Deepen Interior Design Character with 3D Walls

Wondering how to design a 3D wall? Here are eight ways 3D walls can create the personality you want in your space.

By Ande Waggener


Adding depth and dimension to your interior design can sometimes be a challenge. It can take a combination of numerous elements to get the character you want, and it’s tricky to put them all together just right to create the specific effect you’re after. But what if you could use just one design element to accomplish what it usually takes several to do? Three-dimensional walls can handle this job.


These wall panels or treatments can be so uniquely designed that one 3D wall can do what would typically require a room full of color, furniture, and accessories. Made from a variety of materials, including bamboo, acrylic, cast plastic, stone, glass, faux brick, fabric, leather, wood, and metal, 3D walls can pull off almost any look. As a bonus, 3D walls have several additional benefits, including easy installation (DIY is possible), time savings, and noise-dampening. Many decorative 3D walls are quite durable and resistant to moisture and ultraviolet light.


So what design magic can you create with these friendly fellows? Here are eight interior design ideas for the qualities you can develop in your home décor with 3D walls.


1. Artsy

Adding an artistic flavor to a room requires just the right piece or pieces. Finding them can take hours of searching. Instead of slogging through that process, you can turn a whole wall into art.




In a room heavy with color and textiles, a simple 3D wall can be just the art you need to pair with a room’s stronger elements.


2. Cozy

You can get cozy with spreads and pillows and fireplaces and window coverings, but you can get one nice big dose of cozy with a padded 3D wall.




Notice in the bedroom above that combining the padded wall with the mirrored doors of the wardrobe pulls the cozy effect further into the room.


3. Contrasted

For an easy bit of stunning contrast to a mostly monochromatic room, try a 3D wall treatment on just part of your wall.




The 3D wall above acts like a beautifully textured contrasting tapestry hanging over the sofa.


4. Cutting Edge

If you like modern design, you want your home décor to be on the cutting edge. The irony of this style is that to pull it off, you need to keep it pretty spare. If you bring too many trendy pieces into the room, you lose its contemporary feel.




The solution is to combine just a few pieces of modern furniture with a couple low-key accessories and sharp 3D wall.


5. Pointed

Simplicity can be an effective design technique, but its downside is it can leave a room without a focal point. A 3D wall can provide that eye-catching feature.




The 3D wall above has such a strong presence that you almost forget to look at the view out the window.


6. Rustic

Wood paneling and log walls are rustic, but they’re a little too rustic for contemporary interior design. But how about a bit of a board and batten look?




The vertically-paneled wall above is just rustic enough to complement the simple furniture style in the room.


7. Soft

A room with harsh edges and angles needs something to soften it. This is usually done with furniture and textiles, but if you want to keep your space open and clean, you can get the same tone with a 3D wall.




The gentle undulation of the 3D wall above mitigates the forceful presence of the ceiling above it.


8. Textured

Texture in a room generally happens as a result of the totality of elements, but a 3D wall can carry the texture burden all on its own.




The light and shadow created by the above 3D wall relieve the otherwise somber look in the room.


With just the few examples you’ve seen here, you now have some living room ideas, bedroom ideas, and bathroom ideas for how the beauty of 3D walls can add to room décor. Because you can use these 3D panels in walls or room partitions, there truly is no end to the stunning ways they can influence your home’s interior design.


If you want to see what a 3D wall would look like with your style, experiment with a 3D room planner that has 360-degree functionality.


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