Designing a Stylish Entryway: What You Need to Know

When family, friends, or other guests visit, the entryway provides the first impression of your home. Because an entryway doesn’t take up a lot of square footage, homeowners often overlook the importance of design in this area. Even if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you can still create a stylish entry by updating a few essential elements in the décor.



Every room in a home needs a focal point. Make a hanging light fixture the focal point of your entryway. For traditional décor, select a chandelier with a gorgeous wrought iron design and several candle lights. For a rustic look, a chandelier made with naturally shed antlers will add a distinctive touch to your home. If you prefer transitional décor, you can’t go wrong with a crystal chandelier and chrome accents. For a modern look, a starburst chandelier with glass tubes and interspersed burnished brass rods will look fabulous.



Decorator Mirror

Adding a mirror to an entryway will help to reflect the light and make the area look brighter and more spacious. Don’t settle for an ordinary rectangular mirror. Instead, opt for one large decorator mirror or several small ones in a diamond, oval, or square shape. You should look for mirrors with unique frames such as those with colored glass tiles, wicker, bark, or even leather. A mirror in your entryway also provides functionality by giving you one last chance to check your appearance before you leave the house.




Most entryways don’t contain a lot of floor space. Still, you can often find room for a small armless chair, bench, or even an ottoman. Seating gives your entry a more welcoming feeling and also provides a place to wait for others. For example, a tufted ottoman in a bold color will add a sophisticated look to your space. A bench with a plush cushion will provide just enough style and comfort to please. A Victorian-style parlor chair will add a genuine touch of elegance.



Designing a stylish entryway doesn’t take a lot of time or expense compared to other interior design projects. A stunning-looking entry will give a great impression of your home though, so it’s a task worth doing for any homeowner.


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