How to Choose Bathroom Accessories

Highlight your bathroom’s design with the perfect bathroom accessories.

By Ande Waggener


So you have beautiful bathroom fixtures, mirrors, and surfaces. Wonderful! Now, though, you have to use the bathroom, which means you must put things in it. Unfortunately, when you start putting items in a bathroom, you can flush your bathroom’s beauty down the toilet if you don’t know how to choose the right bathroom accessories.


Because bathrooms are usually small compared to the other rooms in your home, choosing accessories for bathroom spaces can be tricky. Not only are you short on space in a bathroom (both storage space and surface space), you’re long on necessity. In other words, to properly use your bathroom you require a lot of items that must be in the room. How do you manage this mismatch? You do it by choosing bathroom accessories that wear two hats, meaning you decorate with accessories that are both beautiful and functional. Here are seven ideas for bathroom accessories that fit these criteria.


1. Storage Accessories

Finding bathroom storage is always a challenge. So why not make your job easier? When your accessories are storage, you’re killing two birds with one stone.


Storage accessories in bathroom spaces can include all sorts of interesting and beautiful objects. Small trunks, decorative boxes, large ceramic containers, and wicker baskets can be found in a multitude of styles and colors. So you can bring these storage solutions into your bathroom and still match or even enhance your bathroom décor. You can either place these accessories on counter surfaces if you have them, or you can stack them on the floor. You can also add small furniture pieces to hold these accessories.




2. Organization Accessories

Some bathroom items can’t be conveniently stored out of sight, even if you do have the storage accessories described above. The bibs and bobs that you use on a daily basis need to be at hand, and if you don’t have drawers near your sinks and counters, these items can get wildly chaotic in no time at all.




Organization accessories will come to the rescue. These accessories are smaller storage containers that bring order to the disarray your daily ablutions can create near your sink. Instead of leaving bottles of lotions, boxes of cotton swabs, or bags of make-up remover pads lying around, place all these things in decorative containers. As with storage accessories, you have a wide selection of materials and styles to choose from. Baskets, bowls, boxes… Whatever looks good with your bathroom colors and style will work. In nearly any bathroom, clear glass jars are winning accessories that will organize your “bathroom junk.”


3. Convenience Accessories

Of course, you want your bathroom to be beautiful, but above all else, you want it to be convenient. One of the best ways to add convenience to your bathroom is with small bathroom furniture accessories. A small chair, for example, can make longer make-up sessions more enjoyable. As already discussed above, shelves can add storage. And small tables can put accessories for bath time within reach.




4. Style Accessories

Not all function is about use. Sometimes you just want an accessory to create some style. Because space is lacking in a bathroom, however, you often may not have room for accent pieces whose sole function is to create style in the room. The solution? Turn your functional items into style pieces.


Every bathroom, for example, must have towels. Towels are bathroom accessories, but they usually don’t add a lot in terms of style when they’re hanging on racks or they’re stacked on surfaces. But if you use a little imagination, you can display your towels in artistic ways that create a little flair in your bathroom. Consider clustering them in a basket or container. Or tie them together with ribbon or twine. If you gather your towels with materials that either blend with or pleasingly contrast with your bathroom surfaces, your towels will add style to the room.




5. Comfort Accessories

Who doesn’t want to be comfortable in the bathroom? The bathroom should be a place where you can let it all hang out, let down your guard, and get as comfortable as possible. This means you want to bring into your bathroom whatever it takes to feel yummy while you use the room.


Comfort accessories include things like sleek towel warmers, plush robes hung on decorative hooks, or perhaps a beautiful vintage fan for a hot day (placed nowhere near water, of course). They also include rugs. A thick, soft rug will not only make your feet happy, but it can also insert color and pattern into your space.




6. Personality Accessories

Just as you want to feel comfortable in your bathroom, you also want to feel like you belong in it. You want it to reflect your personality. This is where personality accessories come into play.


Anything you can add to your bathroom that works well with the colors and textures in the room and also represents something about you – your passions, your interests, or your character — will turn your bathroom into a sanctuary just for you. Although these accessories can include display accents you can place on surfaces, if your bathroom is small, a signature art piece hanging on the wall may be the best personality accessory for you.




7. Mood Accessories

Most of the time, a bathroom is just a utilitarian place where you get your self-care done. But sometimes, you want your bathroom to soothe your senses. When this is the case, you’ll want to set a mood. Mood accessories help you to do that. Mood accessories are anything that makes it easier for you to destress or relax. Items like scented soaps, aromatherapy diffusers, and candles make perfect mood accessories.




Hopefully, these ideas will help you choose bathroom accessories that will enhance both the enjoyment and usefulness of your bathroom.


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