Why Installing Kitchen Pass-Through Windows is the Right Move

This functional addition to your kitchen can add value to your home with a great ROI. Explore this article to find out how kitchen pass-through windows can help your home.

By Stephanie Hell


Kitchen pass-through windows can solve many small and walled-in room issues. This kitchen decorating inspiration can really open up space and combine living and kitchen areas beautifully.




Not only that, but kitchen pass-through windows can bring in a lot of natural light where there might not have been enough. And no one wants to be excluded from friends and family when working in the kitchen. Kitchen pass-through windows can be a solution to feeling separated while cooking. No more need to guess what’s going on in the living room when you’re busy in the kitchen!


Depending on your floor plan, you may even be considering a pass-through window to a back patio or pool area. This design also makes life easier by having a convenient pass-through for serving food and drinks directly outside the kitchen without having to step foot outside of it!


Whichever type you may need, there are plenty of options and kitchen pass-through design ideas to choose from, and you can see more here. Kitchen pass-through windows design ideas are only limited by your imagination, but first you’ll have to answer some key questions about your load-bearing walls.




Review Your Walls

Incorporating an indoor pass-through kitchen window design in your home can be a DIY job. However, if you’re not skilled with a reciprocating saw, removing and installing drywall, and reinforcing the new opening to accommodate a possible shift in load bearing for the ceiling, you may want to hire a professional.




An inspector or engineer can answer your questions about your wall. You may only need to reinforce the opening so your attic or second floor stays put. Whatever the case, it’s important to find out what the situation is before you start installing a kitchen pass-through window.


Browse Interior Design Ideas

There are many great kitchen pass-through window designs that can breathe new life into your home. A simple molding-trimmed opening is more than enough for some smaller floor plans such as those in a townhouse or condo. Breakfest bar designs added to a smaller opening can be basic while still providing additional room to eat. A breakfast kitchen pass-through window can be as simple as a shelf attached to the bottom of the new opening, but a large sill can be installed on the bottom of the window if you want more breakfast counter space. 




A more elaborate indoor option for much larger spaces can include an opening several feet wide that starts 16 inches below the ceiling and goes all the way down to the countertop level. Cabinets can be added to the living room side, creating a storage area for both rooms. The addition of sliding, wood windows, or fixed sidelights can also customize the opening.


Pass-Through Window to Outdoor Area

If you’re looking to add a kitchen pass-through window to your back porch or patio area, it’s not as complicated as you may think. Chances are good that you have a window in that wall already.




Unlike an indoor pass-through window, you’ll want to close this one up when it’s not in use.


You can work with the window opening you already have by simply purchasing the casement type of window to allow the entire opening to be opened or closed as needed.




Also, many window manufacturers sell ready-to-install pass-through design versions that are basically small sliding glass patio doors made to fit a window opening. You can then add shelving on the outside wall to accommodate a bar stool or two.


If you’re looking for something much larger, you’ll have to do more research. Even a larger plan can still be a DIY job if you’re confident you can handle the additional work this kind of job entails. But if your exterior wall is masonry, this can be too big of a job to take on yourself.


Whatever design you decide to go with, a kitchen pass-through window can add value to your home with a great ROI. This functional addition to your kitchen is highly recommended.




Images used with permission, courtesy of Lance Fisher via flickr and www.dreamstime.com

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