How to Show Off Your Love for Handmade with Colorful Pieces for Every Room

When it comes to putting together your home décor, it’s hard to beat handmade. When you buy handmade, you’re investing not just in a beautifully knitted afghan or a painstakingly hand-painted sign — you’re investing in people and their creativity, an investment which leads to truly one-of-a-kind pieces you’ll be able to enjoy for years. Whether you’re planning a bathroom remodel or need some living room ideas for a change of pace, why not turn to handmade pieces for inspiration?


From family heirlooms to artisan-made pieces from around the globe to décor locally crafted right in your own hometown, handmade pieces are all the rage right now. And really, with the ability to be personalized and to add a homey touch to any room, what’s there not to love? Read on for some of my favorite ways to bring handmade into your home.


Knitted Afghans

Why spring for an expensive, designer throw when you can have one that’s much more meaningful? Nothing beats a hand-knitted afghan made with love, which I can attest to thanks to the number of afghans my Grandmom made me over the years, first when I was just a baby, to most recently when I got married. A hand-knit afghan will keep you warm when the weather starts to cool off, and the rest of the year, it makes a lovely display draped over the back of a couch or armchair. If you’re a knitter (or crocheter), it’s a fun project to work on while you watch TV and if you’re not, you can easily find someone to make a custom one for you that fits your interior design scheme. Choose a warm, neutral color that blends in or a bright explosion of colors that stands out against a neutral couch.


Hand-Lettered Signs

Hand-lettered signs are totally trendy right now, making calligraphy a skill I really wish I had nurtured more as a kid. The great news is that you can have nearly any kind of sign or canvas hand-lettered just for you in a style that will match your home décor. Brightly colored chalk lettering on a blackboard-type background is especially popular right now for a whimsical piece with some fun colors. Or, opt for a hand-lettered saying done in gold foil, which will add a touch of glam to your space.



Quilting may be somewhat of a lost art (I certainly can’t do it), and quilting bees may be a thing of the past, but there are still enough quilters out there that you should be able to get your hands on a hand-pieced quilt for your bedroom or guestroom. Red plaids and woodsy prints will make a quilt perfect for rustic cabin décor while a quilt rich in blues and golds can also work as an elegant piece for a large master bedroom. You may even have, stuffed in the back of a closet, a family heirloom quilt made by your great-great-grandmother, which could become the next focal piece of your bedroom.



Whether you’re a budding artist yourself or only painted once at a pint + wine night, which yielded a colorful rendition of what you think is supposed to be a bicycle, hand-painted artwork never goes out of style. Find something bold and beautiful at a local art show to make a statement for that empty wall, or commission something personal—a family portrait or a painting of your favorite vacation spot—just for you.



Another opportunity to get something really personal for your bedroom, kitchen, or bathroom is to have curtains made just for you and that room. With way more fabric options than anything you’ll find in stores, handmade curtains will allow you to get exactly what you want – in the right size and style. Plus, if you know your way around a sewing machine, it’s a DIY you can accomplish in a weekend.



Hand-poured candles are all the rage to have in your home right now. I should know – I own a small candle business. With handmade candles coming in a variety of different styles, scents, and sizes, you can really find whatever works for you and the space you’re working with, without having to worry about the toxins that mass-manufactured candles often contain. Need ideas for a bathroom candle? A simple metal tin in a fresh scent like Apple or cucumber melon on your toilet or countertop will work perfectly. Need a candle that complements your kitchen design? A simple glass mason jar candle scented in Bamboo or Lemon matches most décor and will freshen up the place in no time.


Embrace the “Handmade Movement” by incorporating handcrafted pieces into your home décor. You’ll love the special feeling of creating something yourself or having something personalized just for you.


What kind of handmade pieces do you have in your home?

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