Make Your Own Home Library with these Useful Ideas

“A library isn’t a luxury but one of the necessities of life.” — Henry Ward Beecher

By Alison Kero


If you’re passionate about books, you probably have a few in your home. But it’s often a challenge to figure out how to organize them. They’re books, so it’s not like they go bad but how long should you keep them for?


Luckily, there’s an easy system for organizing books. Even better, we’re sharing 5 ideas to make your own home library. Because there’s no point in keeping your books if you can’t find them when you need one.




How to Organize Your Books

The easiest way to organize your book collection is to treat them like everything else in your home. The same process you use to go through your closet works just as well for sorting through your books.


● Sort them by category. General categories such as mystery, history, and science will work fine.

● Prioritize and set boundaries. Your goal is to only keep books that have meaning to you now. Only keep books you’re excited to read and enjoy having in your collection.

● Donate books you don’t want to keep.


Your Own Home Library

Now that you know which books you’d like to keep, it’s time to place them in their permanent spot. That makes it much easier for you to relocate each book in the future. The whole point of creating a home library is to find and use your books when you want. So keep it simple.


1. Books on a Shelf

If you have a wall with empty space, it’s the perfect spot to hang up your own shelves. Remember to make sure that there’s enough space to place each of your books.


● It’s okay to place books on the side, they can still be easily viewed.

● Can easily store other items on the shelves as well

● Make sure the shelves you use are properly anchored to the wall




2. Books in a Closet

Storing your books in a closet is the perfect choice for people who live in smaller spaces. You still have easy access to your books, but they’re stored conveniently out of the way.


Here are some ideas to make storing your books in a closet even better.


● Can install a glass door if you want to view your books

● Can use shelf separators to keep books upright




3. Books on a Freestanding Bookshelf

A freestanding bookshelf is a great solution for keeping your books neat and organized. It’s also perfect for any sized home or apartment.


● A freestanding bookshelf can be any size or shape that flatters and fits into the space you want to keep your books in

● Smaller shelves make it easy to keep track of books

● Can use several freestanding bookshelves for easy organization and storage of several book categories




4. An Outside Library

Outside libraries (or little free libraries) are becoming increasingly popular in neighborhoods. Best of all, they’re easy to build.


Here are a few more reasons why making your own library outside is a great idea.


● Promotes reading throughout the neighborhood

● Easy way to get rid of books you no longer enjoy

● Great way to be introduced to new books from other neighbors

● Sustainable

● Looks cute on any tree




5. Books in Baskets

This idea is perfect if you only have a few books you want to keep organized. You can also use baskets to keep different categories separate.


But ideas for books in baskets doesn’t end there.


● Store a few of your children’s favorite stories in the living room. The rest can stay in their bedroom.

● Perfect for magazines

● Great for storing miscellaneous books that aren’t easily categorized

● Can be placed easily in any room

● Baskets are inexpensive and come in a variety of shapes and sizes and can match any decor




Books are sometimes our best companions. They help us grow, learn, explore, and dream. Best of all, you can keep reading your favorites every time you want to. But only if you can find the book so get cracking on organizing and placing your favorite books where they can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


What’s your favorite way to organize and store your favorite books? Share your ideas and photos!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Alison Kero

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