Everyday Table Decorations to Fit Your Home, Style, and Budget

When you think of centerpieces, your mind may jump to big, festive occasions like weddings, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, and the need to have table decorations for those events. Or, if you’re anything like me, you’re also wondering, “What can I use for everyday centerpieces and table decorations?” (Bonus points if I already have what I need lying around somewhere.) After all, your kitchen table, dining room table, or coffee table is likely a central point of one or more of your rooms, so you don’t want to neglect it, but you probably don’t want to spend a fortune on it either.


The good news is, a little can go a long way when it comes to everyday table decorations. You don’t need a crazy centerpiece or tons of expensive accouterments to transform your table from so-so to stunning. Instead, your table may just need a little bit of styling to look its best. Here are some simple table decorating ideas to get you started.


Set the Table: Place Settings

If you rarely eat in your dining room and want to know how to decorate the dining table when not in use, go ahead and set the table as though you’re having guests over for a lovely luncheon or dinner party. Plates, cutlery, glasses, and cloth napkins complete with your favorite napkin rings will all give the dining room a finished, polished look that’s somehow lacking with an empty table. You can keep the look casual with your everyday dinnerware or fancy it up a bit with the settings you use for more special occasions. Choose colors that match your dining room décor or the season. It’s totally up to you and your style. Whatever you opt for, you’ll love how classy your table looks without having to buy anything new.


Run the Town: Table Runners

An easy piece to add to your dining tabletop décor is a table runner. A versatile piece that doesn’t cover up your whole table if you want the beauty of the wood to shine through, a runner is an affordable option that gives your table a put-together look. Available in all sorts of different fabric from delicate lace to rustic burlap and in every color, print, and texture imaginable, runners can easily match any room’s style and décor. Plus, there’s no concrete rule about how long a runner should be or how it should be set up on your table. It can be shorter than the table or hang off the edge. You can also use just one lengthwise, or crisscross them with a centerpiece in the middle. Feel free to set it up however it looks good in your space. Change your runners out with the seasons, or let just one become the new staple of your table décor.


Keep It Together: Trays

Trays or baskets make for impactful but simple table decorations because they easily add some color and depth to your table while also providing a way to keep other items looking neat and contained. Top your tray with flowers, candles, a statuette, or any other knickknack that could use a good home. Thanks to the tray, your items of choice will look like a collective piece you’ve artfully staged into the perfectly styled centerpiece.


Get Crafty: DIY Centerpieces

For an informal yet delightful look on your kitchen table, fill it with colorful DIYs. Whether you’re the crafty one in the family or if you have kids and need a space to display their handiwork, the kitchen table may be just the place for that. Think decorated mason jars, painted dollar store vases, and upcycled wine bottles. Many different kinds of DIY projects can make for cheap table decoration ideas that can easily be used for everyday table décor. And it’s easy to switch out whatever you want to make as the seasons change.


So Many Tables: Coffee, Entry, and More

Keep in mind that your kitchen and dining room tables may not be the only tables in your home that could benefit from a little bit of styling. (I especially love using a tray as a simple way to dress up my coffee table while also keeping coasters and remotes all in one place.) Use some of the above ideas for coffee table centerpieces or shake things up with a plant or that statement piece you got as a housewarming gift and haven’t quite found a spot for yet.


If you need more inspiration for tabletop décor, check out how to style a coffee table or ideas for your entry table. Really, any table in your home is fair game for you to play around with and make fabulous, so what are you waiting for?

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