How The Jade River Bathroom Virtual Room Will Change Your Life

If you’ve contemplated freshening up your bathroom, start out the process by perusing the Jade River Bathroom Virtual Room.

By Tina Jepson


After reading all the designer spotlights and product features from Las Vegas Market and Dwell on Design, it was clear to me that modern design trends are completely “in” right now. But how was I ever going to be able to incorporate these new, trendy elements into my own home when I had no idea where to start? After all, I’ve been known to favor traditional and even vintage styles in the past.


It’s definitely time for a change, but how?


Cue House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms, which have become my favorite interior design tool.


Since we’re renovating our master bathroom, I knew I wanted to veer away from the old (1980s/1990s) features  currently in my space and go with a timeless, contemporary look. After such positive experiences using House Tipster’s Virtual Rooms to design my kitchen and living spaces, I knew this was the best place to start.


After narrowing down my search of Virtual Rooms to just bathrooms, I quickly located the room that best matched my space: The Jade River Bathroom.




Are you interested in hearing about my experience using the Jade River Bathroom Virtual Room? If so, read on:


Why Jade River?

My current bathroom has a large, open wall that I believe can easily be altered to accommodate an open shower, which is the main reason I chose the Jade River Bathroom to begin designing my own space.


I also appreciated the simplicity of Jade River because it incorporated a number of European-inspired modern design elements.




Finally, there were many customization options in this particular Virtual Room, leaving me ample opportunity to play around to design my ultimate dream bathroom.


Custom Options, Here I Come!


The most immediate, striking feature of the Jade River Bathroom (aside from the swoon-worthy open shower, of course) was the clean, neutral vanity tile. Because I was eager to see what other options were available by TileBar, I decided to start here.


Although I know the Santa Monica Ceramic Tiles would work in my space, I’m definitely drawn to bolder hues. I skipped over all the ceramic and marble tiles which aren’t particularly my style and selected the “Polished Glass” option from the “Wall Tiles” drop down menu. The Loft Blue subway tiles immediately blew me away, so I selected these. Plus, at $12.99 per square foot, they totally fit my budget.




Then, I went ahead and browsed the shower tiles. Options for the shower were a bit more limited than the regular wall tiles, but I found what I was looking for: the Mangata Satin Frost glass which was also sold by TileBar.




Within minutes, my Virtual Room experience was shaping up to be a good one!



The next decision I had to make was the paint. Because I had already chosen my dream wall tiles, I knew it was important to find a paint hue that complemented them.


Of course, I’d give just about anything to have orange walls throughout my home, but I don’t know if my husband would have appreciated that choice in our master bathroom, so I went ahead and selected Spun Cotton by Behr. This neutral shade of ivory looks great against the bright blue subway tiles.





Truth be told, every vanity cabinet option was prettier than the next, so it was mighty difficult to narrow down my choices from the ones available. After playing around with a number of combinations, I ultimately selected the Champagne Brushed from Hans Krug.




Other Accents

To round out my virtual design experience, I settled on fixtures including the Chrome sink faucet by Brizo and the White Valley Cosmo Sink.




The floor was my last big decision, and quite possibly the hardest to make. The Nebula White Sapphire Quartz and the Nebula Ash were both equally appealing. However, the White Sapphire was the best choice considering the dark tiles around the vanity.




In all, it took no more than 15 minutes to put together the bathroom of my dreams. Plus, the Virtual Room connected me with a number of product manufacturers so I could easily order straight from the website. It’s a little TOO easy!


Finding the right design features for my upcoming bathroom remodel was easy-as-pie thanks to the Jade River Bathroom Virtual Room. Now that I know exactly what products I need to put my new bathroom together, it’s time to start shopping!


The writer of this article was compensated for their review.

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