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Charming Canopy Beds for All Budgets and Ages

During medieval times, canopy beds originated as a way for noblemen to have privacy from their servants, and stay warm during harsh winters. Since then, these beds have evolved from functional creations to bedroom design showstoppers. For adults, canopy beds can help create a room that’s a romantic retreat, or give the room a royal atmosphere. Canopy beds for children are usually only considered for girls’ bedrooms, but open your mind to the idea of putting one in a boy’s room. You’ll find that there’s a selection of canopy fabrics and bed designs that he’ll get excited about. Whether you’re looking to spend $25 at your local home goods store, or $25,000 on a custom-built masterpiece, here’s a sampling of three canopy styles for young and old alike.


Ring or Hoop Canopies

The easiest and least inexpensive way to change your bed is with a ceiling mounted canopy. There’s no need to buy a new bed because this style can be achieved with the one you already own. A wooden or plastic ring is draped with a sheer or mesh fabric and secured to the ceiling with a hook. The beauty of this option is that you can place the ring at any location above the bed. For the best looks, hang the canopy over the center of the bed or at its head. A hoop covered with a sheer white fabric is often showcased, but there’s actually a variety of colors and patterns available.


Infants: Even the littlest member of the family can have a canopy for their crib. Once your infant is older, look out for busy little hands that could get tangled or pull down the canopy. It might be time to remove it or update to a different style.


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Children: Lots of fun mesh fabrics can be found to drape the ring. Children will be thrilled with designs that are decorated with ruffles or glow or glow-in-the-dark stars.


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Teens: Let them add a string of lights to create a more whimsical look. The canopy could also be placed over a comfy chair or in a cozy corner to create a study nook.


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Adults: Adding a hoop canopy can help give your room a more romantic feel. For a DIY version with mood lighting, cut through a small hula hoop, tightly wrap a string of lights, and then slide on several curtain panels. Hang and admire.


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Wall-Mounted Canopies

Like the ceiling mounted canopy, the wall-mounted option can also be installed over an existing bed. Installation is a little more complicated, but there’s more of a selection of shapes, fabrics, and colors to choose from. Basic designs are created with a metal rod that’s secured to the wall and draped with fabric to create tenting. More elaborate designs are created with ornate bed crowns and luxurious drapery.


Infants: This is a safer option for older infants and toddlers because it can be mounted and draped more securely, surviving small tugs from your little one.


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Children: Your child’s imagination can run wild with playful wall-mounted options that can be created in playful silhouettes like circus tents, teepees, safari tents, and crowns.


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Teens: A low-cost and simple way to give your teen (or yourself) this canopy look is to mount a u-shaped or l-shaped drapery rod above the bed, then hang curtains panels of their choice.


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Adults: More elegance can be introduced with a custom design, including a bedding set that coordinates the drapery of the canopy. For even more opulence, complementary window treatments can also be made with the same fabric.


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Four-Poster Beds With Canopies

This is the least complicated look to create but, it’s potentially the most expensive if you don’t already own a four-poster bed with a canopy frame. If you’re shopping for a bed, you can either select one with a removable canopy frame or one that’s built into the design of the bed. These beds are so stately that they can still be a stunning centerpiece of the room without a canopy, but drapery adds warmth and sophistication. Options range from as simple as draping two sheer swags over the canopy frame, to as elaborate as custom-made drapery that encases the entire bed.


Infants: With a little searching, you’ll be able to find a four-poster crib. Most of the selection doesn’t include designs that can accommodate a canopy, but canopy-less options are just as charming.


Children: This canopy style is often associated with fairy tales, and your little princess or prince will fall in love with their bed. They’ll be delighted with a castle or fortress created with a creative canopy draping. Less whimsical, but equally spectacular options are available too.


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Teens: A benefit of a canopy bed, is that they can grow with your child. The same bed used when they were young can be kept through their teenage years and beyond. Simply make an age-appropriate by changing the draperies or replacing them with swags.


Adults: You’ll feel like royalty in this glamorous canopy style. Fantasy designs aren’t just for children, and countless imaginative canopy bed looks can be created, bringing awe to any bedroom. Before you buy curtain panels, measure the height of the bed and the width of the canopy frame, to make sure you can achieve the look you want. You may need to special order curtains with longer lengths or wider pockets.


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After you take care of the beds in the rest of the family’s rooms, bring a little fanciness to your pet’s world. Furry members of the family are covered with a small selection of canopy beds for cats and dogs. If you really want to splurge, have a mini reproduction of your bed made.

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