Why Rocking Chairs Are Perfect for All Ages

The rocking chair has come a long way since its humble beginning as a simple wooden frame. Today it sports hundreds of new styles and comes in a variety of materials – from rattan to plastic and even stainless steel. Styles include upright, reclining, or chaise to fit your way of life.


And, you’ll never have to compromise on comfort with thickly padded upholstered seats so easy to relax upon.




The wooden frame is a continuous line of simplicity, well suited for a modern room. Rocking in a comfy chair like this improves circulation and lowers blood pressure - a relaxing sleepy-time ritual to induce slumber.


Modern White Rocking Chair


A rocking lounge chair with a unique modern design blends beautifully with a modern decor. Legs of stainless steel and modern design are softened with a white leather seat. It’s the perfect place to do the New York Times crossword puzzle.


Stately Rocking


A Cuban-style rocking chair commands attention. It exudes a sense of formality with its rich mahogany wood, spindles, and detailed carving. It invited us to rock, but only in slightly relaxed fashion, while still keeping our posture and persona dignified.


Retro Rocker


An authentic Eames (or reproduction) plastic molded chair from the 50s is a mid-century modern favorite. Though the hard plastic shell seems odd in a rocker, once you sit in it, there’s no question it’s relaxing.  


Rock and Recline


Scandinavian style bolsters modern simplicity with an optional ottoman. Kick off your shoes and aspire to lounge and loaf. Gently rock away your stress or give your achy feet a place to rest. Either way, the dual-purpose rocker is ideal for loafing.


Traditional with Sectional in Living Room


Fill an otherwise empty space or corner with a rocking chair and it will visually bring the room corner closer to the center of the room. Allow enough space for rocking so the back doesn’t hit a wall or another piece of furniture. 


Curvy and Sturdy


The sumptuous heavy and curvy framed rocker beckons you to sink in and recline in padded comfort. Padded arms and footrest envelop your body, giving you the gift of peaceful restfulness.


Nice Curves


It’s all about the curves in Thonet bentwood style rocking chairs. A wicker seat is anchored by a swirly design of curved arms and legs. The high back invites your body to lean back and appreciate the views in a relaxed state of mind.


Make it Your Own


Putting your personal stamp on a vintage rocker you love isn’t difficult. Most of the time, the pad can be removed and replaced with new fabric. But if DIY isn’t your thing, especially if you want a tufted element, a professional can easily get the job done.


Cozy and Sturdy


A solid wood chair with raised detailing and a built-in headrest make this ideal for quiet evening rocking in a cozy den while watching a crackling fire.


If you’re thinking of adding a rocking chair to your home, try out several for comfort and size. Do your feet comfortably reach the floor so you put them in motion to rock? Is your back relaxed? Are your arms comfortable? Will the rocker have enough clearance in your room? When you sit down and experience the “ahh” factor, you’ve found the right one.




Images used with permission, courtesy of www.shutterstock.com

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