Renovate Your Basement with These Helpful Ideas

Basements used to have a pretty creepy reputation, but not any more! Here are some fun ideas to get you started on transforming your basement into a fun, stylish living space.

No matter how small or large your basement is, it can be a place of fun, work, or meditation. Yet, as the years go by, you might feel as if the walls are shrinking in around you as toys and storage eat up the room around you. Where did all your space go? Before you start throwing things out or giving things away, consider a simple basement renovation to revive your space. 


On average, basements cover an area of 600 to 800 square feet, and that is more than enough space to work with. Whether you're planning something as simple as converting to a simple laundry room, or gearing up for a really chic wine cellar, bar, or man cave, the effort is worth it, and doesn't have to cause stress! Here are some ideas to ponder as you get ready to transform your basement into a dream room.




A Kids' Playroom

If you have kids at home, converting your basement into a playroom is a great idea. If your children are young, consider a general theme such as princesses or dinosaurs. Then add lamps or shelves with their favorite characters. You can also build a room around their favorite character using colors and textures inspired by what they love. Use a variety of grays and blues with yellow highlights to create an exciting Batman cave, or purples, greens, and browns for a Scooby-Doo jungle.

If your children are older, creating a teen lounge, or converting the basement into a video game room, is another great option. Add a large HDTV, and sleek but comfy couches, and you're well on your way. Chalkboard paint can be a fun and stylish alternative to walls covered in posters. It provides a muted shade of black when blank, but can be covered with whatever designs or messages your children want. It also awakens that creative spark, which offers a great balance to the video games. 




A Wine Cellar or Bar

Many have dreamed of owning a sleek bar with the top shelf liquors adorning a well-lit cabinet. If you don't have one already, converting your basement into a bar is simple, and a lot of fun. A desk can make a fine counter, and if you're the only bartender, you don't need too much space to work your cocktail magic. Add a fridge, a long rustic table with high seats dotting the length of it, and invite your friends over for a drink.

Another great basement renovation idea is to build a wine cellar. The basement is a great place to store your wine if you are a wine aficionado. Although wine cellars take a bit more work to organize and create, their dimly-lit ambiance is a perfect blend of bar and man cave. You can create a relatively simple one by mounting a few wine racks on opposing walls and setting a simple table in between. As long as you have the wine to fill it, a wine cellar can be a classy alternative to a night out, and  they're great for entertaining special guests. 




A Game Room

Table games are a great way to unwind and burn some calories. A ping-pong or foosball table keeps you active during downtime, and can be a great centerpiece to a fun basement. Keep in mind that you can often find these tables with different color schemes, so try and highlight the colors of your room when picking your game table. If you are looking for a less "active" game option, a pool table adds class and style to a basement game room. Complement the sleek wood design with darker hues and cool neutral colors like grays or blues. 




A Gym

For active people, a basement can be the perfect place to build an in-home gym. Exercise equipment for the home is not difficult to find, but it is quite large and can feel obtrusive in a bedroom or family room. Using the basement to store this machinery gives you the chance to show it off. You'll also have the privacy to use it with confidence. Try surrounding the equipment with neutral whites to highlight its gray sheen, or for a more intimate feel, varying shades of gray and blue work here, too. 




A Music Room

Whether you’re a professional musician or just someone who likes to jam out in their spare time, your basement makes for a great practice room. Since it's underground, the sound carries less, and offers built-in insulation to keep your neighbors happy. Quite a few great bands were born in basements, so you're following in some legendary footsteps!


A different perspective on a music room can be a calm, quiet room dedicated to relaxing to some classic tunes. Listening to music can be therapeutic, so why not dedicate a room to doing it tastefully? Of course, your basement can be dedicated to both listening and playing. Add stands or hooks on the wall to hold guitars, which can be a design element as well as a creative outlet. 




A Movie Theater

A popular trend among bachelors and newlyweds is having a home-theater basement. Although it may sound complicated, the materials are quite simple. Most flat-screen televisions have HDMI ports, which means you can easily connect your laptop to your television for some stylish Netflix viewing. Find a sofa that fits your needs, fill it with some textured cushions for a splash of color, and you're set. Another fun option is to theme your home theater based on a favorite film genre or character to give the room extra personality.




A basement doesn't need to be that dark, cobweb-ridden space beneath your house. With a little thought and creativity, it can quickly become one of the best rooms of your home. Let these ideas guide you in turning your basement into something special. 


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