Extraordinary Ideas for Elegant Easter Decor

If you have children, especially little ones, holiday decorating may be something of a compromise. But whatever the age range in your household, you can go tasteful instead of tacky with Easter decorations that will delight everyone. By combining fresh home décor for spring with a few well-chosen holiday accents, you will be able to achieve an elegant look that both kids and adults will love.


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The Hallmarks of Easter

When most people think about Easter decorations, three things come to mind immediately: rabbits, eggs, and chicks. Sure, you’ve got your butterflies and flowers too, but those say spring more than they say Easter. This doesn’t mean that you have to slap a chick or bunny on every surface in your home to get an Easter vibe going. Think of these three hallmarks not as hokey childhood props, but as components that can add pizzazz and holiday spirit to your décor. Remember, understated can still be wonderfully festive.


Flower Power

Flowers are a great base for Easter décor, whether in a centerpiece or small bouquet. Tulips, daffodils, lilies, and hyacinths are all spring classics that are sure to please. Cut stems can be displayed in creative flower arrangements in watering cans, pails, and mason jars, or in traditional vases if you prefer. With live plants, you can select pots in a multitude of bright or pastel colors, or add pebbles and moss for a natural effect. To get a holiday look going with your Easter floral centerpiece, try adding a colored egg or two, a festive ribbon, or maybe a rabbit silhouette tucked amidst the greenery.


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Spell It Out

Nothing says “Happy Easter” like the words “Happy Easter” painted on a rustic wooden sign, or hand scripted on a chalkboard. Hang your sign on the wall, or incorporate it into a vignette on a tabletop or other piece of furniture. For more of a celebratory look, go with a banner on the wall or mantel. Select supporting elements for either one like flowered foliage, table linens, or an Easter ornament.


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Can’t Beat It

One beautiful and straightforward Easter display is a bowl of colored eggs on a complementary tablecloth or runner. You can use hand-painted eggs or hardboiled eggs with a grocery store coloring kit. Don’t dismiss the latter as just kid stuff. Hardboiled eggs can stand alone as a sophisticated centerpiece, as seen here with this jewel-toned collection.


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To get this look, buy two coloring kits and double up your dye without increasing the amount of water. Leave your egg in the color dip for at least 15 minutes, then check the shade every 5 minutes until you get the depth you want. This is actually one of the best Easter crafts for adults — a slow process with plenty of time for gabbing and glass of wine!


For the Birds

A little birdie told me that nests make for lovely rustic Easter décor. You can use colored eggs, or go for a dainty look with quail eggs, or small painted wooden eggs. Birdhouses are another country inspired decorative choice that works well as both focal points and supporting décor. Pair with flowers as shown here for a bright, dynamic duo.


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It’s a Toss-Up

Toss pillows are a quick and easy way to update your living room look for any holiday, and Easter is no exception. Selecting tasteful but whimsical pillows adds a fun element to the room with no extra effort on your part. This bunny is subtle enough to blend in, but still bring the warmth of Easter and tidings of the spring season to the room.


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Easter Tree, Oh Easter Tree

Christmas may boast the most famous holiday tree, but don’t count Easter out. Some cultures, such as German and Polish, incorporate an egg tree into the spring celebration, with Easter at the center of it all. But anyone can adopt the tradition and make it their own, and the sky is the limit when it comes to your decorative creativity.


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You can have an actual live tree, potted or outdoors. If that doesn’t work for you, why not make one from dried branches you either collect yourself or buy one in a craft store (pussy willows make a terrific Easter tree!) Making Easter tree decorations with the kids could be a fun new activity, saving the ornaments from one year to the next. Or, go for a new look each year with a special color, animal, or other theme.


Bringing It to the Table

If you’re hosting brunch or dinner, let your Easter tablescape be the star of the show. You can incorporate all the hallmarks of the holiday into gorgeous décor for your special meal. Whether you have a table for two or for twenty, it can be the focal point of the room and your Easter décor.


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Table linens, including runners, doilies, placemats, and napkins set a beautiful base. Details make the difference—add dried or fresh botanical elements to place settings or buffet stacks, and the center of the table. Small decorative items like figurines, eggs, and candles will elevate your gathering to a soiree, and are sure to be seen and appreciated by your guests around the table. Consider working chocolate eggs or jellybeans into your tablescape for a lively element that everyone will be happy to see, and taste!


Take It Outside

If you’re looking for a touch of Easter on your porch or front door, welcome guests into your home with a lovely wreath. The style is up to you — rustic vines with fresh flowers, or maybe a more modern twist with cutouts and eggs. And don’t feel that you need to keep it outside. Indoor wreaths can add a classy holiday touch too.


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Although I have many happy Easter memories, I think the Easter decorations I grew up with are better as just that — a memory. Use these tips to start making some fresh holiday memories of your own — and take pride in the fact that nobody will be cringing when they think of your fabulous Easter décor!

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