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All of the Reasons You Should Get a Walk-in Shower

One of the clearest signs of a modern bathroom is the walk-in shower. In recent years, they have become much more popular than the typical, tired shower tub combination. There are a number of reasons for this, two of the most notable being the practicality of walk-in showers and how it economizes space. And, honestly, they simply look sleeker and more attractive in most bathrooms.


What is a walk-in shower, and what are the major reasons you should choose one? A walk-n shower requires no stepping or climbing anything – you simply walk right in. The ease of use adds to the clean and luxurious design. Here are some of the biggest reasons to pick a walk-in shower during your next bathroom remodel.


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Space Saver

When you install a walk-in shower, you automatically save space. The most obvious reason for this is the elimination of the tub, which frees you up to virtually fit your shower in anywhere you can. Additionally, it doesn’t require hinged doors, so you don’t have to take into account all the room you’d generally need to swing open a door. And, its highly customizable nature ensures you can fit it into tight or otherwise unusual spaces.


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Tons of Different Style Options

The walk-in shower is a staple of the modern bathroom, and because of this there is a nearly limitless amount of style options you can choose from. As we said before, the designs and sizes are all highly customizable to suit your specific situation. It can be a luxurious as your budget will allow, or, be more simple, modest, and practical. It will allow you to get as sleek and fancy as you’d like, and the glass doors are another area where you can really ramp it up style wise.


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Low Maintenance

The minimalist setup of a walk-in shower ensures something that is efficient low maintenance. The only thing that will need some care every once in a while is the shower head and whatever surface tile you use. Most of the glass panels are very easy to wipe down and clean, as most come made with low maintenance tempered glass. Also, there are very few working parts, so odds are you will not need to make many, if any, replacements. It is designed for practicality, so there will be minimal dirt and grime build up.



Minimal Cost

Upon first glance, the walk-in shower might appear to be a high priced luxury item – but think again. The price tag will not put the dent in your wallet that its beauty might suggest, as its simple design is an affordable option for any bathroom remodeling project. The way it’s set up virtually eliminates the need for expensive fixtures, fittings, and waterproofing.


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Durability of the Design

The durability of the design is one of the biggest reasons you should pick a walk-in shower during your next remodel. With fewer fittings and fixtures involved than a standard shower, there is simply less that can go wrong. A quality walk-in will stand up to years of showers, and be able to weather a ton of wear and tear. It will continue look just as good as the day you installed it for quite a while, and its timeless look will ensure you that it’s never out of style.



Adds Value to the Home

Installing a walk-in shower boosts the value of your home pretty significantly. The minimalist yet luxury bathroom option is in high demand, and as a result homeowners are finding it to be one of the easiest ways to bring their bathroom to another level. It’s one of the most coveted things they look for, and is a stunning feature that will help ensure your home’s value never sags.


Photo by Ala2017bn on Dreamstime

Ultimately, there is no substitute for the modernistic design and ease of use that a walk-in shower brings. The value of a walk-in will continue to be seen as time marches on, and it’s surely an investment you’ll be glad you made.



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