Bathroom Furniture Ideas that Will Upgrade Your Decor

What is the best bathroom furniture for your home? These bathroom furnishing tips will help you decide.

By Ande Waggener


What is the best bathroom furniture? It’s bathroom furniture that suits your style and your needs.


When you think of bathrooms, bathroom furnishings generally aren’t the first thing you think of. Bathrooms are known more for their fixtures and their built-in elements than for their furnishings. However, providing your bathroom with optimal functionality and character is often easier if you do add furniture to the room.


Here are seven bathroom furniture ideas that might open the door to new possibilities for convenience and design flair in your bathroom.


1. Shelves

Bathroom shelving is probably the most useful and versatile furniture you could add to your bathroom space. If you match your shelves to your bathroom style, you can provide not just storage but a stage for beautiful additions to your bathroom as well. If, for example, you want to turn your bathroom into a spa getaway and you therefore want the various soaps, candles, and other spa elements near at hand, a shelf provides a great display area for creating appealing spa vignettes.




If clean, organized storage is more your thing, you can add enclosed storage containers to your shelving. Depending on what materials you choose for your containers, you can create anything from an elegant to a rustic tone in your bathroom.


2. Cabinets

Equally conducive to generating storage space, a bathroom cabinet is an excellent addition to a bathroom. If your vanity doesn’t provide enough space to store all your bathroom appliances or towels, a free-standing cabinet can help you out. Such a cabinet can also fill what might otherwise be a dead zone in your bathroom: the dreaded empty corner. For a cohesive design, be sure to either match or at least coordinate your cabinet’s style with the bathroom vanity.




3. Chest of Drawers

Although not generally thought of as bathroom storage furniture, a chest of drawers can be a helpful addition to a bathroom. Essentially a cross between shelving and a cabinet, a chest of drawers provides ample, out-of-sight bathroom storage while also making an impactful design statement. A vintage style chest of drawers, for example, blends beautifully in a bathroom designed around classic elements like a claw-foot tub and traditional tile motifs.




4. Tables

Perhaps associated even less with bathrooms than a chest of drawers, a bathroom console or side table can be a fun addition to a stylish bathroom. Such a table can be a lovely stage for distinctive bathroom accents. As with cabinets and shelves, a bathroom side table should match the bathroom vanity in its style and materials. If your bathroom’s fixtures tend to dominate one side of the room, a side table can also provide much-needed balance to the space.




5. Benches

When you think about designing a bathroom, you often don’t think about providing seating because, for the most part, you don’t sit around in the bathroom unless you’re sitting on something, um, functional. However, a lot of bathroom-oriented activities like putting on lotion, trimming nails, or drying hair can take enough time that you might want to be seated while you do them. So seating in the bathroom makes more sense than you might think. I have a step leading to a jetted tub in my bathroom, and I often sit on that step when I’m doing some of these things. If my bathroom were bigger, I’d opt for a padded bench instead. Since you can find benches in nearly any style, you can get one that will blend well with your bathroom’s personality.




As with the tables mentioned above, a bench can also provide balance to a bathroom that seems to be lopsided in its visual weight.


6. Perching Chairs

If a bench is suitable for seated bathroom activities, a chair could be even better. Also able to provide balance to a room, chairs have an additional use in the bathroom. Situated near a tub, a small chair can give a parent a place to sit while supervising a bathing child. Or it can give a lover a place to lounge and share a glass of wine with a bubble-bath-soaking partner.




Perching chairs should be relatively “light” in their presence. Choose a simple or feminine style for most bathrooms.


7. Easy Chairs

An easy chair in a bathroom? Really? Yes, really. Think about the rushed morning of the average couple on the go. Where do they spend the most amount of time? Probably in the bathroom.




Although couples getting ready for work might intersect briefly in the kitchen while grabbing coffee or preparing a bagged lunch, the old-fashioned shared breakfast is a rare thing. Bathroom sharing, on the other hand, is a necessity. So why not make the area conducive to some quality connection?


A large master bath will have room for one or two small easy chairs. In fact, such an addition to the room could warm it up and make it more inviting. Such chairs provide partners with a place for not just the morning rituals, but also for just hanging out and talking.


An easy chair in the bathroom can also provide a harried mother a comfortable spot to rest, away from the family for a few minutes. A place to meditate, do deep breathing, or just to sit still for a second, an easy chair in the bathroom could be mom’s best friend.


As with all other bathroom furniture, be sure to match a bathroom easy chair with the style of the bathroom space.


So, do these ideas spark some possible ideas for your bathroom that you hadn’t considered before? Once you start thinking beyond the fixtures and vanities in your bathrooms, you’ll discover a whole realm of helpful furniture that can help elevate your bathroom’s usability and beauty.


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