The Bold, Eclectic Trend of Navy Blue & Gold Decor

The distinguished pairing of navy blue and gold gives any room a fresh, classy look!

By Kathleen Wolak


Navy blue and gold are unexpected peas in a pod. Until recently, both were woefully underused, which is a shame given the drama and depth navy blue and gold can accomplish separately, let alone together!


This combination made in decorator heaven is now touted as one of the sleekest color schemes of the year thanks to the clean look of navy against the sheen of gold. The best part is, this look works in any room of the house, and can be formatted to fit your tastes!


Fool’s Gold

A great feature of this color scheme is that it’s not terribly strict. Some color schemes rely staunchly on very specific shades or textures to be pulled off correctly, but the blue and gold trend has a lot of versions that range from classic to playful and everything in between. 




If you want your home to exude the undeniably classy, almost nautical vibe, dark navy and shining gold décor are your dream team. This look works great with social spaces like a parlor or dining room, as it is relatively easy to find sleek, utilitarian gold accents. Think bar carts, light fixtures, and frames.




If, however, you want to err on the side of modern or playful, rethink the gold part of this duo.  Gold does not need to be featured in shiny fixture form for this look to pop! Choose some gold- toned yellow furniture for your navy room. This look is an easy and fun way to dress down the trend.


Range on the Home

If you’re not exactly sure which gold and blue temperature is best for you, don’t be afraid to combine different elements and different shades. This in and of itself is a bold design technique that honestly comes out looking so chic and comfortable. The colors and textures work together to tell a story, and this prevents the room from ever looking dull. Layering different shades of the same color is a great way to give a room movement and complexity.





As with most popular color schemes (yellow and gray/pink and green), it is important to include other accents so as not to overwhelm a room with only two colors. This is especially important when working with a scheme that also relies on texture. With navy and gold, I find that white, brown, and even green work wonders to accentuate the beauty of your original pairing while giving the room an added element of depth. 




Navy blue and gold are right up there with the Captain & Tennille in terms of underrated, timeless duos. Classy, splashy, or modern, this look can bend to your tastes while making your space look dramatically unique. Test out your decorating skills using our virtual rooms and 3D interior design tools! Discover what drama you can create in the interior designer driver’s seat! 


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