How to Create the Perfect Woman Cave

Women are often the busiest members of a household. They juggle motherhood, careers, housework, and meal prep, yet men seem to be the ones who get the special caves to unwind. All women deserve a place to escape to and relax. If you have ever wondered about what a woman cave is or a how to create women’s man cave, then look no further. Whether you call it a “lady cave,” “she shed,” or “diva den,” it’s simple to create a warm and inviting personal space to unwind whenever you want. Here are the things you’ll need:


1. Space

Finding the right space for your women cave is the first step to making it a reality. Most people don’t have extra rooms up for grabs in their homes, but you can get creative and repurpose an existing space.



Spare room

If you have a spare room or a guest room, you’re already halfway there. All you’ll need to do is decorate, and you’ll be enjoying your lady cave in no time



Do you have an outdoor shed that’s collecting cobwebs? Why not turn it into a she shed? Sheds can be great women caves with a little love and attention. If you don’t have electricity running to the shed, invest in some battery powered lighting, or run an extension cord from the house. You’ll be amazed at what good lighting and some paint can do.


Walk-in Closet

If you can spare one, you might think about turning a walk-in closet into a women cave. They are small but can be cozy and just the right amount of space you need to kick back and relax.



The garage usually where guys decide to create their man caves, but garages can just as easily be transformed to suit the needs of a woman. You might have to share space with a car or boxes, but with the right remodeling or decorating you can create a beautiful place to relax.


2. A Relaxing Atmosphere

Once you’ve found a space, it’s time to start decorating. Most of us can’t afford to remodel, but a fresh coat of paint in a soothing color is a great foundation for your little piece of paradise. Unlike a man cave, a woman cave is about all about the aura. Hang pictures of relaxing outdoor scenes, or your favorite inspirational quotes. Burn scented candles or incense. Get some lamps for warm light and avoid using the harsh overhead light fixture. If you enjoy wine put in a wine rack and a place to store wine glasses. If you like to do yoga or workout, include any equipment and recovery items like water bottles and towels. Make it your own and make it serve your desires.



3. Comfortable Seating

Whatever you choose to do in your lady cave, you’ll want a soft place to sit and do it. Create the most comfortable sitting area to enjoy reading books and magazines, browsing the internet, or taking a nap by incorporating natural fibers like cotton or silk. A big couch or a chaise lounge with soft linens and lots of pillows will draw you in and help you slip into relaxation mode. Make sure to have a light source near your sitting area for plenty of reading light, or sit next to a window for soothing natural light.



4. A Table or Desk

If you want to use your lady cave as a space to be creative, work on crafts, or write in your journal, you will want a clean flat surface for a workspace. Your woman cave desk can have the type of décor your kitchen table or workplace office doesn’t have. Keep it fresh with flowers or meditative with candlelight. Add some old-fashioned stationery and write letters, or take up a new crafting hobby. Whatever you choose, make the purpose of this desk for activities that spark joy.



The wonderful thing about a woman cave is it’s completely yours to do with as you please. Be creative and have fun with it. Always keep it separate from the day to day drudgery of paying bills, working, or planning tomorrow’s schedule. It doesn’t always need to serve the same purpose; it can grow and change with you. Let it reflect the beauty and peace you want to see in yourself and the world. Spending time on self-care is an investment in your future, and you’ll find your family can take care of themselves without you for a little while each day.


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