Simple Steps to Create a Small Floral Bouquet for Your Home

If you want to freshen up a room by adding live flowers, you may have thought about buying a small floral bouquet that you see on display at your local supermarket. (I mean it’s small, so it must be inexpensive, right?) While it may be convenient, shelling out $30 for a centerpiece isn’t necessary when you can make small flower arrangements yourself.


Learning how to make a small floral arrangement is easier than it looks, and you don’t need to be a professional florist to make it look like a masterpiece. Here’s how to create a stunning mini bouquet for any tabletop in your home.


1. Gather Your Supplies

You’ll need a vase for small flowers (about 5 inches tall), a pair of kitchen scissors, and of course, flowers. If you have a large superstore nearby, you can usually find small bundles of flowers for a few dollars each. I purchased two bundles for $3.99 each — one with white flowers and the other with colorful flowers. However, if you’re one of those ambitious people who know how to create a flower garden, you don’t have to go any further than your own backyard!


I don’t have my own flower garden, but that’s OK. Since I already have the vase and scissors, this small flower arrangement will only cost me $8 and about 10 minutes to make it.


Pro Tip: White brightens up any space, so if you can, choose clean, white flowers to create your base, and then mix it up with colorful floral accents!


2. Organize Your Flowers

After removing the plastic, lay your flowers out on the table, and group them by color. This will make it easier to arrange your flowers in the vase since you’ll start with the white or neutral colors, and end with the brightest. If you have different types of flowers in each color group, that’s even better!


3. Cut the Flowers to Fit the Vase

Now that you’ve organized your beautiful blooms, it’s time to cut them so that they fit perfectly into the vase. If you feel like it’s too risky to eyeball it, you can use a ruler, but you can start by cutting the stem in the middle, and then put in the vase to see how many more inches need to be cut. The top of the flowers should stand approximately 5 to 6 inches from the top of the vase, and it’s good to create a slight variation in height.


The easiest way to do this is to start with the first flower, and once you’ve determined the correct height in the vase, you can line it up against the rest of the flowers as a template for measuring.


4. Insert the Neutral-Colored Flowers

Since half of the bouquet is going to be white, I started with those, and will accent with the colored-flowers. Arrange the flowers at slightly varying heights, and spread them out to make room for the bright-colored flowers in between. The white flowers should take up about 50% of the space in the vase, and should like this when you’re done.



As a side note, I put clear glass marbles at the bottom for extra sturdiness to keep the flowers in place. It’s not necessary, but it also adds a subtle amount of visual interest in the vase, so if you want to get creative, toss some marbles in the bottom before inserting the flowers.


5. Insert the Brightly-Colored Flowers

When you add the brightly-colored flowers, make sure they’re mixed in well with the white flowers, especially if you have an abundance of one color. (For example, I had a lot of green flowers and a green berry sprig, so I evenly distributed them so that they weren’t all in one clump.) I also added a touch of purple, burgundy, and pink to make the bouquet really eye-catching.



When making small flower arrangements for tables, adding bright touches of color will not only make the arrangement look professional, but also liven up the space to make it feel homey and inviting.



Once you’ve inserted all of your flowers, you’re finished. (But remember to add water, of course!)


You can use your artistic style to create small floral centerpieces for your kitchen table, nightstand, or entryway table, and you can do it in the same amount of time it takes to stand in line at a store to buy a more expensive (and less unique) floral arrangement. Making your own floral bouquet is a double-win!

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