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The Best Furniture for Corners

Whether your home is on the smaller side or just has an odd little corner or two, you’re sure to find a couple places in which every inch counts. To maximize space, consider more than just how to decorate a corner. Think about how to utilize it. The ideal piece of furniture could be your solution.


Empty and underused corners are caches of potential space. Almost all rooms and hallways have corners just waiting to get in the game. Corner furniture pieces offer three possibilities: seating, storage, and/or workspace.


1. Seating

Benches, chairs, and beanbags offer options for a multitude of looks in corner seating. Storage benches provide a place to tuck things away neatly, while chairs present a more traditional appearance. A floor basket under a chair can hold cozy throws, slippers, or magazines. Beanbags are a great option for corner bedroom furniture or rec room lounging. To expand seating in your living room, consider trading up from a sofa to a sectional.


Toss pillows are an easy, inexpensive way to make corner seating more inviting. Try contrasting colors for a bold look, or layered solids and patterns to add dimension. Experimentation is a good way to start exploring the art of throw pillows.

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2. Storage

Corner furniture storage can be as appealing as it’s functional. A built-in media center is living room corner furniture at its best because it makes the most of the space for your electronics while still having a small footprint. In the dining room, a corner bar centralizes drinkware and beverages for entertaining. Hardwood, or glass and ceramic tile choices complement any color scheme — no decoration required.


Not ready to commit to built-in furnishings? There are free-standing bar and media options designed to fit into corner spaces. Traditionally shaped furniture can be used in corners, too, with a just a bit more lateral floor space required.


Corner cabinets with solid doors keep things out of the way and out of sight, while glass panels show off your treasures. Keep reading material right at hand in bookcases and on corner shelves. Add a few carefully chosen décor items to pull the look together. And don’t overlook your walls. Artwork and other hanging décor can fill out any room while taking up virtually no living space.


An entry corner is the perfect spot for a coat tree and will keep jackets from piling up on your seating. Low on closet and dresser space? Consider a low profile clothes rack in the corner of your bedroom, and keep bins below it for folded items or laundry.


Tiny corner? How about a small accent table? Even if it has just a single drawer, the tabletop space can be used creatively for storage, as well as adornment. In a child’s room, a small corner can become the perfect home for a plush friend. Or three.


3. Workstations

Corner workstations can stand in for Kitchen counters and computer desks can be built-in or tucked in. Add corner storage shelves above your workstation to maximize vertical space. The ceiling is the limit! Populate these areas with tools of the trade. A kitchen counter sporting beautiful cutting boards and a bright colander doesn’t need knick-knacks. Accent your desk with a pop of color and smart filing boxes, and then just add a laptop.


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Whether you’re starting from scratch on your floor plan, or looking to maximize space around an existing interior, remember that corners are an excellent place to find those extra square feet. Your newfound interior designing real estate is waiting. Grab your tape measure and get started!


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