How Flooring, Countertops, and Area Rugs Can Work Together

There are three components of interior design that can create a polished look when brought together: flooring, countertops, and area rugs.



Specific designs, colors, and patterns in each of these elements can bring out the best in one another when done correctly. So how do you create a cohesive professional look in your home decor? I’m glad you asked!


Here are four bird's-eye views of interior design ideas that show you exactly how to choose flooring, countertops, and area rugs for each room to complement each other effectively.


1. Kitchen Trio

When it comes designing one of your main entertainment spaces, you want to nail the interior design elements since they’re highly visible to both residents and guests. When implementing colors and patterns in your kitchen design, it’s often best to choose the countertop you like first and then select the flooring, and lastly, choose an area rug.



In this kitchen, the granite countertop has an asymmetrical pattern with splashes of copper, taupe, brown, gray, and black against a cream-colored foundation.


Because the kitchen is an open concept that flows into the living room, hardwood floors were chosen to keep a cohesive look in the entertaining spaces. The hardwoods have various brown tones which perfectly complement the earth tone colors in the countertop. After installing the first two elements, an area rug provided the finishing touch with its distinct pattern and pop of bold red. Cream, gray, and brown tie in with the countertops while the red provides vivid visual interest to keep the entire room from becoming too drab (and it also matches the ever-present tea kettle on top of the stove as seen in the top photo on this page). 


For more kitchen design ideas, try our House Tipster's Virtual Room kitchen designer


2. The Master Bathroom Trio

The master bathroom has a similar color scheme as the kitchen, where gray, brown, taupe, cream, and black play a starring role. The granite countertop, however, has a more tightknit pattern with little white space. Since there’s a lot of condensed color in the countertop, the tile and area rug play are toned down so as not to compete too much with the boldness of the granite pattern.



The cream-colored tiles have splashes of gray with subtle hints of tan and taupe. In this bathroom design idea, the tan area rug helps to bring out the bring out the subtle colors while providing a balanced contrast with the striped pattern.


3. Laundry Room Trio

In the laundry room, the colors are a bit more subdued, but the patterns in the countertops, tile, and the area rug complement each other beautifully. The countertops have an asymmetrical pattern of gray taupe and tan against an eggshell-colored background, and those colors are incorporated subtly into the tile for this bathroom design idea.



To create a contrast to the demure colors and patterns of the countertops and tiles, the area rug provides a bold and intricate pattern.


4. The Guest Bathroom Trio

The guest bathroom design has a similar color scheme as the master bathroom, but in this case, the boldness comes from the area rug, as the countertop doesn’t have such a condensed pattern. The speckles of black are brought out by the bold black lines in the area rug, which lays atop an ecru-colored tile with very subtle hints of taupe.



The striking design of the area rug fits perfectly with the other two components, as there’s no competition with the tile or the granite.


When it comes to interior design elements, it’s all about balance. The tile or hardwood flooring, granite or marble countertops, and textured area rugs in your uncarpeted rooms can work in harmony to provide a showcase design that’s sure to be the talk of your next dinner party – in the best way possible.


Which of the above combinations is your favorite? Give us your opinion in the comments below!


Images used with permission, courtesy of Kelly O'Roark

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