How to Paint Intricate Designs on Your Walls to Upgrade Your Decor

Painting can be a daunting task. Not everyone is a Picasso or Claude Monet. I know I’m not! But you don’t need to be a professional, or even hire one, to liven up a room with brilliant painted designs. Here are some tips on how to do it yourself.


Items Needed 

- Paint

- Paint Rollers and Brushes

- Painter’s Tape

- Laser Level



- Ruler or Yardstick

- Measuring tape

- Paper

- Pencil



Map Out Your Design

First, we need to figure out how much room we’re working with. Use your tape measure to determine the dimensions of the wall you’ll be painting. Multiply the length by the width to get the total area you have to work with.



Next, draw your design on a piece of paper. Keep in mind how big each piece of your design will be by calculating the feet or inches. This would be a good time to pick out the general colors you want as well. Plan out your design as much as you can before you start painting. Make sure the colors and everything else in your design work well together. Once the paint goes up, it’s a lot of trouble to take it off!



Transfer Your Design

Before we start painting the design on the wall, we have to create a proper canvas. Cover the wall completely with a white base paint or primer. Wait for it to completely dry.


You’ve already taken your measurements and mapped out your design on paper. Now it’s time to draw your design on the wall.


Use your laser level to keep your lines straight, crisp, and clean. Take your ruler or yardstick, and lay it up against the laser line, and lightly trace the line with your pencil. Once you’re done take a look at your outline and see how you like it. If necessary, make adjustments.



Lay Down the Tape

We’re almost at the home stretch! Now take your painter’s tape and tape over the parts of your design that you don’t want painted. (Tip: I use a couple layers of tape to prevent any paint from bleeding through and getting on the wall where I don’t want it to be.)



Time to Paint!

Now you get to make your design come to life with paint! Do a couple coats so the colors will really pop! Once the paint dries, take off the tape. You might find some edges that need fixing from paint bleeding through the tape. Just touch up any problem spots with your smaller brushes.




You’ve done it! Take a seat in your fancy new room. Or start working on the next one! These tips don’t just have to be for this design specifically. What’s nice is that these tools and tips can be used for any type of design. Just be creative, and make your house or apartment into a home that truly reflects who you are!



Images used with permission, courtesy of Jessica Dotson and

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