How to Turn Your Yard into a Hummingbird Haven

You may be wondering how to turn your yard into a hummingbird garden because there’s nothing quite as magical as looking out your window and seeing a tiny red-throated hummer hovering in midair.



Try these tips to create a hummer sanctuary right in your backyard.


Plant Native Flowers to Attract Hummingbirds

There’s just no such thing as too many hummingbird-attracting flowers in your yard. To find out which flowers you should add, first take stock of what you already have, and then do some research on what other kinds of flowers your local hummingbirds find attractive.



The best type of flowers to plant that attract hummingbirds are native nectar-bearing flowers. Look for native plant nurseries or garden centers near you, or ask for native flower suggestions from your go-to nursery. Investing in native plants for your hummingbird garden will pay off for years to come.


Tie an Orange Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree

Get a bright orange piece of surveyor’s tape to attract hummingbirds. You can tie pieces to bushes, deck railings, or anywhere you like. Migrating hummingbirds will be lured by the to your yard by the bright orange color, and fly down to get a closer look. When they arrive, they’ll want to stay and treat themselves to your lovely flowers and feeders.



Take Care of Your Feeders

If you have a tired old hummingbird feeder, don’t waste energy trying to rehabilitate it. it’s best to just get a new one.


As it sits outside in the sun, bacteria can grow inside that can be dangerous for hummingbird health. Try to use durable feeders that come apart easily for cleaning. Replace the nectar in the feeder about once a week. Never use red dye in the nectar. It’s not healthy for the hummingbirds, and feeders are brightly colored enough to attract nearby hummers.



Keep Spider Webs Around

I get it. Most people don’t like spiders or their webs, but all the bugs they catch provide nourishment for a lot of the garden friends that you actually DO want around.


Hummingbirds also use spider webs as a main building tool for their nests. Wouldn’t it be nice for your yard to provide a rich food source and home building material for their nests?



Have Hummingbird Hog? Add More Feeders

If you have a large male hummingbird that won’t share the feeds with other hummers, add some more feeders in the vicinity.



Doing so will attract many more hummingbirds, and the bully will be forced to give up his ownership of the territory. You’ll create peace and have more awesome friends to watch outside our windows. You’ll create a “the more the merrier” environment in your hummingbird garden when you do a little conflict management.


It’s a real treat to receive a visit from hummingbird. They’re a welcome addition to all that is spring.


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