most cases, homeowners will likely rent out a 10-yard dumpster. The range for this rental will be estimated from $150 to $1000 per week. Depending on this arrangement, your rental will increase as the size of your dumpster varies. For a simple residential usage, you can expect about $75 per week for a two cubic yard dumpster. But at the higher end of costs, for a 40 cubic yard dumpster, you can expect to spend about $300 to $1800 per week.



Comparison Between Residential And Commercial Dumpsters

Assess the needs for the dumpster and you’ll have better insight in which kind of rental works best for you. This will really help you in the long-run because different dumpsters are used for different purposes. For example, homeowners that require a dumpster for construction projects will most likely require a commercial dumpster. Residential usage will probably pertain to trash, or unwanted possessions.


There are quite a few options to choose from when it comes to the kind of commercial dumpster you need. Although demolition and construction experts may already have a dumpster company already referred to them, you may actually cut costs if you figure out different estimates yourself. In this matter, you really should figure out the size of your project. For a large construction crew of contractors and subcontractors, the likely preference will probably be a 30 cubic yard dumpster. 


As an estimated range, you can expect the costs of renting out a construction dumpster to be about $350 to $780 per week. This will be the case for a 40-yard dumpster that will essentially be utilized for larger projects that may involve roofing or for long term usage. It’s actually rather convenient to rent commercial dumpsters for longer intervals. In fact, you may actually find better deals if you inquire about monthly rentals. On average, you’ll be spending about $500 to $1200 per month or lower, depending on how long you may wish to rent the unit.


Reasons To Rent Out A Residential Dumpster

There are several reasons as to why a homeowner would want to rent out a residential dumpster. Whether you require a dumpster rental for estate cleaning, waste removal for moving out, concrete or asphalt removals, or even just the simple disposal for renewed storage purposes, you’ll want a dumpster to throw out all those items.


Keep in mind that depending on the size of the dumpster you decide to rent out, the volume of space will vary accordingly. This means that if you require a dumpster that is sized to be about 10 cubic yards, you’ll be able to hold about 2000 gallons of trash. Roughly, these sorts of dumpsters can carry about 6000 pounds, or two to three tons in weight. You can expect the same arrangement for 15 cubic yard dumpsters, however, the difference is how many truck loads these variations can carry.


Capacity of the dumpsters can be translated from the service you decide to hire. You should really see what kind of options are available for you, and this will all be dependent upon the kinds of objects you want to get rid of.   


Renting Dumpster By Intervals

The price of renting out a dumpster won’t only be charged through a weekly basis. You can find estimates for rentals by applying a monthly basis instead. Depending on the intervals you prefer to spend your budget with, your costs will vary. On a daily basis, homeowners can expect a range of $25 to $80 per day. But you should expect that range to change if you want to rent out a dumpster throughout the available rental periods.


For a weekly basis, homeowners will be expecting a range of about $350 to $550 per week. Again, keep in mind that these prices will be different according to the size, volume and weight capacity you require. A monthly rental basis will range from $500 to $1200 per month.


Try to keep in mind that discounted rates are really advisable for a weekly or monthly period. Daily rates will probably cost you a little more than expected so if you are performing a task that will only be required by the day, you should opt into renting a truck. Professional companies will be able to provide you with this option rather than having you spend money on renting out a roll-out dumpster.


Costs In Renting Out Residential Dumpster By Size

Depending on the size of your residential dumpster, whether it is large or small, you can expect a range of about $75 to $300 per week. Size of the dumpster will vary depending on your need for one. Keep in mind that the residential dumpsters are more accommodating for lesser volumes and usage. This means that you’ll most likely see options for dumpster rentals that are sized for two to eight cubic yard.


Cubic Yards Weight Capacity Estimated Range
2 400 $75-$125
3 600 $100-$175
4 800 $125-$200
5 1000 $150-$225
6 1200 $200-$275
8 1600 $225-$300


10 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices 

If you decide that you need about three truckloads or two to three tons of junk that needs to be hauled away, you’re going to probably prefer a ten cubic yard dumpster. It’s going to cost you about $200 to $550 per week. With a ten yard dumpster, you can hold about 1650 to 2300 gallons of trash. This means that you’ll utilize a ten yard dumpster for about 4000 to 6000 pounds of whatever disposal you want to get rid of.


15 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices

Closely associated with the 10 yard dumpster, a 15 yard dumpster can withhold essentially the same amount. However, the difference is that the volume is most closely related to about 4.5 truckloads. Ultimately, although it can contain about two to three tons of junk and unwanted mentionables, the 15 yard dumpster could probably hold a little more than the 10 yard dumpster.


In regards to the rental of this size, the dumpster is used for smaller to mid-range projects or about 2600 to 3300 gallons in volume. This cost range to this container unit will estimate between $250 to $620 per week.  


20 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices

A rental for the 20 cubic yard dumpster will probably cost you about $250 to $700 on a weekly basis. It will have the capacity to maintain about three to four tons and hold about 3600 to 4300 gallons. It’s the perfect unit for your room remodelling projects, completed cleanouts and debris from large landscaping projects. In fact, 20 cubic yards will have the capability of hauling out about three to four tons of weight. Instead of having to obtain services that will require about six truck loads of labor, you can easily take your belongings out with a dumpster rental.


30 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices

Renting out a 30 cubic yard dumpster means that you have about 5600 to around 6200 gallons. The estimate of your costs will probably range from $300 to $750 per week. This sort of rental will probably have the capacity to withhold items up to 3.5 to five tons of weight. Since this is one of the largest kinds of units, you can expect to toss away old appliances and very large items of that particular size. Homeowners can ease themselves from having to use nine truckloads to haul away their trash and junk.


40 Yard Dumpster Rental Prices 

The 40 cubic yard dumpster can handle about five to six tons of weight. As the largest dumpster you can rent out, you can hold up to 7600 to 8200 gallons in volume. It’s quite impressive, but you could probably hold up to 10000 to 12000 pounds in weight capacity. Used for large houses and probably any remodeling, roofing or improvement projects of any size, you can expect this rental to give you the best capability for hauling junk and trash out. Rather than having to take out 12 truckloads going back and forth from scrap yards and landfills, you can easily rent out a 40 cubic yard dumpster instead. 


Determining Which Dumpster Rental You’ll Need

You can expect to rent a dumpster depending on which project you’re getting done. Whether you’re a homeowner or a contractor, any of these remodelling and home improvement projects will require at least one of these container units. For whatever needs you may wish to fulfill, there are these reasons and purposes you’ll want to rent out one of these dumpsters.


Projects Involving 10 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

A 10 cubic yard dumpster will be needed to take out debris that is caused by small home renovation projects. If you have any of these projects to accomplish underneath, you’ll most likely want to rent a 10 cubic yard dumpster:


Home Cleanouts/Declutters Outdoors
Wall removal Attic cleanout Brick removal
Half bathroom remodels Basement decluttering Tree trimmings
Countertop installation Junk removal from a one car garage Concrete renewal  


Projects Involving 15 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

A 15 yard dumpster will probably be used for one of these underlying projects:


Home Cleanouts/Declutters Outdoors
Laundry room remodels Basement cleanouts Paving cleanouts
Cabinet installations Bedroom decluttering Yard cleanouts
Wall, floor or carpet removals   Shingle removals


Projects Involving 20 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

The 20 yard dumpster will most likely be needed for one of these home improvement jobs:


Home Construction Cleanouts/Declutters Outdoors
Complete roof tearing Garage cleanouts Tree removal
Small kitchen remodel Moving cleanouts Yard cleanout
Master bathroom renovations Attic/Basement Declutte Brick or concrete removal
Wall, floor or carpet removals   Driveway/Pavement repairs


Projects Involving 30 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

A dumpster that is about 30 yards in size will have the capacity for these reasons:


Home Construction Cleanouts/Declutters Outdoors
Basement update Estate cleanout Tree removals
Home additions Garage cleanout Lawn cleanouts
Kitchen remodel/renovation Moving declutters Brush trimmings
    Demolition debris


Projects Involving 40 Cubic Yard Dumpsters

For a 40 cubic yard dumpster, you’ll probably expect to be removing the following items:


Home Cleanouts/Declutters
Home flipping Whole story renewals
Total garage renewal Full home cleanout
Home additions Attic, basement, garage decluttering
Large kitchen renovations Hoarding cleanout


Restriction Limits For Dumpster Units

Depending on which rental you decide to choose from, there are set weight limits that you shouldn’t exceed. Since each were specifically designed for the capacities that they’re limited to, homeowners should take heed from overhauling their wares. There will be various complications that will inevitably create more and more dissent for you in the long run. So keep in mind that every question you ask the rental service should be taken with great care and concern. 


Some of these complications can include the inability of actually hauling the dumpster away from the area you keep within the vicinity. If such instances were to occur, homeowners will be responsible for paying a fine and ultimately, be expected to pay for the damages. Since municipal safety practices and policies are held in place, certain vehicles are not permitted to operate within the parameters that have been set in the first place.


Using a dumpster rental, and filling it with brick or concrete may displace the vehicle. Typically, the fees and fines could cost you up to $500, depending on the severity of the situation. What would make the situation worse is how the vehicle will end up becoming inoperable. The other complications can include hazardous material being flung out into the open road, causing mayhem for other drivers. 


Prohibited Items

There are many exceptions that absolutely cannot be thrown out by using dumpsters. Anything hazardous or contaminating will end up costing homeowners up to and above $500. All the while, resulting in you having to face those materials and consequences back. Some examples are lead, asbestos, pesticide, propane tanks, refrigerants, and many other hazardous waste materials.


To determine which materials are considered hazardous, follow the EPA guidelines and classifications. There are four kinds of items that you should consider before throwing them out into your dumpster rental. Anything that is ignitable, corrosive, reactive, and toxic will not be permitted to be disposed of through a dumpster rental.



What is considered ignitable, in the following descriptions of the EPA. These materials can pertain to any liquids, solids, or gasses that could potentially cause a flash point. The resulting fumes could possibly ignite and spread flames around the surrounding areas.  



Substances that are identified as corrosive can be any material that can create sudden decay, eating through containers. In a technical translation, you’ll see liquids with a pH level of less than or equal from 2 to 12.5. Essentially, these materials will have the capability to even corrode steel.



Waste that is considered to be reactive is very unstable. With so many different properties that can preclude dangerous situations and scenarios, it’s rather complex to explain. The number of variables that can cause these risks poses potential dangers that can lead to worsened conditions. Some examples of reactive materials can be features that will lead to explosions, detonation, and toxic gasses when mixed with water.



Items that will increase the threats surrounding poisonous environments can be considered highly toxic. The most vulnerable areas against toxic substances will be groundwater. The effects that these materials will have on human health and environmental states will generate irreparable situations.


Remind yourself as the homeowner that these items will affect not only the environment but those of us that are around such materials. It is your responsibility to ensure not only the safety of our loved ones, but also the professionals that handle these objects.


Comparison Between Dumpster And Dump Trailer Rentals 

Before you go and choose to rent out a dumpster, you should consider whether you need a dumpster or a simple dump trailer. The difference between the two are the wheels and high sides that dump trailers use to haul in waste into the dump. Since they’re a mobile utility, trailers will often use rubber wheels, making the travel easier and faster.


There are three kinds of dump trailers that you can use and each have their own optimal and beneficial features. A channel frame is the least costly addition and will have the disadvantage of being the weakest. Homeowners who do not have much to throw out will opt into renting out a channel frame.


The I-beam framed dump trailer is also known as the middle-ground frame, which are most often used for longer trailers. It’s not as expensive as the tubular frame and has the strength for the price range, so it can get the job done for a considerable amount of your home projects. Last but not least, is the tubular frames which are probably the most expensive.


Although they will cost the most, these frames are the strongest out of your options. Practically, the tubular and channel frames are the same in aesthetics, however, the tubular dump trailers can close entirely. This variation will, in all likelihood, be used for small to midsize trailers. But homeowners often reflect on the necessity of dumpsters and trailers and which route can outweigh the most benefits to the underlying situations and projects.


At a price range of about $60 to $150 per day, depending on the size and frame of your dump trailer, you’ll end up spending about $420 to $1050 per week. You also have the option of buying one instead, but with all the different types of trailers, you can expect to spend around $3000 to $15000, on average. 


However, underneath these costs you should keep in mind that there are circumstances for your project. Homeowners must ultimately determine which overall necessity scales best for their jobs. A rental for your dump trailer can operate smoothly due to the benefits of rubber wheels. It is easily accessible and available when you need it. And they transition and manage the smaller jobs from one place to another. 


When compared to your dumpster rental options, however, you should keep in mind all of the reasons for choosing the latter instead. With trailers, you’ll probably require a specific CDL license to operate everything. Dump trailers also could possibly lead to more stops along the way of hauling out your junk and disposable items. One big complication that can arise with dump trailers are the necessities of using a ramp for larger quantities.


The Rates That Apply To Renting A Dumpster

There are two different indicators into charging homeowners with renting a dumpster. You can expect a flat rate or a variable rate when encountering a rental service. The main difference between these two costs can be from a premade agreement between the homeowner and the rental service. A flat-rate rental will comprise of payments that include weight range, delivery, pick-ups, taxes, dump fees, and mileage. You must be coherent to the agreed upon proposal. And pay the estimate that was requested.


The variable rate that other rental services will require of you during the estimation will be determined once the renting period is over with. You’ll be expected to spend your budget according to the resulting weight utilized for the dumpster you rent. Homeowners who decide to retain the services of a rental service using this method of payment will spend what they owe, factoring in the usage rather than a proposal laid in front of them.


More often than not, homeowners will opt for a flat rate rather than a variable rate, since the contract will determine the bill. However, if you end up performing and executing a large task or project, you’ll probably end up preferring the variable rate instead. Since the costs will end up going towards the volume and space of your dumpster, you’ll most likely want to choose this payment method.


Recycling Vs. Hauling

A factor that is most usually unseen is having to recycle rather than dispose of. A recycling dumpster will probably range between $250 to $550 on a weekly basis. However, the expected price will also be determined by volume and size. Keep in mind that some areas will expect homeowners to recycle their materials and items. The convenience in these rental services is that they’ll ask you whether your needs will be directed towards landfills or recycling plants.


Make sure to include and ask any questions pertaining to this subject. You might find out the repercussions of your municipality once everything already happens. Recyclable materials will probably be determined by whether your items are considered to be yard waste, asphalt, or cardboard. Ask yourself and your professionals whether what you’re trying to get rid of is recyclable or just junk and waste. 


10 cubic yards $250-$400
20 cubic yards $300-$420
30 cubic yards $350-$500
40 cubic yards $450-$550


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Costs Of Renting A Dumpster Service By Area

Renting prices will vary depending on the state and area you live in. Estimated ranges will especially be determined by this factor. Expect an average between $326 to $675 for a 20 cubic yard dumpster on a weekly basis.


Permits May Be Required

In most areas, homeowners are required to obtain permits to rent and place a dumpster on their property. For scenarios that involve a dumpster being dropped off in different instances for the public right-of-way, a permit will most likely be needed. This will translate to public streets, sidewalks, and city-owned property. Since the probability of obstructing one of these pathways of traffic is inevitable, you’re most likely going to need some kind of paperwork to prove to the city that your rental was approved.


Fortunately, renting and positioning a dumpster on your own property won’t be as restricting. However, depending on your HOA or neighborhood’s rules, these instances may not be the case. If all requirements and regulations are met, and it’s greenlit for you to rent your dumpster, you should keep four things in mind.


Always create accessibility to your dumpster. Dropping off a dumpster back and forth is not an easy task if the dumpster is placed in an obscure area, remember to work with your professional and correspond where the rental is going to be located. To minimize damage, avoid soft ground and provide plywood for when you obtain the dumpster unit, no matter the cubic yard size. It is mostly significant to do this because of how much potential harm can come to both you and your property.


Other than renting a whole dumpster unit, homeowners may wish for a trailer instead. Even with trailers, homeowners will probably need a permit. But if you decide to rent out smaller trailers or rent a professional service to quickly haul everything away in a quicker fashion, you won’t have to worry about the permits. 


Advice To Save Costs

Although it may seem unnecessary, your belongings that you wish to get rid of, can instead be donated. In this manner, you can then rent a smaller unit or container to fill. Keep in mind that if you choose this route, you’re going to be dealing with more time-consuming tasks. So homeowners will most probably opt into hiring a crew of professionals to help with this somewhat daunting task. 


There will be services that offer to take your undesired valuables to charity organizations. You won’t be charged any more than what you’ll most likely be estimated. Renting out a dumpster for a longer period will be the best option for large projects. So assess with the professionals on what size your containers should be when encountering the project at hand.


One veritable option that you can surmise from this service is cost sharing. Depending on what kind of project you have, and the projects your neighbors may have, your interests may align. If you and your neighbors wish to share a dumpster for these projects, you can actually rent a dumpster together to save yourselves from spending even more money. Most homeowners when they try to find estimates never think to ask for discounts, but finding a deal online will give you less of a headache in the long run.


Finding Multiple Dumpster Rental Estimates Through House Tipster

If you’re having trouble finding a professional service to assist you in this endeavor, searching for your estimates through House Tipster will make the process much easier for you. There will always be complications into hiring the right people for the job, whether it be from issues with affordability or trustworthiness. Fortunately, we at House Tipster understand the struggle of finding the perfect professional for you.


The modern age is succinctly there at your disposal so finding somebody is fruitful through our web tool. Immediately find the person with the right reviews and the right costs with just a touch of the screen or mouse. Our chat system will help you communicate with your preferred professional for all the inquiries you might have. By directly messaging your service professional, you can arrange meetings, appointments, and find multiple estimates with several individuals around your area.


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