Unique Breakfast Table Decoration Ideas Using Items You Already Have

There’s something about a well-decorated table that creates an invitation to sit down, relax, and enjoy a good home-cooked meal. It turns the space into more than just a place to eat, as it becomes a place to talk, laugh, and share stories. If you’re looking to create that warm, inviting ambiance, but don’t want to spend a fortune on breakfast table decorations, there’s a solution. You can use things that you already have in your home. We all have vases, candles, and small décor pieces that are tucked away in a closet or sitting on a shelf collecting dust, so why not utilize them?



Here are three ways that you can transform your breakfast nook with items that you already have.


1. Use Your Candles

If you’re anything like me, you have a large collection of pillar candles, many of which are sitting in your kitchen cabinet unused. If you want to decorate a breakfast table so that it has a refined look, candles are the way to go. I have decorative candles in every room of my home to add a polished look to tables and shelves, so why not include the kitchen eating area? I decided to place a cream-colored pillar candle in the middle of the table, and to add some color and visual interest into the mix, I placed a small green topiary tree on either side of the candle.



When it comes to kitchen table accessories, I’m all about greenery, flowers, and fruit. It’s a way to incorporate the timeless beauty of natural items into your decorative arrangements, and liven up the space. The intricate patterns in leaves, flower petals, and other forms of foliage can take your table from ‘boring’ to ‘breathtaking’ in a few easy steps, and create the refined, yet inviting atmosphere that you’ve been seeking.



2. Use Your Vintage Crystal Dishes

Do you have a set of crystal dinnerware accessories that never get used? I have a china cabinet filled with vintage crystal bowls, vases, stemware, and platters, and until now, their primary purpose has been collecting dust. I always thought, “When would I use any of this stuff in everyday life?” I started to brainstorm and realized that while I didn’t have to use the entire collection in one room or setting, and could use various pieces throughout my home. For example, I used a little imagination and transformed this beautiful crystal “basket” into a fruit bowl centerpiece for the kitchen table.



Instead of taking a plain bowl and tossing some fruit in it, I decided that this would double as a decorative piece since the fruit can be arranged in a pattern, and the crystal adds a level of elegance that wouldn’t be achieved with a plastic bowl. To complete the look, I added a few silk leaves on either side of the arrangement to further enhance the nature-inspired theme.



Since I always have a variety of fresh fruit in the house, I can change up the look every few weeks, and have different colors, shapes, and sizes depending on the occasion. In addition to green apples, lemons and limes last for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, and they’re perfect for creating citrus centerpieces to brighten up the breakfast area. Kitchen table décor that’s vivid and smells heavenly is a win-win in my book!


3. Use Your Breakfast Tray

Whether you’ve decided to make a DIY breakfast tray on your own, or you received one as a wedding gift years ago, they serve as the perfect foundation for table accessories. You can decorate a breakfast table tray with food-related items or make an artistic statement with purely decorative pieces. With this tray, I decided to do both by placing a ceramic pitcher, fresh flowers, and a sugar bowl (that matches the four-piece place settings on the table) onto the tray.



To further enhance the refined look of the tray, I added little sprigs of ivy onto the pitcher to create an artistic and elegant touch of flair. When it comes to creating more dimension and visual interest to any arrangement or centerpiece, you can’t go wrong with real or artificial leaves, berries, ivy, and floral buds. It’s a simple way to increase the aesthetic appeal and complete any table décor design.



Creating breakfast table decorations with materials that you already have is a great way to “recycle” your candles, vases, and trays, and it won’t make your wallet lighter. So start looking through your closets and storage areas. You may unearth some treasures that’ll transform your kitchen table for the better!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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