Every Way That Silk Plants Can Enhance Your Home’s Décor

If you’re looking for a way to implement greenery into your home’s décor without having to commit to providing the TLC that real plants crave, decorating with silk plants is the answer. It adds a touch of the great outdoors into your décor without having to provide direct sunlight, a specific climate, and daily watering. (What’s not to love?) In addition to those benefits, silk plants don’t have to look artificial, as there are many options at your local arts & crafts store that look like the real deal. (It just takes some patience and a good eye to spot the ones that look like they were freshly plucked from a field, not made in a factory.)


Once you find plants that suit your taste, there are multiple options for implementing them in every room in your house. One key strategy is to place the plants above eye level (on top of dressers, cabinets, and shelves) or lower to the ground so that the plants complement your room’s setup without detracting from the main showpieces in your décor. I’ll show you how to add subtle touches of green in the living room, foyer, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and even your bathroom so that it brings your home to life without looking like an overgrown jungle.


1. The Kitchen

When it comes to the décor in your kitchen, it’s important to be strategic about where you place certain decorative items so that they don’t take up too much room in your cooking area or worse, pose a fire hazard. When decorating with silk plants in the kitchen, the space above cabinets that have beautiful crown molding add an extra level of sophistication to an already polished look.


Placing silk plants around the perimeter without overcrowding (to avoid making it look like you’ve planted an indoor garden above your cabinetry), adds a pop of color without interfering with the functionality aspect of your kitchen.


2. The Dining Room

If you have a china cabinet, this is the perfect spot to place a larger silk plant, as it can hang over the sides without touching the floor or hiding other decorative elements around it.


Even though the china cabinet isn’t the focal point of the room, it supports the key players in the dining room set (the dining room table and buffet) and adds an ornamental touch to furnishings that frame the perimeter of the room.


3. The Bedroom

A tall dresser or bureau is another example of an ideal place to implement large silk plants with long flowing leaves or vines, because just like the china cabinet, it plays a supporting role in the bedroom suite.


Instead of having a dresser pushed into a corner, the dresser becomes part of the décor as it is more than just a piece of furniture to store your clothing. Adding decorative vases enhances silk plants even more to make them look like a thoughtful design.


4. The Bathroom

If you have any kind of shelving in your bathroom, silk plants are the perfect addition since they won’t wilt from the shower steam and fluctuating temperatures. In a walk-in shower like this, a silk plant in the “window” of the wall adds a beautiful pop of color, as well as the corner of the shower that would otherwise look bare due to it being such a wide open space.


In addition to the shower, a large silk plant is a wonderful way to fill an awkward and empty space such as the entrance to the restroom. As soon as you enter into the bathroom, it gives a spa like feel instead of looking like a random room with a toilet. It’s amazing what a difference it makes!


5. The Foyer

If you have a focal point in your foyer, such as a grandfather clock or unique shelving, silk plants can turn those items into functional pieces of décor as they not only serve a practical purpose but also give a polished look to an open area that would look unfinished without it.


A silk plant on top of this grandfather clock completely transforms its look and adds an elegant touch of nature that complements the beautiful wooden tones of the clock. Nailed it!


6. The Living Room

When decorating with silk plants, you don’t always have to implement whole plants into the space. Taking branches of ivy and other plants, and infusing them into other core décor pieces such as vases and candles, adds a level of detail that makes your main living area look ornate without detracting from the key furnishings.


In the living room, you can implement small clusters of leaves and branches throughout the décor to bring a cohesive look to your home’s overall décor and design style. Since this is the main common area in the house, having subtle touches of foliage throughout the room ties the whole theme together.


Are you a fan of large, flowing silk plants or do you prefer smaller plants and branches scattered throughout the home? Or do you like both for a nice variety? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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