Fancy Cat Scratching Posts for the Chic Pet Owner

Combat nuisance furniture-scratching with these fancy and stylish cat scratching posts.

By Jessi Minneci


Seasons change, the sun sets, taxes are owed, and cats scratch. These are just certainties of life. Unfortunately, cats often like to scratch our couches, walls, and wooden chair posts. And while our feline friends may not realize they’re shredding our expensive furniture, we don’t have to agree with their ‘remodeling’ ideas for our living rooms.


If your nerves are just as frayed as your couch cushions, have no fear. You don’t have to compromise your chic design skills to save your furniture. Instead, invest in a fancy cat scratching post.


What is a cat scratching post used for? Cats scratch for several reasons. No, they are not just trying to tick you off. Felines scratch to remove the dead, outer layer of their claws, to stretch their paws, and to blow off energy. If you provide your kitty with a cat scratching pad, cat condo, or another designated area to let their claws loose, they’ll be less likely to wreak havoc on your furniture.


Here’s the best part: cat scratching furniture doesn’t have to throw off the savvy interior design and décor of your home! In fact, there are several attractive and cheap scratching posts that will keep both you and Whiskers happy.


Go Modern and Minimal

Feline furniture does not have to take up your entire living room. If you’re more of a minimalist — or don’t necessarily have enough room to support something as big as a tall cat tree — then a sleek and slim cat scratching post is a good starting point.




At about 19 inches tall, these guys pictured above provide your furry friend with a place to tear up without getting in the way of your end tables. Plus, they look like a sculpture fresh out of the MoMA (very edgy and fashion-forward).


Take the Industrial Route

Aside from scratching, cats love to rub against everything; this is how they mark their territory and aide in their own grooming. The high-tech piece of kitty machinery pictured above combines the two natural desires by providing your pet with a scratching post and grooming station. Say hello to happiness and goodbye to hair all over your throw blankets.




As a bonus, the cutout holes in the base of this fancy cat scratching post give your cat access to two ball cat toys for play. Hello, exercise! This is all-in-one cat furniture. The color scheme also pairs well with hardwood floors and playroom designs.


Go Fancy with a Cat Condo

Honestly, when it comes to the best cat scratching tree and/or condo, something like this instantly comes to mind. With a trendy wicker design, this cat furniture will fit right alongside your decorative plants, vases, and other accessory furniture pieces. It provides your kitty with a sisal cat scratcher, perch, and chic place to hide away – and keeps you on par with the keen eye for the finer-looking things in life.




Stylize with Symmetry

If your cat likes to go with the flow and Zen out just as much as you do, this yin-and-yang style cat scratching post will make the perfect addition to the furniture in your home. In fact, we feel that this is another piece of stylish cat furniture that’s worthy of a MoMA mention.




Your guests won’t be able to tell if you’re being a smart and conscious pet parent or just a designer with a fine eye for detail.



Looking for a stylish, DIY cat scratching board? Try drawing inspiration from the post seen below.




Purchase a wooden or sturdy foam cone from a craft store and wrap it in seagrass or other durable rope. Cats love anything coarse or textured — whatever they can sink their claws into. This DIY idea gives you the hands-on option of customization, and looks so elegant that you can stick it right next to your entertainment system!


Bring on the Meow-therload

If you’re looking for something like the ultimate scratching post perch, you’ll want to start looking into one a the big-league options like the fancy cat scratching post seen below.




With carpet, cardboard, and a rope-woven perch, this feline furniture is the meow-therload (get it, like motherload?). It’s also durable enough for the cat that wants to play hard but soft enough on the eyes that it remains sophisticated.


Tailoring to your cat’s scratching doesn’t mean you’ll have to sacrifice your furniture or interior design wits. Go fancy with inspiration from one of the cat scratching posts above, and decorate to satisfy both you and your furry friend.


Images used with permission, courtesy of Jessi Minneci

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