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Make Your Home Unique with Avant-Garde Interior Design

Do you abhor the same ‘ol, same ‘ol? Does the mere mention of the word “traditional” give you hives? If so, your interior design style may be avant-garde. A modern home décor style that takes pride in disrespecting the rules, avant-garde design excels at combining the “uncombinable” and turning what might at first seem random into an powerful but coherent new look.


If you love to play with the unusual and unconventional, check out these seven interior design ideas that can help you design your room to suit your creative personality.


1. Artsy Architecture

Avant-garde architecture does more than just put walls and ceilings together to create living space. It sculpts house designs into art. That art can be anything from graceful and romantic to robust and industrial. No matter its character, avant-garde architecture is always surprising and uncommon.


Photo by alexandre zveiger on Shutterstock

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2. Strong Lines

An avant-garde design’s ability to capture an audience lies in its vigorous demarcations. Nothing is soothingly blended in this style. Edges, be they curves or straight lines, are precise. These edges can appear in the architecture, the furniture, or in smaller design elements. But wherever they are, they must demand scrutiny.


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3. Stark Color Contrast

Color is an integral part of the avant-garde style. Muted shades have no place in this style. Colors are solid and bold. You can use and combine any colors you wish, but for the most part, this design style requires primarily solid colors. This is the case because it’s not so much the colors that matter but the distinctions between them.


Photo by Ventura on Shutterstock

4. Geometry Rules

Geometric shapes take the forefront in avant-garde design. The four basic shapes are your foundation: squares, circles, triangles, rectangles. However, any geometric shape will do.


A smartly designed avant-garde room will combine at least two geometric shapes. This can be done with an accent wall painted in geometric shapes or with the furniture, the wall treatments, or any other room styling elements.


5. Atypical Wall Treatments

Although you can leave your walls plain in the avant-garde style, doing so will require that other design elements bear the weight of the design. If your furniture and other design elements aren’t as cutting edge as you’d like, go for an offbeat feature wall. Three-dimensional wall installations are a good choice for avant-garde rooms, but you can also create something less expensive using simple wood cutouts.


Photo by Jordan Tan on Shutterstock

6. Eccentric Furniture

Furniture pieces are like the characters in your room’s story. In the avant-garde tale, you don’t want any clichéd characters. Far-out Frank and Kooky Kelly are a better fit to your narrative.


This means furniture with unexpected or irregular lines.


Photo by on Shutterstock

7. Look-at-me Lighting

Avant-garde light fixtures don’t just brighten the room. They command attention. They may shine because of their stunning artistry; however, an avant-garde light fixture might also have a perfectly ordinary shape and style but have a startling size.


Photo by adpePhoto on Shutterstock

Clearly, when it comes to going wherever inspiration takes you, the avant-garde style is your destination design scheme. Within its minimally restrictive rules, almost anything goes. If you like having that kind of freedom in your life, you also deserve to have it in your home.




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