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Must-Have Built-in USB Wall Outlets and Accessories for the Home

Everywhere we go we are always looking for a charge. Our phone, our computer, and many of our small accessories all have the need for a USB outlet to charge them. In our power-crazy society when we go out to eat we are always looking for someplace close to an outlet. Since our electronic devices have become an extension of ourselves we have to have places to keep our devices powered up. If everyone in the home is squabbling about trying to keep batteries charged up and looking for USB blocks to plug into the AC outlets, why not install in the wall or over the socket USB adapters?

There are many electrical outlet manufacturers that make new installation AC outlets with USB ports. Along with that many new electrical surge protector strips now come with USB outlets as well. Even furniture manufacturers are getting into the electrical charging demand with reclining chairs that have USB plug-ins in the arms and night stands with hidden charging outlets in the top drawer. Having these versatile in-the-wall plugs, along with some innovative furniture accessories, people can really say that “they've got the power”. 


Electrical adapter to USB port

Photo by Kevkhiev Yury on Dreamstime

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In-the-Wall Outlets

There are quite a few AC and USB outlet combinations that can be installed in place of a regular AC outlet in the wall. These outlets have their own faceplate that fits flush with any wall and matches any décor. The outlets are all rated for use in most rooms and there is are some designed with GFCI breakers installed for use in moisture prone kitchens and bathrooms. A GFCI breaker is a circuit breaker that protects your electronic equipment, but also protects people against electric shock. The installation of this outlet is exactly the same as a regular 110 volt AC outlet, with the same silver and brass attachment fittings. If a person has experience with electrical installations this is a great way to have plenty of USB ports available in every room.

Just short of doing electrical work there are also USB and AC plug-in units that will attached directly to the outside of any AC outlet. These devices will also allow the use of standard outlet AC plugs along with two USB ports for charging. These plug-in converters do not fit flush like the in the wall installation, however they have attractive cases and are a quick fix for those that just want to plug and go. 


In use electrical power socket and in use usb port on the wall

Photo by Thissatan on Dreamstime


It's great to lay back in your favorite recliner to watch the game and even better to be able to plug in your tablet or other USB device so that you can keep contact with other events going on. New recliner chairs have storage for smart phones and places to charge them as well. There are accessories such as lamps and clock radios that also have USB ports installed. These are wonderful devices that are next to the bed so your phone can get charged while you sleep. Places to charge USB devices are cropping up everywhere, even in side tables that have flip down panels to access charging ports that are built into the side of the table.


Brown recliner

Photo by praethip on Adobe Stock


Surge Protectors and Furniture with USB Ports

The lonely surge protector keeps all of our computer equipment from being attacked by lightning and other line voltage surges. However, the latest in device protection also includes USB ports that keep your electronic device from getting too much voltage and burning up. Not only is your USB device safe, but because of smart technology inside of the surge strip, your phone or PDA will get just the right amount of voltage necessary and will prevent batteries from having memory discharges. These are the perfect protection devices that will keep your USB charged item safe from inconsistent voltage and lightning storms. 


The power strip with colorful socket and usb socket

Photo by topper2000 on Adobe Stock


Never Have to Look for a Charging Port Again

Our new handheld devices are becoming more a part of our everyday lives. We communicate with our families, friends and workplace with these miraculous devices. Having plenty of power when needed is essential in our lives. As more and more devices are made to carry around, having a bundle of wires in our pocket or around our feet becomes more and more distracting. Installing one of these time and energy saving devices in our homes will make our lives run smoother and eliminate much of the wire clutter that has invaded our lives. We live constantly with USB devices so we might as well accommodate our home so they will be more convenient to us and not a bother. Make your home so that you and your family will never have to worry about finding a place to charge anything with these versatile electronic accessories. 


Wall Mounted USB Plugs with Electrical Outlets

Photo by Pamela Au on Shutterstock


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